10 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout | Low Impact Tabata

Hi Everyone! Tells get going with this 10 Minute Full Body Low Impact HIIT workout! All exercise will be without jumping and be donefor 40 seconds, be accompanied by 20 seconds of rest. Please remember to click on the like buttonand subscribe to my canal, tells do this! We start off this workout with the Jack Steps, find your own rhythm to get your heart rate up. Next are the Lunge Kicks. Make a backward leap and kicking forward when you stand backup. Switch legs after every kick! In 20 seconds we continue withthe Pulse Squat. Squat below the 90 positions and keep your weight on your ends. Truly good! Keep squeezing theglutes each time you get up! The next exercise is a Sumo Touchdown.Place your feet a little wider than your trendies and squat with your knees pointing outward. Come stand again for the Front WalkElbow Up. Try to keep your back as straight as possible during the elbow upsand as ever, engage your core muscles! Get ready for the Roll Plank Knee Drop. In a few seconds we go on with theCriss Cross Mountain Climber. First crunch your knee towards your elbow andthen move it aside towards the other elbow. Stay strong, youre halfway there! Up next is the Leglift Toe Touch, keep your back aligned with the storey and breath out withevery crunch! We merely have three exercisings to go. Next in line are the Sit-upCross Jabs.Punch to the side and sigh out with every punch to giveit more superpower! Dont hold back, hit hard! Come stand again for the last exercise, whichwill be the Burpee Side Taps. Lets do this! You did it! Todays workout is completed Pleaseconsider to like this video and subscribe to my canal if you havent done so yet. New workoutswill be uploaded every Monday and Thursday. Also follow me on Instagram for free workout contrives andfood muse or click on one of the videos above to workout some more right now.Thankyou for attaching and have an amazing day. Bye !.

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