Tell Me About Your Self for Finance Majors, Accounting and Business

Hi everybody Don Georgevich here job interview tools and I'm talking to all the finance majors out there so if you have a background in finance or business or accounting I'm talking to you and I want to help you answer tell me about yourself because it matters it matters whether you're an engineer whether you're an accountant whether you're a doctor a lawyer a construction worker whatever it is it matters how you answer the question tell me about yourself so it depends what you do so the way I like to answer this question the best way I think to answer this question is to talk about your journey talk about your journey through your life and your career and what inspired you to do that so if you were an engineer you know what inspired you to be an engineer so for finance majors what inspired you about finance I mean how did you get excited about that when did you get excited about that I mean you know were you you were you six years old and you know were you really good at math at six were you like the best in the class you know they're in kindergarten or you know when did it hit you at what point in your career and your life did the numbers start making sense to you when did it click and when did you when did you decide you wanted a career in finance or accounting or business or you know whatever that was start there so if you were six and you were just a math whiz start there if you know it didn't hit till later maybe in high school maybe in high school you took you know an accounting class you know your sophomore year you took accounting one you're like wow this this clicks so for the first time in my life something is actually clicking and resonating with me so maybe you start there wherever it was start with what inspired you about the numbers and that that's that's generally where I would lead with anybody who's in finance because finance is all about numbers so start with somewhere in your lifetime where the numbers started to make sense for you and where you could just start doing them in your head easily and how you know classes in high school were easy and and you couldn't get enough of it you wanted more and so maybe you started a finance Club in high school or you know maybe you volunteered Utah the local church to help them you know with their books you know hey you know I'm really good at numbers can I help you do this stuff yeah you just do it for free show them that you were passionate about the numbers and what you liked why you liked it or you know maybe maybe helped grandma maybe have a grandma balance or checkbook or maybe grandma have a little cookie shop and you know you kept grandma's books whatever it was talk about that start there say I love the numbers so much this is you know I I just couldn't get enough of it and I wanted more so I volunteered my time I did this this and this I started some classes and then I knew I knew I wanted to be in finance or accounting for the rest of my life so I figured out what was the best way to do that and you know the best way was to go to college for to get a degree in finance or accounting or business and then talk about your experiences in college now now I'm not saying to drag this out forever but just touch on these points so and you know and give them a path give them a logical path to show them you know where you started out how you got excited and then what you did to pursue that dream that passion that you had so when you're in college you talk about you know some of the classes you took the things you did maybe some of the clubs just started some of the internships that you have now if that's if you just graduated college and you have a major in finance and you've done nothing else then you stop there now let's say you've been working for 20 years and you have 20 years experience still start when the numbers started making sense for you so you could still start at 6 or 8 or 10 or whatever it was but talk about your journey talk about your journey through your life and your career so you know if you have 20 years of experience you know you start at 10 hey the numbers started just clicking for me I went to high school I really loved accounting I I started some clubs then I went to college and then I did some internships here and I volunteered my time here at the church and maybe the Boy Scouts Girl Scouts you know whatever it was volunteered my time helped grandma on a cookie shop balance your books and then I went on to work for these different companies these are some of the kind of things that I worked on I really felt passionate about what I was doing and I wanted to grow and I wanted to become you know a Senior Accountant or I want or or you know what I wanted to get out of accounting and I wanted to move into finance you know whatever it is tell them a story don't just give them facts and figures tell them a story that you would tell anybody that you would tell a friend you know if they said you know hey you know tell me about your career you know what was it like or you know why are you in finance that's that's probably the bigger question that's more the question when they ask you know tell me about yourself and you have a finance and you're in finance what they're really asking is why are you in finance what do you like about finance answer the question from that perspective and that's gonna you're gonna get a different answer that's gonna come out of that and that's gonna be an answer where you tell them a story about your journey through your career and what you liked and and how it worked out for you and the things that you did so that's it that's it that's all there is to it so if you are in finance or accounting or business that's it that's how you tell them tell me about yourself let's start with that journey start with that journey all right my friend that's all I have for you today good luck on your next interview and I'll see you in the next video bye now if you're ready to ace your next interview 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