The Perfect Fitness Challenge ♥ Perfect Days of Sweat- Pt 1: Cardio Workout

hey guys therefore welcomed your fit mas cardio challenge today is going to be a cardio workout thats 21 era challenge that i created for you to get unbelievable upshots the description of this challenge is right below of this video so go ahead to go through but precisely an fyi second week i will be adding a full form toning class for u to go along with this challenge if u stick to this 21 periods i predict u you’re going to see amazing arises so stick to these workous continue to eat clean because recollect 70 percent is your diet 30 is workout sp if you’re ready seizure a matting your liquid and lets do it alright people so were going to begin today with a single leg area squate step out to side reach arms forward gives run keep going last-place one come neat and low-spirited into the side squat superman pulldowns for one contact forward and pressure and final one swap features last one come on over to the side squat ready reaching forward i want you to get down low-toned next exercise announced hop sound diddly-squat jump up and down 9 last one enormous errand next one simple squattings 10 occasions ready and go do delightful and low reproduction rush tap squat simple squattings this time you’re going to do it for 15 hours 9 and 10 last-place one alright next exercise is going to be your lunge startles now we go awesome job next exercise if your single leg deadlifts all about meeting ascertain in this exercise immense practise for the glutes u got one more guys flying warrior 3 and hold establish sure the subscribed knee is bend trendies are square lifting up that back leg with your glute following exercise your child back pulses pulsing the leg 10 epoches come all the way down to your leap ridge substitutions swapping from one pounce to the other great undertaking guys come one up reach arms up and make the leap hops on the other side get down and jump one remember the back knee goes low-grade last one take single legged dead raise back and up hips are square keep your abs strong do that same leg back hold flying fighter 3 breathing now remember not to hold your breather and baby back pulsates 10 occasions with that leg breathtaking activity come on down to your lunge ridge switches one more time your switching from one leg to another makes disappear awesome coming into plank for 20 sec shoulders over wrists pluck the bellybutton to ur spine quick little rest almost done now in plank you’re going to jump out rush forward up to the sky and then come down just like a burpee lets take it out in jumping forward jump up bring it down back to plank and make it down thats two out in forward up to the sky last-place one now from here starfish plank mounts awesome board post 20 seconds merely sigh catch your wheeze shoulders over your wrists do not give up simply places great importance on the sigh almost there people breathing and you’re done awesome come on up next exercise is your football races rush and pivot to the right get those feet moving fast and jump and left move those feet fast one more time as fast as you can and you’re donw makes got to get to your matting you’re almost there were going to work the core tells get down to your mattings starfish crunch open like a starfish and then crunch up 10 terms use those abs filch yourself up make sure you’re control your form on the way down and 7 3 more keep thrust virtually there last-place one and ten bringing it up and contained boat posture now 25 seconds exhaust the arms forward pull the bellybutton to the spine again guys give this time to catch your breather focus on the inhale obstruct pushing yourself roughly there last pull awesome come on over to your back steady-going bicycle twist touching inverse elbow to knee u get 10 more and double time work those core muscles and you’re down good occupation gradually acquire your up to plank mountain climbers here guys first ones are gradual come that knee to chest now we go use those abs alright double time 20 timew last employ i want you to give everything you got get those knees nice and high come that speed up as fast as you can awesome alright chaps take a second come forward tells take a forward fold unfold secrete your organization this is your moment to breath it all out deity enterprise you guys did an amazing responsibility today gradually is everything all right up breath reaching the arms expel freeing the arms and again a couple of breathers now allowing your heart rate to slow down inhale large-scale breather let all the air out inhale nice side stretch contacting over to one side feet together to the other side now just slightly bending back push the trendies forward look up and you’re donw awesome chore guys thank good luck with the rest of the challenge and if you affection this video feel free to like it share it and patently expressed support for our channel for more workouts and yoga videos

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