Week Warrior Cut Workout-Day 16: Legs | Lady Warrior

hey i’m shannon damsel soldier and welcometo my direct and therefore welcomed a leg epoch of a week three of this six week a warrior cutseries i am super happy to have you here i am super proud of you for continuing to stick with itif you are just joining me today um make sure that you punched that subscribe button and turn on yournotification bell so you never miss a workout and too you surely can hop in andcheck the workout out and see how it is but i would encourage you to go back to day one toget the best benefit of this six week workout so um also for all of you that have been with me thusfar let me know how week two proceeded in the comments i would love to hear it so today is like isaid our leg period give attention to our gives and our reps because those will motley a littlebit today there are no super sets so i want you to stay focused i want you to come witha good force um exactly a good mental attitude make sure you have your flowings to keep youhydrated make sure you have your notebook to track your progress make sure you have some goodmusic and make sure that you are ready to go out and kick your trash because that is exactlywhat we are going to do right now so let’s go all right you guys that is a wrap on our legday i hope that you had an awesome workout i’m still trying to catch my breath especially afterthat last set those things are burners my quadruplets um and to that indicate make sure that you’regetting in a really good post workout elongate super important don’t just stop makesure that you’re taking the time to stretch either do some light-colored jogging or ambling to flushout that lactic battery-acid it’s going to help your torso um with convalescence and your form not to feel thoselegs not to feel so heavy like the next day ever wonder why you know sometimes you go out runningand you work out or you do legs and then your legs just feel like lead weight it’s just that lacticacid build up so actually got something make sure you’re doing your uses those post-workoutstretches to even that out make sure you’re staying hydrated make sure you’re getting in goodfuel for your person taken into consideration that investing in yourself over and over and over again i’m superproud of you for being here i’m super proud of you for kicking your junk on this leg epoch workoutand i will see you right back here tomorrow

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