The Diary of a Fitness Couple 2 with Catharina Wahl & Robin Balogh – BioTechUSA

From the last eposide, our determine have got much better. Thanks to God. Kata got rid of 2,5 kg, I lost 1 kg but, i managed to gain additional muscle mass, somehow. Indeed, this 1 kg is more 1kg solid loss. My Saturday moring was terrible i’ve got coldnes. I was on track, everithing went well with my readying and suddenly I became sick. It can break the whole thing. I was scared. But, I’m going to get better soon. It’s not a virus, or something more serious illness. Just a few cases days, and I will get out of it. Than I can focus, and give in 100%. I was in bunked whole day.I was drinking tea. I was munching lemon and ginger. Kata facilitated me, it helped me bunch, in these hard time. The posing is one of the most important aspect of our stagecoach performance.I always rehearse constituting a good deal. Because the good posing, the handsome constituting always get greater attention at the stage. During the last weeks of readying, after every gym seminar I do 15 -2 0 minutes of constituting. Just to pratice and perform some adjustments. It’s have to be perfect. It’s time to pack up for the trip to Barcelona.The firstly My beloved shoes these take up the most space in my lagguage. One of the main thing the posing short-changes. Simply in case, I ever pack up a few extra duets. Few periods before the comepetition, we are already out there. So we have to take care of our snacks To drawing up the meat we take this porable grill. We likewise take this small rice cooker. My firstly 2 day of carb backloading, exclusively consists of rice. On the first day I devour 0,5 kg rice on the second largest era 1 kg of rice Time in case 0,5 kg rice On the first day i would be able to buy stuff. so it’s necessary. I take my most crucial vitamins. Vitamin C, Minerals, Calcium-Magnezium, Immun-support. And a chest os Iso Whey Zero.The most imortant thing! Just to fix my hair. The judgement day of Arnold Classic, the 24 th of September, it’s my Birthday. We going to have a big party so i take this proper shirt and vest with me. and and a restrain, of course. With Kata we always listen to music so we always take this portable orator with us. I’m ready. The daylight of the traveling is almost here for me it is a very important competition, one of the most important competition of my life It is the Arnold Classic, my first time as a professional men’s physique jock so the pressure is big. but, i think i can deliver a good shape and i have a good chance to win. Follow us, we will meet in Barcelona !.

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