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( uplifting theme music)( female# 1) Coming up on this episodeof Focus we evidence you torsoes in motion.( female# 2) Anti-gravity yoga turns your normal exerciseroutine upside down.( female# 1) While another new programin the Lehigh Valley elevates the bar on yourusual workout routine. We’ll explainplus share gratuities to fit 30 to 60 instants ofphysical activity into your daytime.( girl# 2) And evidence you what makesParkettes’ Gymnasts a excellent 10.( female# 1) This Focus on fitness starts right now. Focus showcasesthe people, places, and issues that matter to you .( Grover) Everybody has a narrative.( Laura) These are the storiesthat uplift and inspire. Right here inyour neighborhood.( Brittany) Focus on what matters. You never know whatyou’re gonna see when you tune into Focus.( male announcer) Support for Focusis provided by:( female announcer) Univest: Banking, coverage, speculations. Fellowship Community: Continuing care with spirit. And by viewers like you. Thank you.( Laura) Welcome to our Focusfitness special, Bodies in Motion. I’m Laura McHugh.( Brittany) And I’m Brittany Garzillo. Studies showthat regular exercise controls weight, improves your depression, improves power, and fightings health conditions including heart diseaseand high-pitched blood pressure.( Laura) Guidelines recommendkids get 60 hours of physical activityeach day and adults gethalf an hour. Our first story makes usto Parkettes Gymnastics in Allentown.Last fall I spentthe day at the Parkettes National GymnasticsTraining Center where groups oftalented athletes instruct for hourseach day to become some of the world’smost society gymnasts.( inspirational music) Becoming an Olympic gymnast takes both willand strength. Balance, crouches, and back flip-flop, each week more thana thousand gymnasts propagandize their bodiesto the limit at the Parkettes NationalGymnastics Training Center in Allentown. Gymnastics is a sportabout perfection and you have–I’m a perfectionist.( Brittany) Perfectionist and powergymnast celebrity Elizabeth “Ebee” Pricefrom Coopersburg announced Parkettesher home for the past 15 years.( Ebee) I’ve been heresince I was three. I actually came startedwhen my mom, uh, considered I hadtoo much energy as a little girl. I know all the coaches, they’re like another set of mothers. It’s likean extended family.And they actually learnt me a lot as far as, like, being caused and chosen, and they’ve pushed me to reach my goals when I reputed I wouldn’t be able to.( Brittany) Reaching points she does! At persons under the age of 18 Ebee restraints the title for the 2013 -2 014 World CupAll-Around Championship. She was a US Nationalteam member, and an alternatefor the 2012 Olympic team.( Ebee) I’ve been able to grow up with all these greatelite players around me and all thesegreat coaches, and all these girlswith wonderful attitudes and motivationbeing my role models. If you don’t havethat example for you, it’s hard to knowexactly what you wanna be and how you wannaget there. Her shoes will notbe crowded for a long, long time. Up. Strong snap, up.That was better.( Brittany) Donna Strauss views it allfrom the sidelines.Donna co-directs Parkettesalong with her husband Bill. She coaches upper-class athleteson everything, from conditioningand abilities, to diet and life.( Donna) It takes a specialindividual that is readyto persevered, have a great work ethic, uh, wanting to havegood physical fitness because you’ve gottabe very strong and resilient to dogymnastics.( Brittany) The Parkette programwas established in the early 1960 s. Together, Donna and Billhelped develop over 130 nationalteam members, 3 Olympians, and 10 World Championship team representatives.( Donna) It constructs confidence, it improves self-esteem, and it helps to developchildren to want to go after their dreams .( Brittany) What’s your ultimate objective? Making it tothe 2016 Olympics.( Brittany) Elite gymnast, 14 -year-oldChristina Desiderio, travels fromHackettstown, New Jersey, to drill 40 hours a few weeks. Christina spendshours on the beam perfecting every inchof her achievement.( Christina) Takes a good deal of hard work. You can get exasperated, but you can’t get upset and say, like, “I can’t do this.” You merely need to keep going and try your best all the time.( Donna) You’re a failureif you’re afraid to try something new. So, we try to inspire them, named aims, and to … if you reach one goal, you’re gonna become a pace higher and higher.( Brittany) While Ebee stillsports American pride on her finger gratuities, she recently retiredfrom USA gymnastics to competein NCAA gymnastics at Stanford University .( Ebee) I plan on majoringin biomedical engineering.( Brittany) But says she’ll alwaysbe Parkette proud.( Ebee) No matter what athletic you’re in, it’s always importantto go out there and do your bestno matter what. Just give yourone hundred percent, even though they are that meansmessing up a thousand times. And that the mostimportant thing is to have fun.( Brittany) For Focus, I’m Brittany Garzillo reporting.( Laura) Thanks, Brittany. To learn more abouta new rehearsal opportunity in the Lehigh Valley, we’re now joined by another Brittany. Brittany Morse ownsBarre3 in Allentown. Brittany, thank you so muchfor joining us today.( Brittany Morse) Thank you so muchfor having me.( Laura) So, if somebody’snever heard of Barre3, can you describe itfor us?( Brittany Morse) Absolutely. Barre3 is an amazingwhole body health brand. It concentrates on connectingwith family and friends , nourish the bodywith entire foods, and moving your bodyevery single day .( Laura) How often are youoffering categories?( Brittany Morse) Seven days a week. We have classesas early as 6am and as lateas 7:15 pm.( Brittany) Brittany, how is itdifferent from a traditional barre class?( Brittany Morse) Something that wereally respect ourselves on is the varietywithin our castes. So, all of our classesare 60 -minute long, they’re set to reallyfun, upbeat music, and you can come inwhether you’re an privileged contestant, a newer expecting mom, or if you’rea couch potato just trying it outfor the first time.So, we have tonsof modifications for our consumers, tons of motley, and an amazing instructorwho’s right there for you.( Laura) I’ve heard it described asballet meets yoga and Pilates. Do you think that’sa good description?( Brittany Morse) Absolutely. We make the gracefrom ballet, the wisdom from yoga, and the strengthfrom Pilates, blend it together in a beautiful6 0-minute class.( Brittany) Now, who’s a goodcandidate for this class?( Brittany Morse) Honestly, anyone. No ordeal necessitated. You could be 20 years old and never worked outin your life, all the way upto 70 years old. Come on in. We’re here for you.( Laura) Will you show ussome of what you’d see in a normal class? -I would love to.-Great!( Laura) So, should we grab chairs? Start with that? Okay.So, we’ll eachgrab a chair. And do we wanna set themat the end of our mattings?( Brittany Morse) Sure, you can turnthem around. And this is greatfor anyone who may be nervousto come into a class. They “re trying” anyof these postures at home rightwith their own chair. So, we’re gonna startwith something called “standing seat work.” Let’s grab ourBarre3 core ball.( Laura) And this ballis really squishy.( Brittany) And light-colored! Very malleable .( Brittany Morse) We’re gonna come abouta forearm’s length away from your chair. Feet are hip widthdistance apart. Use that core projectile, region it right behind your privilege kneecap. Firm your heelto bench, place your handsright back onto your chairand regard right here. So, we’re gonnareally focus on rootingthat left hoof down into the floor. Keeping your hipssquare and center strong, lengtheningwithin your backbone, right out the gate–you can stay right here. You’re targetingthat back string of your figure into your glute, into your hamstring.( Brittany) I can feel it, I feel it right there .( Brittany Morse) It’s a burner! Instant feedback. Option two, you can start a little pulsefirming that heel right towardsyour bench. Option three, if you wanna layer on exactly a little bit more, you can join meand bring your hands privilege into heart center.( Brittany) Oof.( Laura) I’m gonna staywhere I am, because I’m feeling it.( Brittany) This needs balancefor sure.( Brittany Morse) Yeah, exactly one exampleof how we offer tons of optionsfor our patients. And if for some reason, if the core pellet was not workingfor you, you are eligible to just trench it. You can dothe entire posture without the core missile precisely pulsing that heelright towards your seat turning on the backline of their own bodies, initiating the glute, activating the hamstring.( Laura) And this is a verysmall movement, right?( Brittany Morse) Teeny tiny. We love to call itour Barre3 inch. And it’s one stepin a three pace formula that happensthroughout our class.( Brittany) How about another one? I canreally feel that in my calves .( Brittany Morse) Yes, let’s step intosomething we call carousel colt. So, we’re gonnastep forward with our left paw. Right foot gradations back, soften both kneesand accommodated right here.( Laura) So, we’re going intomore of a move arrange?( Brittany Morse) Absolutely. So, we’re gonna check inwith our footing. The left footis rooted into the mat, and we’re gonnaglide our knee over the ankleprotecting the joint.Squaring off our hipslike little headlights right out in front of us.( Laura) I feel itall through my hips,’ lawsuit we talked, I have mommy trendy carrying my sonon my trendy, and I’m feeling thisthroughout my trendy sphere.( Brittany) I’m getting thoseearthquake shakes.( Brittany Morse) Yeah, we love thoseBarre3 shocks. It is energybeing created within your figure, which ultimately is going to burn caloriesand rev your metabolism. So, simply chilling herein our isometric support, you’re targetingthat part lower figure. From now we’re gonnatake that one inch, Barre3 inch, and lower that back knee down one inch, up one inch. Down one inch, up one inch. An option if thatis not working for you today, you can stay inthe isometric nursed. Alternative two, you can lift that figurehead left heellayering on a little bit moreof a balance posture, or maybe evenbring those hands into heart center.I’m shaking and quakingright there with you.( Brittany) Me more!( Brittany Morse) Absolutely, I shakeevery single class. Every class. So, we can stand tall. And I’ll make youto one more posture. And we can come downto the floor. Grab your core missile. We’re gonnahave a tush, and we’re gonna usethis core chunk behind our low-toned backtucking it right behind us like a little bunny tail.( Laura) Okay.( Brittany Morse) And we have lotsof options here as well.So, let’s startwith drawing our hands into heart center. Lifting the prickle towering, activatingthat hub, springing the sitz bonesdown into the floor. And then can yousoften your shoulders down your back? Instant your coreis engaged working the entire case. Lengthening the sticker, working on that core strength. You can take a littletwist to the right hand side, turning the oblique onjust a little bit more, and then comingback to center. And then overto the left hand side. Coming back to center.( Laura) Oh, I certainly feelthat in my core.( Brittany Morse) Mm-hmm. So, we have lotsof options in this posture as well. You can layer ona little bit of upper bodyif you wanna pull the joint back, and then comeback to neutral. And if you wantedto layer up further, you precisely grab yourlight handheld loads and continue here.( Laura) And Brittany, this is something you could do in the solace of your own homeif you needed to, right?( Brittany Morse) Absolutely. The beautiful thingabout Barre3 is we can alwaysbe with you.There’s a huge libraryof online exercisings arraying from 10 minutesto 60 times. You can do themat the ease of your own home, you can do themat the ballpark, we even have options … you were able to do itat the coast!( Brittany) Oh, that chimes recreation. These are very light values.( Brittany Morse) But they get very heavyvery quick. They do!( Brittany Morse) So, you always havethe option to ditch themat any time, and find that posturethat works best for you and make it your own.( Laura) And Brittany, I think we have term for one more.( Brittany Morse) Fabulous!( Laura) If we can keep it quick.( Brittany Morse) Yes, we are able to popthe core ball right back ontoour tripod, and we’re gonna finishin an all fours posture.( Brittany) Okay.( Brittany Morse) So, swinging the legsbehind you .( Brittany) Oh, I can feel itin my legs already.( Laura) Get this out of the acces.( Brittany Morse) Bringing your handsunderneath your shoulders. Knees underneathyour hips. So, alternative oneto stay right here. It’s a variationof timber expanding the sticker. Option two, you can extendone leg behind you feeling that catchwhere your hamstring and your glute meet. Option three, you can take this into a balance posturelengthening the opposite handout in front of you, and really viewing now. Full body work, not even moving. Instant shakesand quakes.( Brittany) Instantly.( Laura) Instantly we feel better, and we are out of time. Brittany, thank youso much. Let’s stand back up. Thank you so muchfor joining us today. Well, if you’relooking for a brand-new fitness procedure, this one mayknock you off your paw.( Brittany) At the AntiGravityYoga Lab at Emmaus, a class calledflying fitness and yoga assistances participantsfind their inner treaty while often hanginginches off the soil. Inside the AntiGravityYoga Lab in Emmaus a flying fitnessand yoga class turns headsupside down.( upbeat music)( female# 3) Bring your armsshoulder summit. Palms to facethe picture side of the room.Find a nice extend here. And expel, close your backstages. On this day, owned Kristine McCreary of Allentown servesas an instructor for the AntiGravityflying fitness and yoga class.( Kristine) It’s a combinationof fitness and yoga, some yoga stretchingand then the fitness, acting the core, and directing your cardio, and heart–gettingyour heart rate up. Exhale.( Brittany) Throughout the hour-long class, McCreary guidesher patients in a sequenceof practises applying a nine-feet widesilk hammock.( Kristine) The hammock isa great core workout. Everything you’redoing in it is using your core, whether it’s pullingor tugging, or crunches, or even in reversals, you still have to haveeverything engaged.Pump those arms.( Brittany) The hammocks are suspendedfrom the ceiling, giving manyof the constitutes to take participantsinches off the floor.( Kristine) They’ll is the beginning witha zero compressing reversal. We ever startthe class with that to just reallyhydrate your backbone and elongateand decompress, “lets get going”, I represent, you actuallygrow a part inch in each class. You’re gonna be doinga lot of working out of your core, your upper form, lower form, but most importantly, you’re gonna be workingyour mind.Coming out ofyour comfort zone. Letting exit, reform and opening up, and being free.( Brittany) McCreary says the classoffers an advantage to both figure and memory. One of the reasonsshe started practicing yoga some years ago.( Kristine) I was going throughsome very intense infertility managements, and I went to see a holisticdoctor who intimated I take a meditation classand start doing yoga. I had eight failures, and it wasn’t until, um, I actually delved into yogaand reflection I actually–I would ever get pregnant but I would neverstay pregnant, and I actuallystayed pregnant, and I now havemy little girl .( Brittany) This excursion helpedinspire McCreary to draw her passionfor yoga to the Lehigh Valley.( Kristine) What I’m reallylooking to give back is that same feelingfor whatever, whatever that personis looking for in “peoples lives”, whatever they’reexperimenting with, and that’s whyit’s called the Yoga Lab. This class designwas developed by Christopher Harrison who is a worldOlympic gymnast.( Brittany) Katie Yeisley, a retired harbour from Emmaus, says anxiety ofthe anti-gravity hammock was one of herbiggest obstacles.( Katie) Those first couple courses when you’re inthe fundamental class and “youve been” usethe hammock, you’re like, “Okay, can I do this? ” But then you justfeel so pleasant you’re not afraid .( Brittany) She says anti-gravityclasses have helped easeher joint pain.( Katie) I was in a lot of discomfortprior to coming here, and it’s eased up a good deal of thejoint anxiety I was having. And merely beingupside down and being free, there’s just somethingabout that blood scurrying to your headthat is just so interesting, and you really feelgreat after you leave. I certainly feelvery guided throughout the whole class.Kristine is very vocaland deters you involved, but likewise saves you in a good, joyous frame of mind. One of the philosophiesof anti-gravity is opening upyour mind, being free, and see yourinner child. Slide your heelstoward your tail bone.( Brittany) Determined to findmy inner child, I decidedto try it out myself with a posecalled “vampire.”( Kristine) Bend your kneesinto your dresser. Relax your intelligence. And I miss youto push your hoof towards the window sideof the room. Merely push theminto my hands, and then dropyour belly, turn your gazetowards the mirror, get that niceshoulder elongate. Drop your bellyeven more. Beautiful.( Brittany) McCreary says if you can dothree consecutive sit-ups you can do ananti-gravity class, but most importantly … There’s nothingto be uneasy of. And the mostamazing thing is if you have anyhesitation of trying it, once you’ve done it, you’re gonna feel amazing’ make you’ve triedsomething new.You’ve come outof your part, out of your ease zone, and you’re just build– in animation, it exactly helps youto build self confidence.( Brittany) Building a stronger bodyand sentiment through flying fitnessand yoga.( Kristine) To our middle centre.( Brittany) For Focus, I’m Brittany Garzillo reporting. It’s great whenyou take a class and get your 30 to 60 minutesof use in at once, but it doesn’t alwayswork out that channel.( Laura) Here with tipsto incorporate physical activityinto our everyday planneds is fitness expertand author Michele Stanten. Thanks for meeting us, Michele.( Michele) Thanks for having me.( Laura) So, you’ve talkedto me before about somethingcalled “sitting disease.” What is it and what arethe impacts of it? Sitting infection isthat we’re sitting too much. And what we’re finding outis too much sitting is the new smoking. In one study, being inactive for women over 30 is a bigger risk factor for heart diseasethan smoking, than being overweight, or having high-pitched blood pressure.So, with all thetime-saving devices, the drive-throughs, TV, remote control … Remember we usedto have to get up and convert the channel, now we don’t. Um, we’re sitting, on average, about 13 hours per day. And even if you getthat employ conference, that 30 or 60 minutesin a daytime, it’s not enoughto counteract the dangers oftoo much sitting. So, if you havea sedentary desk job, you’re in school, you’re sitting, you have to makesome time and get moving throughout the day. What happens istoo much sitting mostly putsour person to sleep .( Brittany) That’s intereresting.What are some of the tips-off that people can doto help combat that?( Michele) Well, what you wanna do is, first of all, being conscious of it. So, in one studythey found that sittingfor three hours– and this was in peoplewho were in their 20 s– had changes intheir routes that increasedtheir risk for coronary thrombosis. But what they foundwas that getting up every five minutesprevented that. So, set a timer, if you havea desk job, and every hourjust get up. If you cango to the bathroom, go to the bathroomon the storey upstairs so that you’rewalking a little bit more. If you can’tget away from your table, we’re gonna show yousome utilizations that you can do, but having that cueto get up and move. The interesting thing is, thinkabout sedentary activities. If you are sittingand watching TV, get up whenthere’s a commercial-grade instead of fast forwarding, if you have it DVR’d, get up and move aroundduring the commercial.If you have teenagers, this happensto me a good deal, I take themto their activities and they’re therefor an hour or two, and parents sit. Get up, go out, take a walk. Or even if you can’tget out and move, stand. You know, at least standingis better than sitting. Getting up and walkingand moving is even better. So, keepingthat in subconsciou, undertaking monitorsare another enormous thing. I have the Fitbit.This tracks my paces. And so that wayit’s a clue, so you knowthat you wanna be movingthroughout the day. You wanna be aimingfor at least 7,500 steps, ideally get upto 10,000 gradations a daytime.( Brittany) And that style you cancompete with your friends, very.( Michele) Absolutely! It’s a great deviceto compete and appreciate who does more. And it vibrateswhen you thumped your score. Your goal for the day.So, it’s like “Yes, I did it! “( Laura) So, Michele, can you show us some tips-off, or if you do havea relatively sedentary job where you’re sittingfor hours per day, or sittingfor hours at night. Can you tell uswhat we can do to help it?( Michele) Well, we’ve got our chairs. So, if you havea desk job– And again, this depends onthe type of job that you have, but if you’re able towhere you work, when that timergoes off for five minutes, precisely stand and dosome, like, squattings down into the chair. Touch and then come up.( Laura) That’s low-grade!( Brittany) That is low! I had to stopfor a minute.( Michele) So, all of a suddenyou’re working those large-hearted musclesin those legs. If you can’t get up, you can stay seatedand time do some leg expansions. Extending and back in.Extend. And do both legs, do a couple of those. You can do heel raises. So, come uponto your toes. And down. Some of the moves that you guysdid in the Barre3 routine you could even doat your table. So, some torso changes. Twist to the side, and then to the other. It’s just gettingthose muscles moving so the blood’scirculating. Now, you can alsodo some other standing ones. And you can dosome of these, like, in line if you’re standing. So, again, the heel face-lifts, come up onto your toesand down.You can challengeyourself and come upon one hoof at a time. And you geta balance challenge in there.( Laura) Do you really do thiswhen you’re waiting in line?( Michele) It depends, I’ll do thesewhile I’m grazing my teeth or something like that just to get a littleextra movement in. And it dependson the line.When I was sittingin the gathering, I was back therestanding instead of sitting. Um, you can alsodo things, merely bringyour leg behind, it’s less obvious, and squeeze your glute. It’s those little motions that can give yousome big-hearted decisions, and simply get youactive throughout the day. Or try balancingon one foot .( Brittany) And these arereally doable. I convey, you reallycould do these at work, even during yourlunch break-dance.( Michele) Yes, and justthroughout the day any time, like I said. Um, in one studythey found that, um, “were having” telomeres, it’s a sign of age, and as we age these telomereson our DNA shorten. And in one studywhen they had older adults who started to decreasetheir sitting season by two hours a dayover six months instead of shortening, their telomeres expanded. So, mostly, you’re reversing the aging processby moving more.( Laura) So, Michele, let’s go back to our originalpositions now. And I’d charity for youto share with us some more tools that we can useto get active. And I know that you area huge proponent of treading .( Michele) Absolutely.( Laura) And acquire time to walkduring your daylight as well.( Michele) Absolutely. Any time that youcan get out to walk. And one of the thingswe recommend 30 to 60 minutesa daytime of workout, you don’t have to dothat all in one shot. So, you can do1 0 minutes in the morning, take a 10 instant accompany, take a 10 minutewalk at lunch or in the evening. In fact, one studyshowed that broken off your walkings like thatand doing them after banquets facilitated more in regulatingour blood sugar, which helps usto decrease our risk for diabetes. So, again, coming thoselittle stints. Accompanying when yourkids are doing pleasures. Like, my son toys baseball. I never bringmy chair to the baseballgames anymore. So, instead I’m standingand I’ll walk around the field. And I’ve gottensome great shots with my camerabecause of it. So, it’s findingthose opportunities. For a great deal of uswe live in areas where we can’tnecessarily step. There’s no sidewalks. So, when my daughterwent to a dance class, I couldn’t walkher there even though it wasonly maybe about a mile and a half.There were no sidewalks, so I would drive her there and then I’d leavemy car there, and I would walkto the bank, I’d go to getmy fingernails done, I’d tread tothe post office. So, look for thoseopportunities throughout your dayto fit it in. The other thingis to find something to cause youthat you’re gonna do that. So, having a buddy tocheck in with and help. The Fitbits area great way to motivate you. I too have a lotof clients who walk half marathons, or they walk5ks or 10 ks.And we have a verywalker friendly half marathon herein the Lehigh Valley, it’s the Delaware and LehighHeritage Half Marathon. It’s on November 1st, it’s four anda half hours that you taketo cover 13.1 miles. It’s on a beautiful trail. And I recollect, I’m hoping Laura’s gonna attach me this year.( Laura) Can I train with my babyin his stroller?( Michele) You can utterly trainwith the newborn in the stroller. In fact, you’re gonnaget an extra cardio workout from that.( Laura) All claim, well if I can trainwith their own families, I’ll make love .( Michele) Okay, and if you’dlike more information on that, go to the Delawareand Lehigh Heritage website, um, to find out moreabout the half marathon. And I hope a wholebunch of people will join us. It’s for runnersand for hikers.( Laura) Thank you so much, Michele.( Brittany) Well, expressed appreciation for for meeting us. We’ll see you next weekwith a look at the latest developmentsin South Bethlehem.( Laura) Today we leave youwith a look at our friends from Broughal Middle School, Raub Middle School, and Donegan Elementary School ..

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