Ultimate Fitness Test (1 REP OR DIE?)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Athlean-X.com. So, I was going to do an entirely differentvideo tonight and something came across my table that impelled me to change my hand. You view, there was a recent tally that wasdone, or a fitness assessment that’s supposed to determine how long you’re going to live. 10 teaches, or workouts that you’re supposedto be able to do to ensure a longer life. In that group of instructs was this one particularone called the Standing and Rising Test. Apparently, “thats one” of the ones that causesa lot of troubles for people.They sitting here and they surpass it around, andI’m going to show you what it is because I require you to try it. Whether or not you can, or can’t get it on I thinkthere’s a really big, important meaning that spawned off of this that concluded me feel so stronglyabout making this video. It is: let’s raise our standards of fitness.You envision, here’s what the Standing and RisingTest is: I’ll stand up out of enclose now so you can see it. Basically, you’re supposed to be able to crossyour feet, and without use your hands, your knees, or your shins you’re supposed to beable to lower yourself down to the ground here, and then you’re supposed to be ableto rise up off the floor without exercising your hands, your knees, or your shins. Now, certainly that was easy for me.It’s not supposed to say “Look how good Iam and how I can do it.” No! This is fucking easy because it’s supposedto be easy. You realize, we can’t make this be the standardof excellence. The detail that I could get off the ground withoutusing my knees, my shins, or my hands? Good. Congratulations, Jeff! You’re a human being. If we were a kid, when we were babes we didthat all the time.We formed things ogle easy. Why is it that as we get older and I meaneven in your 20 s why is it that when we get older we start allowing parties to tellus what’s normal for your senility and what you can and can’t do. You can’t use the excuse “I’m getting aged. I’m too old for that shit.” Too age-old for what? To get off the soil by yourself? Without demand the Life Alert? “Help me, I’ve collapse! I can’t get up! ” We need to be able to have much higher standardsfor what we do. So, try it out and consider and research yourself inprivate. Again, if you can’t get it on, here’s the thing: tell it be a wakeup call. Let it be a wakeup call.This should be something that should be easyfor you. If it’s not, you might have a problem withyour lower body strong, you might have a problem with your equilibrium, you might havea problem with coordination, you could have some orthopedic publishes; your knees might hurt. I’ve got pretty shitty knees myself, but Iwas still able to get up. If those are the things; start working onthem. You can. There are so many things you can do. At Athlean-X here, I try to train you likean athlete. Like a professional player. Even though I know you dont make a livingas a professional athlete, I try to train you like health professionals athlete by givingyou the same exact things that I let these guys that come and make a living off of beinga professional athlete are doing.I have high endeavours for you. You still dominate the same levels and capacityfor backbone and counterbalance and coordination and quickness. You have the same capacity, you’re just notallowing yourself to realize it. You’re trying to set these limitations upbeing either too old, or time not a pro. Let’s elevate service standards. I hope you can all get off the field andif you can, congratulations. I really am glad. I conclude a lot of guys watching this channelwho followed me for a long time are going to be able to ace that experiment certainly easily, but if you can’t, again , not keep picking on you at all; but it’s a wakeup bellow. It’s time to start deepening your practices anddoing some things. Again, even if you are able to ace this, that’sjust a standard of well-below our standards. So we’re going to make “youre going to” that next height. We have so many challenges in Athlean-X tomake sure that we take it to these extreme levels of fitness and we stroll you throughthem and get you there step by step.If you guys are looking for that strategy andto let me take you through and parent your standards then chief to Athlean-X.com rightnow and get one of our Athlean-X training systems and work your action up. From the bottom all the way up you’ll getbetter. That’s the key. Day by date. If you’ve experience this video to be eye opening again, this is what we’re give as our standard of fitness excellence leave yourcomments below. In the meantime, I “ve brought” that video toyou that I promised I was going to make. We’re going to do something on the shouldersagain later this week; a really good shoulder training tip that you might not have beenaware of. I’ll draw that to you in a duo daylights. I wanted to make sure I went this out to youas soon as this came across my table. It was that eye opening for me. I’ll see you guys back here again real soon.

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