Pro Climber VS USA Navy Seals Fitness Test

okay so in the last video we did the naval testI asked for 30 likes we got what is it 28,000 or something so of course we need to do the NavySEAL fitness experiments today we’re going to start with swimming we’re gonna do push-ups pull-upsactually we’re gonna do pull-ups to tired so we’re gonna make love I’m going to do as numerous asI can and we’re gonna do sit-ups and then we’re gonna do one and a half mile extended muff has beenback and forth this morning when we woke up she was like Magnus I’m not gonna do it and then inthe car she was like okay I’ll do it and you’re supposed to have a certain amount of residue inbetween our activity I don’t know if we’ll be able to do that precisely yeah because we need toget from one place to another to do the pull-ups and stuff yeah really need to have a short breaksas possible but it’s not gonna be exactly like so on this first practise swimming we needto do residue strokes or we could do something announced back strokings or something I don’t knowhow “whos working” so I’m probably just gonna stick to breaststroke it’s 500 yards which is likefour hundred and fifty something rhythms yeah so there’s not know a lot of clambering lately butnext week and I actually talked to Pete from the wide expression I don’t know if you guys remember thewhite voice but he’s talking about coming to Oslo and doing some videos hopefully there will bea lot of climbing in the next videos okay so the the minimum standards is 12 minutes and 30 seconds and competitive standards eight times okay I must be ensured that my my swimmingpants or tightened oh that’s true we need to know actually 18 I intend four lengths is 100 metersso it’ s 4 goes 4 which is 16 and then it’s plus ya – – 18 legs and and a bit more we’re gonnafilm the entire duration merely is ensuring because last-place duration when we did the running there were alot of mentions about us forging it and like we didn’t actually cinema everything in one take butthis time we’re actually gonna cinema non-stop so if there’s any doubt about any of directors wehave proof and we can upload it to a different server yeah I disbelieve that I’ll be super fastestswimming though so I don’t think there will be any question here you never know I didn’t thinkI would be that fast at extending either trash you know Ruth yeah I exactly wish I couldcrawl yeah because that’s how I often this one yeah doing this this site it’snot like how beginners to swim ready specified go don’t – find the left flash off the wall what penalize 10 hours 30 secondswe’re thinking about doing this in the ocean I’ve been a horrific idea okay no Slough this turnshe’s been dreading this I meditate she feels like she is disappointing everyone in every with youand I’m telling her that she’s not disappointing anyone my parties exactly experience seeing each other inthe videos so I think you should make some additional backing to her in the in the commentsyeah I used to kick for it a little but not too much I don’t know what the rules are didn’tspecify but the videos we’ve seen it’s not looks just like you you can’t really push that much becauseotherwise you could like exit half of the kitty nearly yeah but just like a little kick everytime to turn around whatever swims your okay know what the first rounds “re so” harsh because you know you’re gonna make love 18 yeah ithurts there’s so many weird plazas don’t the first round was their fastestand then it plummets but now is going she’s going faster and faster every roundagain you see it’s like 55 50 to 49 in this all for now pas go extend I’m telling anybody other than the five but hang on the Vocaloid about it now this is still Illinois minute so the camera overheated it’s pretty hotin now but the time was 1543 so we had to rush outside because we have we don’t havethat much go between each use mother is dead she’s on the storey now we’re gonnado we’re not going to do crunches this time we’re gonna do sit-ups and that’s a littlebit different so instead of having the arms like this we’re gonna have the arms like thatyou’re like I think you have to sit on my hoof this time yeah because she’s a little bittoo light and then I recognise you know as soon as I got to the finish line I saw youguys was exactly struggling with the camera yeah it was just it felt so ponderous and reallyit hurts a good deal now yeah and then yeah because I invested the part era doing this hats offto the Navy SEALs what’d he call it soldiers and I entail this is not the only test either thisis just a physical test they go through a lot of tests to qualify but sit-ups so the minimumis fifty and competitive standards eighty it’s pretty hot right now last-place season we did this it wascool we did it inside now we do it in the Sun so it’s gonna be a little bit more sap but Idon’t think any Navy SEALs would complain about this so I’m not gonna do that either and we alsoI signify I “ve learned that” I don’t know how many times I said I was out of shape last period I’m sorry forthat I hate people who complain a lot and I don’t I take full responsibility for complainingtoo much in the last video I’m very sorry ready my daddy yeah three two one lead it’s been well thank you same quantity asthe awareness yeah yeah that’s good okay we need to just be quick fan I ponder justyeah yeah you go and then I go again the rules are you’re allowed to rest inthis position but you’re not allowed to rest like this yeah so do you have tomake sure that like you have enough power to get back up again and then you can resthere like this we cannot rest on the grind no no just right with that no laughingthis time Oh three two one go yeah oh seven eight 31 you can do this 32 yeah yeah come on notarrested 33 come on yeah immediately so the next one is push-ups and you don’t have totouch the ground so you have you can have one fist in between I foresee or a roll of toiletpaper or something like this so I fantasize I demand your fist because yours is a little bit it’sthe same as with situps the minimum is 50 the competitive standards it’s 82 and up to 100 youcan remain like this if you just wanted to but you cannot rest like this and you cannot rest like thisyeah so Marcus if I can borrow your hand yep there’s also something about the armsyou know I like to have them to read out yeah because it’s like I meditate Ilive it further than shoulder width twenty six seven tonight he’s gonna you don’t want two to three need to fight ma’am 86 87 88 89 the first minute is so easy I don’t know if it’s such if it would be smart to speed yourselfbecause we’ve talked about this I recall for us because we don’t have that much experiencewe haven’t really tried these extras that I like we of course we do push-ups and nonsense butwe haven’t tried two minutes max before so I contemplate maybe the better strategy is to go reallyhard in the beginning get a lot of number get a lot of reps in early yeah and then it’s gonna goslow for the last minutes but that’s that’s okay ready one two three four five 21:22 no come on 23 this is Harvey that I probablyshould have paced myself on this one but the timber is hard to like the resting berth is not goodso maybe it is better for you simply max it out promptly yeah cuz the last minute it’s gone areyou gonna do so little anyways yes sure but that’s pretty good though I convey 23 for someone whodoesn’t really train push-ups in the last video we did likewise did pull-ups but in this video youget points for every pull-up you do and in the last video we had only one minute we thought wehad only one a instant but in fact we had as much time as we want it yeah as long as you don’t letgo of the bar you can remain doing pull-ups for as long as you want that’s perfect for you as a rockclimber cuz you are eligible to precisely yeah alter your this is gonna be like a real battle for me I think- she’s just like tits do pull-ups rest do pull-ups but it’s harder now because I’m prettysore from them push-ups swimming and the situps and I please it was like last-place era where there’sa maximum digit or a peak era yeah it may add that you because there’s no time limiton the Plus as long as you don’t let go of the bar you can keep going but uh yeah andyou’re not allowed to do chin-ups you have to do pull-ups I we got some complaints inthe last video that I use chalk you know I like to use chalk either so that might be mykryptonite I suppose I like doing pull-ups more than chin-ups because this is usually the way whenyou clamber you do it this path yeah but I conclude from ordinary parties it’s easier to this way yeah do thechin-ups beings more strong in their biceps yeah right Oh imagined I would be able to do more I think it’sjust like when you do rehearsals to coercion is that what it’s called the extortion exhaustionexercises until you’re completely exhausted and can’t do anymore yeah you’re gonna feel sworein so many weird targets because I feel like when your abs are tired your back is gonna takeover like different muscles are gonna take over I feels like it I don’t even know why I’min this video is hoping for a supernatural perhap – come on two more yup threatt one more come on yeah one more is everything all right “ve been trying to” shake off oh boy that’s the sameas last-place occasion yeah but I can’t I can’t shake my I’ll precisely plummet the if you’renot strong enough you can’t wait in your graphic your thumbs yeah it’s hardto shake that’s pretty impressive doing the same amount as last day afterall the push-ups and swimming and okay so next is roll and I feel a bitnervous because I had a pretty good time last meter and a lot of people don’t believe meand I wholly is clear that parties doubted us because there’s a great deal of bullshit nonsense on YouTubebut I fantasize also because you said that you never range yeah but that’s not that’s not yeah yeahfor you when you say you never guide use me you don’t do it often but you have like you run alot more than me for example I’m not gonna make an excuse I feel pretty good you need to runsix periods around this 400 rhythm way Plus 15 rhythms and competitive standards 9 to 10 minutesyeah yeah what are you aiming for anything for 9 9 minutes in 9 hours in the last video I missedone round so I would have done it in 18 something here this is that was twice as long mm-hm soI should be able to do this in 9 instants if I race as fast as last hour and I don’t see whyI wouldn’t because this is less and I imagine honestly I will get a lot of observations if I don’tbut it is different to run a long distance and yeah that’s and that’s 14 the bottle there is1 4 meters so that’s the finish line there are six passes I don’t commonly suck but today justbecause I needed that little bit of additional carbohydrate not patronized you are well aware I is an indication it’s notsponsored I like Pepsi just as much this was sponsored by coca-cola I wouldn’t have said thatoh you see that’s the best timekeeper in Norway she’s very good at timekeeping but she’s very good at counting yeah you need to count therounds as well yeah three two one drive church for the entire crazy bastard so in first first round more oneminutes at eight seconds smooth and second nearly one minute and 23 seconds see now is on is very round ah you should get off after this round he has one roundleft yeah so when a nice touches yeah so where reference is cross the finish lineit’s 414 meters just after a really high-pitched cadence throughout each round it’s about onefrom 120 to 129 yeah Perle up the fastest is one point zero one point two eightseconds one minutes and eight seconds did he have to eat nothingtoday he’s gonna vomit out what’s the time eight hours and 22 secondsJesus I guess that’s proof okay so your your first round was one minutes and eightseconds and your last one was one minute and 23 seconds I believed to be pasty reallywell cuz in the middle it was about 2 one minute and 29 seconds per round I like longdistance is more I think you know who they’re going faster though so yeah simply a little bitslower their firstly wrong having that signal I think if you could just lope like this for for3 firstly rounds up like 115 to 120 yeah then you’re gonna gonna have a better term andthat’s gonna be easier for them for you ok regular girlfriend is here to show the regularpeople how to run okay okay I’m good again oh my god our virus just said that might I needto remember not to walk because last experience she was running and then she’s walking no I couldsee I intend it wasn’t wasn’t cheating anything but the time was obviously sufferingyou simply race the whole time well kind of funny because it was exactly when you likebehind that first little like spar over there because there’s no difference between womenand men and this exam but I think it’s good though because like if you’re in warthere’s no like they’re not gonna be nicer to you because you’re a woman or whatnotbut in Norway I fantasize a great deal of beings join members of the army more for the experience yeah at leastfor Norwegians is not just because they want to fight in campaigns it’s also since they are wantto like propagandize themselves and try something new that’s why you did it right Marcus yeah did youactually think that you’re gonna go and we have to say that extremely the reason you’re not runningtoday yeah I got an inflammation is that what it’s called yeah yeah so the last time we didthe Marines evaluations I got an inflammation in my left knee so I decided not to do that NavySEAL yeah that’s why I musta had to take one for the team just to show the normal beings howis it interesting for someone to watch a person fail every single like I said yeah you’reso charming it doesn’t matter how you do the Sun is like on-and-off was sprinkling a littlebit before now it’s pleasant the forecast is pretty strange no field summertime three two one golove that after the fact is gonna I belief dog three minutes is the second round and we’resorry that there’s not much climbing there hasn’t been much climbing lately the gym justopened and there will be a lot more climbing videos very soon but we had to do this oncebecause they’ve got more than 30 kits so hey I thought they’re a little tired and I comeon the second round was 14 seconds slower than the firstly round as long as she liked it runsthe whole way yeah I believe she’ll be fine gives you up and more one more left yeah one moreleft it was this plus 14 rhythms now I’m a I’m not that hectic 14 about full Tata May underneathshoe if I’m not alone they are coming up but I’ll exit shoes are coming out 11:28 you do the swimming in ten minutes and 30 seconds 90 push-ups it says curl up sir that’s the same the sit-ups 103 pull-ups 34 34 and therun was 8 minutes and 22 seconds right all right I’m gonna cheer it so my rating is Oh what 735 butit says you met or excess the minimum ratings necessary to qualify for seal contracts but youmay not be competitive fairly keep working hard to improve I’m really happy with it okay andnow my Divisions I think we all know how this went push-ups and pull-ups 4 and your race was 8 secondsbut twenty-eight seconds the rhythm music calculate overall miscarry I’ll flunk you would have to do lowerthan twelve hundred and twenty to pass so you’re not far from I disappointed and the dive and I failall the push-ups I disappoint the situps I feel I came the movement but you did good I’m good at all of themthough and if you question or flowed leave a comment down below we can upload a video a separate videoof the control uncut yeah thank you guys for watching make sure to LIKE and subscribe check out markson Instagram Marcus on Instagram yeah we’ll see you guys in the next video I consider with some moreclimbing it’s been a while since last-place era you

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