Fitness Q&A #1 (Best Training Split, Vascularity, Female Attraction, Beta Alanine)

What’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj. with a Q& A videohere … something I haven’t done in quite a long time where I’ll be answering some ofyour fitness questions put by over on my Instagram. If you’re not following me on Instagram yet, it’s at Sean_Nalewanyj. I post there pretty much every single daywith a variety of different tips and informs that I think you’ll find really useful. And if you do have any questions, you cango ahead and berth them there and I’ll do my best to help out in a future Q& A video. So let’s get into it. There are 10 questions now. I’ll timestamp them in the description box. This Q& A will just be part one. And I’ll do a part two, and hopefully a partthree, and so on in the coming weeks and months. All freedom. So, question number one. “I’ve been hearing a great deal lately about howa calorie surplus isn’t actually necessary for building muscle as long as you’re consumingenough protein.What are your thoughts on this? Can I eat at maintenance and still acquire amplifications? ” So I feel the important distinction to makehere is that just because you can gain muscle without ingesting a surplus doesn’t necessarilymean that you can gain muscle optimally. So if you’re a terminated apprentice, or you’reoverweight, or both, then you can definitely attain nice muscle incomes eating at maintenanceor even in a deficit throughout the initial stages of your platform. But if your primary goal is to fully maximizemuscle growth with a focus bulking phase, and you’re within a healthful mas fatty rangeright now as is … So around the mid teenages or lower, then you need to be eating in acalorie surplus if you want to achieve the very best answers. You’ll perform more significant size and strengthgains. You’ll recover more effectively in betweenworkouts. And about 200 to 300 calories above maintenanceper daytime is a good figure to shoot for. Next question. “What do you consider to be the ideal weeklytraining split for someone whose primary goal is hypertrophy? ” So this is kind of a tricky question to answerbecause there isn’t really one absolute best workout split across the board. It genuinely depends on the individual basedon their experience level, their goals, their genetics, their personal preferences, thingslike that. I’d say by far the most important thing beyondthe exact training split that you use is just that your total weekly work and frequencyis mooring within the right range for each individual muscle group.And I’d applied that at somewhere between abouteight to 15 total working places per week for enormous muscle groups, and around four to eightsets for smaller muscle radicals. You’ll discover differing publication recommendationsdepending on who “youre talking to”, but that’s a pretty solid range to aim for in most cases. And then when it comes to frequency, it couldbe anywhere between one to three times per week in terms of directly hitting each muscle. And I envision the middle-of-the-road locality of that rangewill be best in most cases, so about one and a half to two times per week.Okay? As long as you’re bring within those volumeand frequency scopes, you’re civilize within got a couple of reps of default on the bulk ofyour plans, and your achieving progressive overload over term, then the specific splitthat you use is definitely still a factor but it’s going to be less important overall. And as a basic default recommendation andwhat I lay out in my person transformation plan curriculum is either a full figure programme donethree days per week, an upper/ lower split three to four days per week, or legs/ push/ pullfour to five days per week. There are a lot of different ways that youcan go about this, but it’s pretty hard to go wrong with any one of those three comings. All right. “I’m 165 pounds at 5 paw 10 and wanting toput on some mass. What’s the best way to calculate my dailymaintenance calories? Every calculator that I use seems to giveme a different figure.” Yeah, that’s normal and it’s because all caloriecalculators are genuinely just bumpy estimations.There’s no way to know for sure at the outsetwhat any one granted person’s true upkeep calories are because they’re just too manydifferent factors that are involved. So you basically just go with an educatedguess at the start, you implement it, you see how your form weight converts, and thenyou adjust your calories from there until you’re falling into the proper force gainor weight loss range for bulking or trimming depending on what your goal is. One really simple method that you can usefor approximating upkeep calories, assuming that your heavines has been relatively stablein the last few weeks, is to really manually add up all the calories that you normallyeat over such courses of a few dates or a week.And then find the daily average and use thatto start. If that’s not practical, then you can usea preset calculator, and I’ll list a few techniques in the description box that you can choosefrom. Okay. Question number four. “What are your thoughts on strict sort focusingmainly on the mind-muscle connection versus looser, more explosive sort and really gettingthe load from item A to moment B? ” I would say that for the most part, the bestapproach tumbles somewhere in between the two extremes. So not promoting like a robot and trying tobe 100% perfect with every tiny little advance, but also not ego filching and shaking theweight around applying a bunch of momentum and sloppy form.I’d say to choose a style that still feels decentlyheavy for you relative to the reference that you’re using, and training with good solidform and skill but while still allowing yourself to move naturally throughout theexercise and not being extremely strict. My general admonition would be to perform theconcentric portion of the reps. So the lifting chapter … do that segment withmaximum personnel and maximum speed, but while still staying in complete control of the weightand actively thinking about the muscle that you’re trying to target during the set. And then for the negative, lower the weightfor anywhere from a two to four second counting. You don’t need to perform super slow negatives, but I do think there is some value in actively balk the force on the way down ratherthan just letting gravity do all the work.Going with a middle ground approach like thiswill still give you the muscle building benefits of using a reasonably ponderous load, but whilealso allowing you to fully activate the targeted muscle you’re trying to improve, and too minimizingyour risk for injury at the same time. Okay, next question … a supplementationone. “Why doesn’t your PureForm pre-workout containbeta alanine? I considered beta alanine was a standard ingredientin most pre-workouts.” There’s a couple of reasons for this.First off, beta alanine is not actually atrue pre-workout ingredient because it doesn’t have any direct immediate effects on performancewhen you take it right before teach. Instead, beta alanine is what you would considera daily ingredient. So it’s something that you take over a consistentbasis. And that gradually builds up the levels ofcarnosine within your muscles, and then from there the performance benefit is always goingto be available anytime you go to train. The specific timing truly doesn’t matter. And this same thing applies to creatine aswell even though most pre-workouts out there too contain creatine.Beta alanine does give you that tingling sensationon your skin after you consume it, but this is just from nerve endings firing beneathyour bark. Even though some people do enjoy the feeling, it doesn’t actually give you any included conduct benefit. And then aside from this, the effects of betaalanine only aren’t that affecting to begin with. It’s only gonna benefit you and improve yourstrength during longer period laids that lasts 60 seconds or more … which if yougo ahead and occasion it out, that would be a fairly high-pitched rep provide. Probably a minimum of 15 reps up to about3 0 reps per set depending on how fast you’re going.And even then, it’s only gonna lift yourperformance by a few percent. So with PureForm, I wanted to create a truepre-workout with ingredients that give you an immediate boost, and forte, and focusright after you take them. And to simply focus on a few core research backedingredients that give you the most thud for your buck rather than watering it down witha huge list of parts that you don’t even need to be paying for. We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedbackon this formula. And you can check it out by clicking up hereor by using the link in the description box if you’re interested. Okay, next question. “How to improve willpower? I sometimes have issues with skipping workoutsor falling off track with my nutrition here and there and I feel like I time need to be moredisciplined sometimes.” Yeah.I mean, the simple and self-evident explanation hereis to just go ahead and do what needs to be done regardless of whether you feel like itor not. You’re not always going to feel caused. Sometimes you’ll feel demotivated. But if you are always relying purely on motivationto got to get through things, then eventually you’re going to fall off track in the longrun. And a good deal of the time, even if you don’t feellike training or you don’t feel like stay on route with your nutrition on a made daytime, but you really push forward and start making right action regardless … a good deal of the timethat little initial action will automatically cause your motive ranks to rise and thenthe actual task itself becomes a lot easier once you get into it. That’s kind of the easy explanation. But the other thing I’d say as well is thatyou can only really force yourself to do things for so long before you eventually start burningout.The other thing to look at is how you’ve structuredyour actual program, and to make sure that you’re using a rational practical approachthat you can actually sustain over the long term. A mint of parties out there end up falling forbad fitness advice, and they’re forcing themselves on to some overly restrictive diet with abunch of curious governs that have to be followed every single day, or some excessively highvolume workout design where they’re in the gym six periods a week doing both forces and cardioevery single session. If your curriculum virtually feels like tortureall the time, then you’re ultimately doing it wrong because it truly shouldn’t feelthat way.You’re not going to be able to maintain itover the long term if it does feel that way. I’m not saying that things are going to beeasy all the time, but it is perfectly possible to set up an effective training and an effectivenutrition plan that does you to where you want to go and that is pleasant overall onceyou’ve settled into it. Or at least that you feel fairly neutral toward. A moderate calorie surplus or inadequacy, a goodbalanced diet that doesn’t heavily curtail anything and that still includes some of yourfavorite plow nutrients in moderation, three to four heavines grooming exercisings per weekfor an hour or so, two to three cardio discussions desegregated in. Fitness doesn’t have to be an all-consumingprocess. And I’ve got tons of videos on this direct, material on my Instagram, articles on my blog that discuss how to do this properly. And one final point to keep in mind is thatthe longer you’ve been at this, the more and more routine it becomes. So if you’re still a fledgling, sometimes youjust need to really buckle down and put in the initial work.And are sure that over time it’s going to geteasier, and that it is going to become more automated, and a more ingrained practice thatyou don’t have to think too much about. Okay. Moving on. “In your experience, has constructing a good physiquehelped when it comes to attracting females? ” There are actually a lot of different anglesto this specific question, so I’ll only try my best to summarize it up. I would say that all in all, yes. Being in what would be considered impressiveshape will improve your success with women in the overall scheme. But a great deal of it does depend on the specificgirl. Okay? The truth is that some maids out there reallydon’t care that much about how aesthetic your physique is, or they potentially don’t careat all. And then on the other hand there are othergirls who are really into it, and who are attracted to people who train earnestly, andwho are in really good physical mold. Frequently those girls are also the ones whoare really into fitness themselves. It does depend on the person.And then too keep in mind that differentwomen have different body type advantages, very. For example, if you have that really thickmuscular bodybuilder look, some will actually be turn out by it whereas others will bereally into it. And then if you have the lean aesthetic seem, some will too be more or less into that specific examination. You can’t delight everybody. But I would say that yeah, if you do havea physique that stands out in some manner, then for the group of women who are specificallyattracted to that watch … it is gonna help out with them. And I only say help out because there areso many other factors that are involved in attraction. You know, facial aspects, temperament, altitude, status, et cetera. So your physique is really exactly one factor.All in all, I’d candidly say that it’s probablyone of the less important factors. It still weighs, but it’s just one tiny pieceof the overall equation. The most important thing physique-wise isto only make sure that you’re at a health form overweight grade. That’s the most fundamental, most fundamental thingto take care of. If you’re overweight and then you get yourselfdown into a leaner collection, that is the one thing that’s going to have the biggest impactpercentage-wise on improving your success with women on the physical back of things.Because your facial attractiveness to further improve, and you’ll time seem fitter, and be perceived as healthier in general. Bottom line, yes. Work on all aspects of yourself. Your physique is one of those things, butdon’t expect to get jacked and then exactly have women falling all over you because it reallydoesn’t work that mode in reality. Okay, next question. A pretty simple one. “What’s the best time of day to take proteinpowder? ” Keep in judgment that protein gunpowder is ultimatelyjust a food product. It’s handy because of the powdered formthat it’s in and because it has a lot of protein packed into a small volume. But it doesn’t have any special muscle buildingbenefits beyond a chicken breast or a piece of fish. You can just take it at any time of day whenit’s most convenient for you. It’s entirely a matter of personal predilection. Morning, pre-workout, post-workout, in theevening … what it is you want. And a good deal of beings have been asking me aboutit.And yes, Real Science Athletics will havea protein powder available down the line but probably not until later this year or earlynext year. Question number nine. “Do you have any tips-off for improving vascularity? I noticed in your pictures you have very prominentveins and I want to achieve a same look.” Honestly, a big component of vascularity reallyis genetic. I’ve always simply been a really veiny personin general, even as a young baby before I started lifting. You can definitely improve your vascularity, but I would say only up to a certain point. Really, it just comes down to building moremuscle so that there’s more tightness between the veins and the scalp, lowering your bodyfat percentage down so that the veins are more visible, and likewise reducing subcutaneouswater retention because that will impel your veins depict more clearly. And a few tips-off for that are increasing yourwater intake throughout the day so that your torso reddens out the excess spray retentionthat it’s holding. Keeping your sodium intake consistent. And also increasing your consumption of potassiumrich nutrients, so that your sodium and potassium intake are roughly equal.Those things will all increase your vascularityto some extent. But again, a big part of it does just comedown to genetics. Okay, last question for today. “I’ve been dissect for 12 weeks or so. Went from 190 pounds down to 172 at roughly1 6% figure fat. I just wanted to lean down a little bit further, but I’vebeen fixed at this value for almost three weeks and I can’t seem to push through. Any opinions? ” Yeah. The explanation here is pretty simple, and it’sjust that you’re no longer in a calorie lack. Keep in brain that the same calorie intakethat get you from, say, 22% person solid down to 16% is not going to be the same intakethat goes you from 16% down to 12%. And that’s because as you stay in a caloriedeficit over meter, your resting metabolic proportion weakens from particular hormonal changesthat are made to conserve energy. And you also burn fewer calories through netbecause your body naturally abbreviates its action throughout the day, again, to conserve calories. If your mas weight was regularly goingdown but now it’s clearly plateaued, then it’s usually precisely a matter of lowering yourcalorie intake slightly … About 100 to 150 calories less per date. That’s a good start. Or the other thing you can do is increaseyour activity level, either through regular traditional cardio or by time making a consciouseffort to get more movement in throughout the day. For example, incorporating regular walkings. That’s one good option that can help out withthis. The other thing you can do is a combinationof both.So reducing your calorie intake slightly, and then also increasing your ” activities slightly. There are some situations where for some peoplewho have been really aggressively dieting over a prolonged period of time where actually increasingcalories can be helpful in order to kind of reset things and re-elevate their metabolismbefore going back into a deficit. But those situations are pretty rare, andfor most people … in most cases where they’re just make a standard cutting phase and whoare still within a health torso fatty compas, it’s really merely a matter of chewing a bitless and/ or moving a bit more in order to make sure that they’re staying in a net deficitto promote further overweight loss.And likewise keep in mind that solid loss does getmore difficult the leaner you’re trying to get. Once you get down to a body fatty percentagearound the mid teenages for men and the mid twenties or so for women, get those last few percentoff to reach that lower range does require more discipline and it does require strictertracking overall. There you have it, guys. Ten of your questions rebutted. Thanks for watching the video. If you did find this Q& A supportive and you enjoythis straight onward , no-nonsense approaching to fitness and you want to learn the exactstep-by-step techniques that I recommend utilizing in order to build muscle and lose fatty as efficientlyas possible, then make sure to take my physique quiz over at because that’llget you started on the proper training and the proper nutrition contrive that it is necessary to basedon your individual goals of body type and experience level. You can click up now to get started withthat or use the link in the description box below. When it comes to proper supplementation, youcan also visit to check out my no BS science based formulasthat I personally created to help improve the availability of your curriculum and fullyoptimize your overall results.Link is also in the description. As always, make sure to reach that like button, leave a comment down below, and subscribe if you haven’t already in order to stay upto date on future videos. Thanks for watching guys, and I’ll see youin the next one ..

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