Amateur Players try the German Bundesliga Fitness Test without Practice

All beings in this video tested Covid-1 9 negative. Servus friends and welcome to a very special video here at freekickerz. You watch once, unexpected environment for us Because we are here at the “UKE in Hamburg”. And today we will see who is the fittest in the team and compare ourselves with the Bundesliga professionals! At this place, a huge thank you to 1& 1 for supporting today’s video and manufacturing it is feasible in the first place. And if you want to get fit again, then check the link in the video description, because there you get the Galaxy Watch3 for 0 euros to the 1& 1 All-Net-Flat.I’d say let’s get right to it! The 2 of us represent the “Netflix” generation. Fortune of TV , not much athletics. That’s how unprepared you get when all you do is watch Netflix for 12 months. Are you nervous? Of route. It’s like Christmas and Easter together. We’ll measure the fatty content of you first. And on the treadmill, we measure your fitness like we do for Bundesliga pros. Height: 174 cm You are 173 cm tall.That’s right, just like Messi. 181 cm. As if, then I would have to change that in the identity card epoch. Now we measure you. Now current is spurting through, then we can measure fat content, muscle mass, etc. 15% Body Fat – not too bad for Netflix& Chill. What’s your goal? To grab the first stage at 10 km/ h without having a 200 pulsation straight off. My goal is to pack the 16 km/ h.Konzi also asked if he might be able to get on the treadmill with his Porsche …. That would be a little easier Regards to React-Martin, you’re looking good. I hope that’s stable, because I’m not going to stop until my legs can’t carry me anymore. I’ll go ahead and start my watch. I started my workout and can keep track of my workout and stats right away. What’s going on here? Are you nervous? Of trend. Attention , not a utterance. I didn’t feel a utterance. The last meter I disappeared canting was a year ago …. First stage – 10 km/ h – Let’s go! Every 4 min the race is increased by 1.5 km/ h? Correct! Lukas is definitely already well in education due to his “Road to Pro”, am curious to see how he performs. This is the oxygen saturation? That’s the ultimate oxygen uptake.That’s ventilation, how many liters of air he breathes in and out per hour. Very nice – and short break. I try to talk as little as possible, which is not particularly beneficial for Youtube. 13 km/ h – four minutes, let’s go! Konzi is still doing well, he can still fool around. Can you still take the eye test? E C B D The kid did a lactate assessment& gaze measure at the same time, he’s tops. My body doesn’t manage to break down the lactate when I exert and then the muscles miscarry. 16 km/ h – 4 min and exit. Let’s go Jan! 16 km/ h – Martin lopes with 200 pulsation, respect – he goes to his restrictions. Break or culminate? I’ll try a little bit more. Are you still going on? No, it’s over. If I had gone on any longer, I would have thrown up. Keep running, let’s go! I am at a loss for words.That’s how knackered I am. Was awfully tiring, but a solid outcome for the long Corona time out. 16 km/ h was my goal, 17.5 km/ h I reached, what more do you want as a goalie? Take a bite, yeah! Gotta take another stab.Sting, bro. I feel dizzy.That’s my son! Where is the one-pool? Professional soccer actors organize 17.5 km/ h and more in this test. The same with this maximum oxygen uptake – there the ethic should be over 50, professionals have there appreciates over 55 Still at 130 pulsate. Was at 196 – now down to 126 pulsation. That’s it for the video now, one or the other is happy with his ensue – but probably not everyone. I think we also have a champion – and it’s “Felix” I would say, the only one who guide the 17.5 km/ h totally. With a good deal of will everything croaks, but there I was also highly at the limit. Thanks to 1& 1 for supporting and making the video possible. If you require a watch to measure your performance data, check the link in the video description! Otherwise, stand stylish and most importantly healthful and see you next time!

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