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Bob and Brad, the two most famous Physical therapists on the internet -( clap entrusts) Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp, occupational therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist – Together we are the mostfamous physical therapists on the internet.- Brum! In our view, of course, Bob. – Today we’re gonnatalk about the lazy way to fix your back painnow, it’s five steps. Plus, we’re doing a giveaway.- A giveaway. – So if you’re brand-new to our path, satisfy take a second to subscribe to us. We accommodate videos on how tostay healthy, fit, pain-free and we upload every day, too go to Go to the giveaway section, always handing something, this week we’re giving away a Platinum Thermotex FarInfrared Heating Pad.- Right, yep, it heats verydeep into the muscles, joints and it’s a wonderful gift.- We’ll talk about this later. – Oh, we will.- It’s really something. – Okay. – You can also go to Facebook, it’ll be pinned to the top of the sheet, go to Twitter, Instagram or Tik Tok, if you crave a 60 -secondversion of our platform. – And we have podcasts out now, so you can listen to us withoutlooking at us, you know, in the car or whereveryou do your podcasts. – Now Brad, we’re not talking about lazy, I’m not saying you can do nothing, I imply, you got to do something, but these are fairly easy things to do. – Right and I can say one ofthem, I’m gonna talk about is the easiest thing I ever did, stimulated one of the bigdifferences I’m making, my back with spondylosis.- Number four? – Yes , no , no quantity, figure three.- Number four for me. – Yeah, so I’m talking aboutnumber two or three, three. Now that we got them all.- Alright, yeah. Alright, let’s start off with number 1. So upon waking, you can actually, we got to clean up this mess, Brad. Upon waking, you can actuallydo these two activities, really easy to do, they’re a slothful man’s mode or a slothful woman’s action. – Well, they always say, ifyou want to get a job done and you want to get it done efficiently, give it to someone who’s shiftless, who’s smart and ambitious and they’ll figure out a really nice way. I like to consider it efficient , not slothful. – So you’re gonna wake up and the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get that back moving, it’s been rigid all nighttime and “thats one” that Bradand I have prescribed to a good deal of patients and I’vevery rarely feel person, that had pain with this. What about you, Brad? – Well, with the exceptionof on one occasion.- One tack. – One tendency is likely to be disagreeable, but we work through it. – Okay, so let’s showwhat we mean by that. You put your legs into a, whatwe order secure way posture, you put your feet flat on the berthed. You probably don’t haveshoes on and that’s fine. -( laughter) Bob does. – You’re just gonna gently rotate, you’re rotating your trendies, but you’re actuallyrotating your back extremely. – Yes. – And what Brad was alludingto is sometimes you have pain, like perhap you go into left and it hurts, so you would avoid that, you would just go tothe right for a while.- Yeah, and just go upthe center, if you are able to. – Yeah. – You just take it gently, it’s a real soothing thing. If you do feel pain, youjust don’t go that far. – Very simple to do, gets theback moving in the morning and get some blood move goingto it, very simple to do. Alright, the next one.- How countless repeats, Bob? – Oh, got a couple of minutes.- A got a couple of minutes. – I’m not large-hearted on reps.- Yeah. – I’m just, do things warmed up. – If you’re a rep party, 10 to 20. – Sure. – If you’re a season party, one to two. – Alright, another one where we’re gonna get that back moving, very easyto do is just to kneel down and Brad will show you analternative to this too. You are truly do this one in order too. – I would not do this on a berthed though. – Yeah, well, I would do it on a bunked. – Well, it’s much harder on a bunked, than it is if you go on a carpeted storey. – Right, but all we’redoing is we’re doing, I guess we’re gonna call it cat camel.- The “cat-o-nine-tail” and the camel. I’m gonna call it one-humpcamel versus a two. So you’re gonna go up and then the cat, they bridge their back andthen they clear that din. But let’s see here, we’vegot a straight line, so we arch, this rounds the back. – Look how I’m place my pate down too. – Yeah, and then become the other direction. – Now I’m keeping my head up. – We get that neat dome in there. You don’t want to do thisfast, make your time with it. – Again, this gets a differentpart of the back involved , now the mid back and alittle bit of the lower back. So Brad, do you want to showhow you could actually do that with corroborate down now? – On a bunked or a cabinet, that’s a little higher might be a really good option, but if you’re gonna take your, oh, I’m gonna do the “cat-o-nine-tail” camel.- Cat camel.- Not this, oh. – Right. – Yep, so we’re gonna arch, look up and then merely round over asfar as if you feel comfy. – Very good, Brad. – Make sure you breathe with all these. – There’s people, thatcan’t get on their knees, so I want to show them alternative solutions. – Exactly, right, hard todo on a berthed for some people and then it’s hard to get down. – Right, alright, the nextthing, this is really easy to do. – Are we at number two? – We’re on number two. – Wow, we’re going slow. – It’s walking, you just got to walk. It gets blood move to the back, it get push to the back. We had a back professional on our show. – Stuart? – Stuart McGill. – Dr. Stuart McGill, yeah. – And he recommended walkingthree to four times a day for like 15 instants, hedoes, but I understand you may not be able toget out for that long.- Right, and if your back is hurting and you simply can tolerate five minutes, start there and work up to it. – You might be surprised, that it actually feelsbetter than you think and sometimes walking at a higher pace is better than stepping ata sluggish speed in the back. – Right, one thing for sureis try and find a flat face to walk , not uphill ordownhill or uneven, you are well aware, you’re not gonna go fora hike through the groves for your back. – Right, good point, but moving, I remember a friend of mineworked at a back clinic, that’s all they look were backs and he said the first thingthey would do with beings is using them start walking.- Sure. – That was it, number one.- Yep. – Number three is this is theone that Brad was mentioning, that he feels really cured him. You’re actually gonna supporting your back, when you’re sleeping andalso when you’re sitting. – Right. – I’ll start out with sleeping, Brad. You got one of my pillows.- Oh no , no, I’ll get it. We’ll get the white one, alright, go ahead, Bob, start the show.- I’m gonna need both.Well, I need, how aboutthe discard pillow extremely? – Oh, sure.- Yeah. Okay, so one thing when you’re sleeping, if you’re sleeping on yourside and you’re like this, your knees lean, you’re actuallyrotating your back here. – Yes. – I don’t know if you can see that or not, but to keep the back straight, you actually want apillow between the knees. – And it feels goodbetween your knees anyways. – Yeah, look at this. Now my back is rotated alittle bit, it’s not much. – It’s for your kneeand your hip joints extremely, it’s kind of more thana multifunctional thing. – Right, the other thing isyou could have a gap now, where you could actually sit right and the sticker is at a slant.- You mean lying? – Lying. – Yeah, so yeah, right there and this is what happens with me. If I’m on my side, my backhurts because of that. Fortunately, I’m morecomfortable on my back, so I don’t put a pillow in there. – So what you can do isyou can take a went sheet and fasten it around you or theyactually stimulate pre-made ones, I guess, produced ones .( Brad chuckling) This is a McKenzie Sleep Roll.- Sleep Roll, hm-mm.- So what you do is you tie it around you and what’s nice about this isit actually supports the back, when you lie on your backand it patronizes your back, when you lie on yourside, so it clothes both. Now they have different sizes too, right? – Right, it say to you thegirth or how many inches you are around for– Niner, would that be it? – I repute girth, Bob.- Okay .( shrieks) – Some beings don’t liketo think about that. – Alright, so now, when I’mon my feature, it corroborates me and when I lay on myback, it also supports me. Now, if you have a large buttock and you really have a big gap there, this is gonna feel really good. I’m a slighter person, Idon’t think I need this. You said here today does feel good to you? – No, it’s too big.- It’s too big for you. – I symbolize, the mattress Ihave is more than adequate. – You’re kind of a slim persontoo, so I was aware of. – I wouldn’t just go aheadand buy one of those, I would try a rolled up towel or a sheet. – Absolutely, a rolled expanse firstly. – And see if that helps. – Yep, if you sleep well with that and you catch out that I’mgonna do it on a regular basis, then get a sleep roll, I perfectly would not, unless you’re gonna do that. Okay, that’s is in favour of back in bed, again, somewhat lazy, youdon’t have to do much, but you likewise want to supportyour back when you’re sitting.I want to start with the rolled towel. – Oh, sure.- Same thing again. – So you roll up a towel, you gave some videotape around it, so it stands there. – Now perhaps that is yourcar, it could be your office, in your couch, I would actuallytake a fairly large thing, because you’re sinkinginto the couch or recliner. So you could take a throwpillow and place it back there. I never sit in a chairwithout a discard pillow ever. – Well, you know, Iactually have a firm couch, which is kind of hard tofind, but we bought it.- They are hard to find.- It’s so firm, that I don’t gave it in there, but on my other couch with arecliner building in, I put up. – Well, aren’t youprofessional?( tittering) – Why, Bob?( giggling) – Okay. So the other thing we can do is actually take a rolled towel again and you can determine what size you need, because these come in multitude of immensities. These are really big ones. – Yeah, and the density, some are softer and they tell you if they’rea firm density or a soft one. – But those are lumbar assists, there’s that air-filled one extremely, Brad. So you can actually– Quite a difference. – And you want to find a spot.I like it a little lower, about where the loop would be. – Sure.- Or maybe in the pelvis. You want to be comfortable.- Right. – And it’s gonna demonstrate that support. It’s gonna prevent you from rounding out all day long, like this, great difference. So again, vehicle, power, recliner, couch, you want to cover them all. – And I do want to say itshould feel good immediately, it should feel like thisis really good backing, it makes a conspicuous change. I do want to show just becauseit’s different from yours. – Oh yeah, substantiate yours. – Yeah, this made a significantdifference in the car. Whenever I’d get in the car after sitting for longerthan 30 minutes and a drive, I would get out, my backwas unpleasant, oh and I was using some, I was trying these, but they weren’t working, thelumbars, the rounded ones, so I use this, it’s memory foam.- You likewise use this in your lawnmower. – I do, I have one on mylawnmower, I have one in my vehicle and if I use my wife’scar to drive somewhere, if I don’t remember toput this in her vehicle, I’m not a fortunate camper. – I wonder if they even sellthat anymore, it’s Kubota? – Yeah, K-E-B–AD-O, I don’t know,’ justification I’ve got three of them. – Sure, if they don’t sell that label, I’m sure they have a similar symbol. – Yeah, some chassis like this. I think if you have stenosis, spondylosis, those diagnosings are probably gonna be morecomfortable with this. – Yeah, it doesn’t make love for me. – Right, yeah. – I mean, I’m not thrilledwith it, it’s okay. – And that’s the thing with back backings, everyone’s got a different back. – Yeah, it’s very personal.- Yep. – Alright, list three was your easy one, the slothful subject or lazyway to treat back soreness, but this is mine.- Right.- Number four, this is using the Thermotex Platinum Heating Pad, this Far Infrared Heating. I really tweaked my back recently, Brad and I tried everything, everything, I was hanging, I was moving it, it wasbetter, but it wasn’t helping. I put this on and I saton this for two hours, oh, it just feels enormous. – Sat on the flooring? – No, on a chair. – But did you introduced somesupport on your back? – Yes, I did. – A little pillow or lumbar assist? – No, I had the support underneath this.- Yeah, so you took this. Now the thing about this isit departs 2.36 inches, the heat. – Right, regular heat onlygoes like surface deep. This get 2.36 inches, which is all the difference, when you’re treating ajoint problem or a muscle. – Right,’ cause your back, you are well aware, the braces, you have to go throughmuscle to been through, there may be a little overweight, there may be, you are well aware, we have to get into the problem area. This does have an extensioncord on it, six hoof, you can easily take it onand off, if you’d like. – This is what I did exactlywhat Brad did right here, I buckled it to my lowerback also, when I was working and I was stands at my suffer table and now I sit down sometimes and it just was in place the whole time.They recommend whenyou’re having back pain to use this twice a dayfor at least 45 minutes. Well, I conceive 15 minutes towarm up or 10 minutes to warm up and range them for a while, a half hour. – Yeah, they do take a little bit longer than conventional heat, but they’re much more profound. – So to warm up.- Yep, and if you don’t have this and you want to use aconventional, that’s an option. – Right.- It won’t get as deep. – No, and these areexpensive, I’m gonna warn you.We do have a coupon or a join below, where you can get somemoney off, quite a bit off, so make sure, if you decideyou’re gonna get one, take advantage of that. But I make, I got one of thesewhen my mom hurt her ribs, she smashed a rib actually.- Right. – Because I knew it would go deep and it was the thing that helped her suffering. – Sure, yep. – So anyway, for what it’s worth, let’s go onto the number five. We got to show you at leastone strengthening employ. – Oh, yes. – And again, you can do this on your bunked, well, it’s really not easy todo on the bed, on the storey, or you can do it on the countertop again. So I’m gonna go aheadand do sentiment now and what you’re gonna do is, well, first you’regonna probably start off with exactly the arms like this. – So I do want to clearone thing you said, do this on the countertop.We’re not suggestingyou’re going to get on top of the countertop, whereyou’re gonna do it. It’s an option.- Why not, Brad? – Well, we do have to be careful. – We’ll clarify that, yeah, safe first. – So it looks like thisis a shoulder exercise, but the back is really- – You can really spawn the lower back undertaking by start kicking the leg out like a mule. – And notice he’s doingit slow-witted with good insure and actually you’re tighteningyour stomach muscles up with this, aren’t you, Bob? – Yes, I am and then when youwant to get more advanced, you actually do both at the same time. – And this’ll work your equilibrium as well. – Yes, it will. – So you’re working yourcore actually in front, you’re working the back core, the spinals the whole way from theneck down to the hips. – Yep, and so again, that’sa little more advanced. Why don’t you go ahead and show them? – You can just go up to a cupboard or a firm piece of furniture, this is a little low-grade, I’d like it higher, but wecan demonstrate it here.So we’re gonna go like this.- I suppose you could do it against the wall too, couldn’t you? – Well, yeah, actually you can and bring your hands up higher. So this will work in now and like this, oops, there’s something in the way. Make sure you don’t knock anybody, that might be behind you, be careful. We must be careful, Bob.- That’s right. – Extend and increase. This might be uncomfortableagain with stenosis, if you have that, becauseyou’re arching your back, so do it as tolerated , no anguish. – Yeah, spinal stenosisprobably would not feel good. In fact, that’s kind ofone of the tests we do to see if it generates on pain.- Yeah, we call that thelumbar extension test or, you know, even upinto the thoracic sticker, but that’s another story, Bob. – Again, the whole thing isno pain, do not increase pain, we’re trying to get rid of pain. – That’s right. – So this really is five things you can try and we always love to hear your comments. – Right.- Or see your commentaries, I “re saying”, we don’t hear them, do we? – Well , no, sometimes I havemy partner speak them out loud, while I be engaged in the chair.- You can hear them.( both laughable) Alright, thanks for watching.- Take care.( illuminated melodic music ).

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