FBI Fitness Test – The Test all Agents Fear

the physical fitness test orpft is a thorough measure of the physical readiness of individualswishing to become special workers of the fbi you are expected to arrive at theacademy in heyday physical condition today we’re going to try the fbi physical testi know that some of you have been missing the descending material but regrettably everything isstill closed so uh there’s not much else to do but i’m i predict there’s going to be lots ofclimbing material pretty soon martha is deeming the camera she’s not been on this path fora while so it’s first it’s push-ups sit-ups uh 300 -meter sprint one and a half mile rolled ohthat’s gonna oh yeah i dislike that and then it’s pull ups and the unique thing about thistest is that you’re only allowed to have um five minutes between each rehearsal umare you gonna wear suits for the whole i might have to change my suit i don’t know idon’t think it’s a requirement to wear the dres so it’s the first time i wear a dres on thischannel though not that you like the dres right i always wanted to become a special negotiator as akid as i’m sure all teenagers dream of uh to keep the country secure and talking about uh security uhno better sponsor of today’s video than nordvpn to keep you self-assured when you go online you can pretendlike you’re somewhere else in another country they have more than 5400 different servers in59 different countries uh you mostly connect with simply one click they’ve been rewarded thefastest vpn out there and also if you haven’t watched the the tv show that that i attended innorway that you can only watch in norway you can use norvpn to watch it so when you go online yougo via one of their servers where all your data is being encrypted before it’s passed on so allyour sensitive report everything is safe you can also connect with up to six different deviceson every major platform windows android ios mac os and linux and even android tv supportings nordvpnif you buy a two-year plan you get an additional month heavily dismissed check it out norvpn.comfour trounce magnets or you can use the coupon code magmitz expressed appreciation for norwegian for patronize today’svideo to get one point you need to have between 30 to 32 push-ups okay in one minute and to getmaximum phase because that’s what i’m going for are them i don’t think you’re gonna do that thoughyou’re gonna have to do more than 71 push-ups in one minute yeah that’s pretty hard you’renot going to do the test with me though today not i have not like been working out almost atall after all the gyms closed and you’ve also not been in any of my videos lately i haven’ti’ve seen in the comments that people miss you thank you guys i got a lot of verse like haveyou had magnets broken up i actually don’t like these sunglasses that was just for the fbi sketchokay but you simply get five minutes in between so after this is done i only have fiveminutes to rest for the next exercise 71 push-ups in a row that’s really hard though idon’t think i’ve ever done that because you have to see where the chest is the exerciser willlower his form until the center axis of the joint is in a straight line with the centeraxis of the shoulder parallel to the ground become 20. Me something i too forgot to mention that you’re notallowed to rest it has to be considered it has to be consecutive so you’re not allowedto rest in this position and then continue all right you take the time five minutes uh restoh if i am only did 61 i would have eight degrees but that’s seven stages we only need one point ineach exercise to pass no that’s not true you need to you need at least 12 parts all together topass but you need to have one point so you can’t like fail pull-ups and then you get really goodpoints and all that you’re disqualified if you can’t get a single site but it is necessary to 12 pointsin total i have one and a half minutes left it’s good to have you here to keep track of whati’m doing i’m really bad at making period though recollect last time yeah i did the crawlingthing i was like oh you really missed it even though you actually got therecord what’s the time it was 51. no that’s a macrocosm record is it yeah wasn’t itall right so for the sit-ups 38 for one point and then to get 10 points you need to doabove 58 that’s in one minute participant develops upper person until the shoulders stroke midthigh then returns to the starting position meaning the surpass of the shoulder blades musttouch the flooring to complete the redundancy um oh i thought i had plenty more period left 52. i thought if i just maintained like a continuous speed i would be able to do it oh so it’s seven pointsyeah well now it’s the running so i’m starting with a 300 meter run to get a perfect score uh so1 0 sites “wouldve been” 40.9 seconds or faster you want to try to do this sit up i know you hate setupso if you’re sitting on my hoof then i can do it i love the clangs you make so out of breath that was just 300 meters onetenth of a second away from eight seven tops on that one very oh so so far i’ve been scoring sevenon all the tests but i was so out of breath that’s really good as you said you haven’t been runningsince like summer yeah mostly it’s just like i feel like the biggest difference is that when youhaven’t run in a while then you just you really feel sick afterwards and that was just 300 meters nowi’m gonna extended 2.4 or something kilometers i wonder why this is in rhythms and the next one is likeone and a half mile why do they use the european system in one and then the american system andanother one i don’t know metrics metric organisation european organization two minutes left and then i haveto do the 2.41 kilometers six rounds 14 rhythms so at the beginning you start at start boundary andyou’re going to end a little bit further than the start line so it’s going to have a bottle yeah where itends this is pretty harsh it’s cold and it’s uh i don’t know you don’t get much respite inbetween that’s part of this evaluation this is what i’m the most anxious about i too gotto give a big shout out to brandon william he’s the one i’ve been stealing video ideasfrom lately this i saw this video i did on his direct as well so 37 seconds to go to get aperfect score you need to do 9 instants or faster okay you ready i’m not i’m really nervous this is it’s just because i know it’s gonna be painfulyou know yeah okay i retain not to run too fast in the beginning yeah i know i’m gonnapace myself or try to at least okay so six sips plus 14 rhythms okay i’m going to try to countthe sips now as well okay three two one continue come on come on you’re being really fastright now you’re starting your third round how you feeling magnus definitelydad starting on your fourth round starting on your fifth round twomore rounds left michael mcmahon i’m so not distrustful at magnus right now i’mfeeling really lucky to be able only to record one more round one more round okay so now my magnus is to run to thebottle that’s gonna be 14 extra rhythms oh i’m gonna got to get some liquid and i’ll only havefive minutes and then yeah passes your pull-ups i too don’t understand how some people dothis willingly as a athletic do this every day i retain last-place hour we did this it was more fun tolay here because i knew that you were gonna do it okay so the time was 9 18.69 thatgives me a compose of nine qualities you’re as surprised as i am i want i think thati’m so much stronger and push-ups and sit-ups but perhaps i’m better at passing all going to hell thelast uh usage this is going to be challenging because i’m still certainly shot from the run thisis a continuous flow untimed use palms facing out with entrusts at least shoulder-widthapart and no further than 23 inches apart 14 i wonder i wonder what you got for me all rightmy body is just so tired right now exactly from the first wrapping it was really hardyou need to emphasize the fact that the bar is squared so it’s not yeah a regular barbut well i don’t think that matters so much but doing all these in a row yeah with onlyfive minutes in between it’s really tough it’s a good uh it’s a good challenge it’s a goodpractice right so that was uh 10 moments this is a test of your symmetry my biggest fear is just likeruining it while you’re in the middle of the tests i don’t want to be like oh my goodness i’msorry i broke that when you you know you’re super spent and just finished the entirebusiness so this is my brand-new camera by the way the one you’re brace is the a7 s3 with a16 to 35 g original lens 2.8 the official judge two phones i just i’d too want to say likelook how cold “i know i m” and exactly or first three efforts you got seven extents like in each one ofthem and you got nine degrees for the long running and you got 10 degrees for the pull-ups soyou got 40 moments in total so fbi if you if you want me you know where to find me it’sdefinitely a good workout though i think this is harder than the army test with it actually ifeel more tired now i think it’s because of that short break in between pretty satisfied with thati thought i’d be faster at the 100 rhythm sprint the 300 the 300 meter sprints there’s not been alot of descending lately in the next videos there’s going to be more climbing i plan to go to bergenand hopefully film a few videos there with pete so uh thank you guys so much better for watching make sureto like and subscribe and i will see you next time

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