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The knowledge that you’re still alive, still on this dirt even though it’s beenchallenging and rough and sometimes you get discouragedand uninspired to keep going God has a plan. You will grow through what you go through. Don’t be sad, be grateful. Don’t stay, do. Don’t grumble, originate. We get this. As long as there’s breath in my lungs, there’s hope in our hearts and giving up is not an option.You and I and weno matter what your unique situation, your squall, your struggle, your damage, your misuse, your wraps, your disfigures. No matter what they areyou are not a product of your past. You are not a product of your environmentor your current unique situation. But you are always a productof how do we steer through our gust. And so we’re all waiting for perfect.It’s an illusion that will never is true. It’s an excuse to never show up and play. Your legend is not meantto be your fortress, your tale is meant to be your fuel. You cannot earn the war against the world if you can’t win the waragainst your own mind.That dream is not going to wait and say take a breather. It’s going to say come catch me. Catch me if you can You got to block outall the noise around you that’s going to tell you, you can’t do it. Just believe that you can. Tell yourself, “I am more than my circumstances.” “I am more than my demons.” “I am great and I willgive my knack to the world because this is what I was born to do.” Go get it son, get get wise. Be sweet. Go get it.Be sweet. Go get it. Be sweet. Go get it.Be sweet. Go get it son. If you’re going to see it, if you’re going to see breakthrough then you are going to have to be okaywith the process that is required.The one thing you need to do to go where you’ve never gone before, to have what you’ve never had before is to change the way you think. You’re at the edgewatching someone else live, wondering what it’s going to be likewhen you jump without ever jump-start and I’m just here is to say climb. Believe that you can. Believe it’s possible for you to have it. Don’t lay on your back. Anything that comes your nature you’ve got to be prepared toaccept the challenge and go through it. And stop thinking about the negative, stop talking about the negative Ask yourself, what would amazing look like for you? As long as that heart is gushing blood you’re not dead yet. They haven’t made rose petalson your chest hitherto. Make sure every breather you takecounts for something. Continue to pursue purpose and we all got a purpose.Every one of you here in this roomwere born to not just exist but to experience life. Every one of you in this room were bornto leave your fingerprints on autobiography 9 years ago, mortal, I … I did this and I wouldencourage some of “youre going to”. I took a piece of paperand I wrote down my dreams and my goals and I slapped it on a shower mirror. And every single dayI would wake up and I would look at it. And I said, every preference that I construct, every decision that I stimulate I’m going to go it off. Is that going to helpmy dream become real? Or is it going to help destroy my dream? And if the choices that I’m makingare helping my dream that’s the choice for me. But if the choices we’re makingare destroying our dreams that’s not the choice for you.You have to learn to becomemission, aim, dream oriented and not in the moment impulsive oriented. It’s like when you lookin a rear panorama reflect when you look in the rear view mirror the words read “things in the mirrorare closer than they appear” And I need every one of youyoung men and young noblewomen be noted that your dreams and your goals, they’re right there in front of you. They are closer than you can imagineor even- even “ve been thinking about” a dream. They’re right there. I don’t care if you’re in the seventh evaluate orup to the senior right now. What you want to become and whatyou trying to achieve, it’s right there things in the mirrorare closer than they appear.And the doctor, the professor, the scientist, the cardiologist, the cosmetologist, the athlete, the entertainer, the musician whatever it is that you want to becomeit’s right there in front of you. But the choices and the decisionsthat we make are going to matter and we’ve got to stop letting the opinionsof beings that don’t really appraise you and what they think about youhold you back from violating free and racing at this thingwith everything that you’ve got man. Because the dreams, all of those thingsthey’re right there in front of you. But it’s the choicesand the decisions that we shape. These are the currenciesthat are going to purchase that dream.Decisions are currencythat acquisitions those dreams. Prioritizing your life is the currency that purchases those dreams. What you do is what’s going to matter. Some of you got to stop playing and start recognizingthat this is your moment. Don’t you dare give yourself awayfor something that you’re not because you want to fit in. Don’t make love. Don’t you dare do it. I know these are real issuesand you’re wrestling through living, man and you’re trying to figure out, up and down and left and right and where am I going? I’m telling you guys you’re at a sit right now on the working day and this month, in this school that I’m talking to you, that you can recognise something this is your moment to change.This is your time to realize you don’t have to do or bewhat anybody else thinks that you want or anybody else expects you to be. You is likely to be you and you can becomewhat you want to become. So those dreams and goalsthat some of you have that may seem larger than life Good. That’s what I demand you to go after. And don’t let the concerns of the collapse, don’t let the fear of perfection hold you back.You won’t be perfect.You will represent mistakes But I promise you this you’re never going to knowif you can sink or if you can swim unless you jump in the spray. Somebody that saysthat something is impossible has not sounded intothe ability of their will. You can’t do what everybody else is doing and think you’re going to do something immense. You gotta do something different, You gotta do something extra. Listen to me, you have to think it all the time You got to think about itwhen you’re sleeping, you have to breathe it all the time. You “re going to have to” envisage it all the time. You have to be changing all the time. But now is not the time to give in. Now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to doubled down. You get yourself in a positionwhere you start to doubt yourself, you have no faith. You don’t trust what’s coming next. But there is nothingthat could come out of this if you don’t have the faithand the capabilities of pushing forward.Impossibility versus possibleis a matter of will. People that get the job done, they have a will to get it done. So many of us are so focused on the how and we say the howis so cumbersome, it is so daunting, it is so hard, so challenging that I don’t want to do it because- because that how is too crazy. The how doesn’t matter it’s- it’s the why.If it don’t challenge you, it won’t change you if it won’t challenge you, it won’t vary you. People ask me, would you tell success deepen you? Listen to me, beings got it changed It ain’t about, will success reform you? You got to change in order to get success. The modification happens first. If you miss the impossibleto become possible for you, you got to believe in yourself. You got to go make it happen. No more waiting for it to happen.Not more blaming , no more self-justifications. No more abiding mediocrity. Stop blaming your momma, stop blaming your father, stop condemning your neighborhood, stop denouncing your partner, stop denouncing your wife, stop condemning beings, start grinding. And the only difference betweenpeople who lose and people who achieve is the person who achieved, tried one more time. You must understand thatyou are a unique individual and you have all the thingsthat you need within you I need you to go and find a mirrorright now and tell yourself I’m possible. I’m possible. I’m possible. What is impossible is possible for those who believe.Stop thinking about they and start “ve been thinking about” you. Everything is not going to gothe way you want it to go. You have to understand thatthe struggle must happen. Weakness will come and all of these things thatyou are enduring right now in your life is just going to teach yourather than undoubtedly transgress you. You don’t have to give into these circumstances but you can learn from them. You can give it what it needs but don’t give in to the weaknessand the satisfaction of giving up. There is nothing that could come of this, there is nothing thatyou can achieve of this.Don’t fill the destitution, instead satisfy the hungerto be more than what you are today. Turn the hopeless to the possibility How long does it take for you to respond? And get back to you, back to your grind, back to your dreams. Adversity affected last-place go and you ceased? Adversity hit last-place timeand you threw in the towel? Not this time. No , no , no, because you’re stronger. Not this time, because you’re smarter. Not this time, because you’re more determined. When was the last timeyou believed in you? You believed in everybody else you bled this long, you’ve cried this long, you have suffered this long. The time that you accept the factthat if you will shift your perspective that your perspectiveis no longer your present but it is your passport, it is your plane. You’ve got to have the gritand the tenacity to push forth and sacrifice it a little bit morethan what you have, right now.You got to sacrifice your feelings. You got to sacrifice your sentiments. You got to sacrifice your sleep. You got to sacrificeyour age-old way of thinking. You got to sacrificeyour aged way of doing. You got to sacrificeyour old-fashioned highway of being. You got to sacrifice the aged youso you can become the new you. You got to move relinquishes. If “youve been” miss the hopeless to become possible for you you have to work diligently.You have to believe that there’smore work that has to be done day in and day out. Sometimes you may even feel demolished but merely because you feel defeateddoesn’t mean that you are. You may be depletedbut you’re not defeated and you have to have the will to carry on. This word is for everybody and anybody that has fairly guts to believe that they were born to make a difference, that they were born to obligate history.I refuse to be average, I’m allergic to average. I was born to leave a mark. Impossible is possible. So continue to fight forward. Continue to believe in yourself. Hold on to the possibilities. Be removed from the negativity. Push yourself, think it is yourself. And go as far as you can. Your world, this journeying is- is a beautiful drawing. Every one of you are drawinga picture with their own lives. You’re the artists, your hands and your feetare the paint touches, and the choices and decisionsyou’re making, right now are the paint strokes.You can, you can paintwhatever picture you want to depict. You is able to whateveryou want to become. But your alternatives and decisionsthat you’re making right now matter. If I could slow down and make choicesthat build and don’t destroy. If I could make choicesthat flourish and don’t tear down. If I could learn to feed positivityand starve negativity, humankind my life could changebecause hard work works.Make good options, great things happen. Hard work. I’m sorry.There’s no way around it. Hard work works.We can’t cut corners. Every A isn’t an A and I say that and what I entail is, you can jump on Googleif you just wanted to really to get the answer but you’re not soak your schoolteachers, you’re not rob your mothers, you’re not robbing the school, the only person that you’re robbing is you because you’re tryingto go the shortcuts. Not every A is an A. Hard work drudgeries. And the great thing about hard work, especially in our culture, countries around the world is slothful. Everybody will talk about it, everybody will post about it but not too many people want to do it. And if you are able to simply find the courageto begin to chase your dream, to make choices that body-build, to lay in the piece by default instant because most people are shiftless, you separate yourself from the crowd because everybody talks and affixes but not too many peoplewant to roll up and go.Hard work will alwaysoutwork talented people that don’t want to work hard. You can ensure you. You can’t limit what the fuck is must be considered you, you can’t assure what they’re doing but you can control you. And hard work will ever outwork talented peoplethat really don’t want to work hard. Every one of you , no matter where you’re aton the spectrum of this outing of life-time You can perfectly take your lifewith full authority and become whateveryou want to become, mortal. Diamonds, diamonds are made beautifully. Diamonds are from coaland from pressure and from hot and it takes an immense amount of stuff and from that dirtand from those coal mines and from all the dangersof that battle and that stress passes us something astonishing happen, humanity. Some of you have been going through a lot. Some things have been intentional, some things are just things that you were dealtwith in lifetime that you had no control over But what I’m telling you, regardless of what the event is and what you’ve been going through, there is beauty in the ashes, man.Remember the time when you wanted more. Remember the time when there were parties inyour life that did not believe in you. Remember the time when you frankly gave up on the possibilities of the uniqueness that you had inside. Remember there was a timethat you deplored so much better but yet did so little. There comes to a station in your life that you must recognizethat there is a little bit more that has to be done than exactly complaints about it. You have to realize that you don’t haveany other opportunities just wait you if you’re not willing to work for the firstopportunity that’s been given to you. You don’t have a lot of duration left so there’s no reason to complain. You’re not even inthe position to complain.You have to figure out that therehas to be another idea about you and you have to understand thatthere has to be something even greater and more challenging waiting for you. And if you’re not willing to stepoutside of your consolation zone If you’re not willing to understand the principles and the possibilitiesthat you have within yourself then everything that you are thriving for, everything that you are hungry for will soon come to an end. Now I’m not here topreach to you about this, I’m here to let you know that there are things that aregoing on around you right now that are far greaterthan your complaining. You complaining about so much but more, you evidence no war. If you could trade placeswith person right now and the person thatyou’re trading situates with may have it time a little bit tougher than you have it going onin your life right now.So many beings are sufferingfrom so many things in this world, at this moment but hitherto you’re complain. So many beings in this world right nowwish they could trade arranges with you but more you’re still complaining. You don’t have that title to merely give up. You don’t have that privilege to only throw in the toweland say that it’s over for you. Lady and gentlemen, you’ve got to understand that the reason that you are existingin this world right now is because you have thingsthat must be done and only certain people are qualified to take it to the levelthat it needs to be taken to. For there should never be a limitation to wherever it is that you are seekingand how far you are willing to travel and how far you are willing to go.Sometimes people tendto get a little lazy. Sometimes parties are happy to putthemselves in this little bitty box and just say thatthey are okay with where reference is. There can never really be an okayto anything when it is necessary to that life-time. There should never really bea self-complacent mindset. How do we advance? How do you derive? How do you thrive? One thing about success, “theres going to be” many struggles, there are going to be countless challenges and there are going to be a lot of thingsthat you may not even understand but you got to go back to where it started. Remember when you wanted more because you cannot satisfy your hungerwith negative energy. Being negative doesn’t help you to grow. Being dubious doesn’t give you the dominance that you need. You have to come to a pitch in your life that you must realize that there are things that are going on that is testing you.And perhaps you may be in a positionwhere you feel that you are broken or you’re feelingthat you’re going to be broken. But I’m here to let you know, maidens and gentlemen, that you are built to last. I’m here to let you know, that youdon’t have the right to complain anymore. I’m here to let you know, that you’ve gotto keep on living and living on strong. I dare you to take a trip to your neighbourhood infirmary. And if you have an opportunityto walk down those alleys and witness so many different people, different age groups, different ethnicities. And each one of these individualsare fighting something. They’re dealing withsome type of sickness. And some of these sickness, they may not be able to recover from.I dare you to walk down a neighborhood where there are many peoplethat are homeless and have not yet been plaza to go , no food to eat, barely even have clothes on their backs. I dare you to realize that maybe you simply don’t have it so bad after all. Maybe it’s time for youto realize and recognize that your hurts are not that bad. Maybe it’s time that you realize that you need to get awayfrom the theatre that’s in your life. Maybe it’s time for youto stop shooting affliction and start shooting your dreams. Reconnect with yourself because this is notthe time for you to be wasting, putting yourself back instead of pushing yourself forward. Noblewomen and gentlemen, you have so much, so much to offer, so much to give, so much better to do but doing it and sitting aroundwaiting for it to happen it’s just going to stay in neutral. You have to electrifythe desire that you have, that you formerly had. So the next time you feel like complaining, you feel like worrying and you’re so concerned about other thingsthat doesn’t consequently concern you ask yourself, Is it realizing you better? Is it taking you higher? Are you going further? Or are you really being complacent self-complacent and complaining and upsetting and doing thingsthat are not better for you.Are you going to realize thatmaybe just going up that elevation does take a little bit more work then precisely having something handed to you. Are you going to bethat person that realizes that if and when you getto the top of the mountain it don’t just stop there? You got to figure outanother way to go even higher. You have to electrify and get allthe things that are necessary within you to start doing the thingsthat you need to do. So when the time comes you can kick down that doorand move towards the possibilities of being very good of who you really are. Don’t lose yourself and the things that’s notgoing to give you the backbone and respective capabilities of understandingthat you matter for something. Don’t lose yourself in nervousnes. Don’t lose yourself in doubt. Dare yourself to be better. Dare yourself to be unique.Dare yourself to be the best possibility that the world countries has already been to see ..

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