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hi guys we haven’t any acknowledgment with her for a very long time so I decided to make another one today I started my nutrition to my competition which will be on October and today I will tell you my mystery what I gobble when I have extreme sweet tooth so let’s go ingredients 2 dollops of protein 5 eggs cottage cheese coconut cocoa blueberries broiling gunpowder ginger food spicy and sweetener I have stevia but before we start to prepare plant we have to turn on oven firstly we have to situated 2 scoops of protein pulverize to the bowl I organize chocolate 1& 2 next we will add 5 of 4x and never separate yolks from egg whites yolk contains health fats and you are stupid if you propel it to the bin so if you separate egg whites slap yourself by after X we go ahead also low-fat cottage cheese to increase proteins in the patty when it’s all mixed we will sprinkle their coconut and chocolate by gaze coconut and cocoa materials health fattens and virtually zero sugar so don’t be afraid to use them but make sure your cocoa is high percentage and have low-pitched carbs then the authorities concerned will put there some blueberries look at this Bluebell it blueberries would never blueberries then we will kept them some blueberries blueberries are one of the few returns that are used also in foods because they have water antioxidants and what percentage carbohydrate now one pack of baking gunpowder some gingerbread spicy for good taste okay is enough now some sweetener are you steadier and I shorten two or three pills Wow three desegregate it together okay so our mingle is done and when I situated it to the roster and cook it for 30 or 50 min okay so our cake is in the oven and during the cooking you can go to the toilet or you can go to pull-ups to make sure our cook is finished we have to stink it with tooth brick when tooth brick is wet our cake is not finished yet but it sounds our cake is finished and this is our final question chaps if you liked this video being given like share subscribe and if you demand some gratuities from me do route me a content my contact is in the description in this video so bye

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