Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Review & Unboxing – Best Value Fitness Tracker?

the samsung galaxy fit 2 has justbeen released and it could possibly be the best value fitness tracker on themarket keep adjusted for the detailed review hello everyone welcome back to tech it easyso today we’ve got our hands on the brand new samsung galaxy fit 2 for remember this issamsung’s recent fitness tracker furnished with all the basics you need to keep trackof your state so let’s take a deep dive into the features of the brand new galaxy fit 2. we will of course kick things off with a immediate unboxing as usual but before we do that if youcould help me out and subscribe to the channel still 99% of my viewers are unsubscribed tothe channel so if you are new now satisfy affected that subscribe button now also if you do enjoythe video delight do leave a like and a comment anyway so let’s come along with the unboxing so thisis how the galaxy fit 2 will be presented to you you get the choice between a black and a redversion this of course is the red version rate careful it will name you back roughly 50 pounds whichi think is around 60 dollars which happens to be significantly cheaper than the original galaxyfit which is still going for around 90 pounds now so inside the box you don’t really get much youjust get the tracker itself and then of course a usb charger but there is no wall socket for thisthen of course you get your warranty booklet and the instructions manual first impressions itdefinitely does feel budget there’s some terribly inexpensive feeling plastic which i suspect is to beexpected on something at this cost quality but the functionality and facets they feel likesomething that would be much significantly more expensive and i was pleasantly surprised considering itssize and cost target so before we talk about the galaxy fit 2′ s features and what it can doi want to clear up any disarray firstly and talk about what the galaxy fit can’t do and distinguishsome of the less obvious differences between this a fitness tracker and a smartwatch so of courseyou won’t be able to get some of the same apps available on the galaxy watch nor will youhave the same amount of power available inside which again is to be expected but i guessthe question most of you want to know is can you make and receive summons on this manoeuvre and theanswer is unfortunately no there is no microphone and loudspeakers on this fitness tracker so you won’tbe able to make and receive announcements nonetheless you can receive call notifications and text messagenotifications so long as you’re close to your telephone you won’t be able to reply to them unlessyou use a pre-scripted text message so it does have immediate replies available anyway let’s make amove on to the features of the new galaxy fit 2. so the screen is a tiny 1.1 inch full coloramoled touch display with something samsung called 3d glass which apparently helps you to seeimportant information at a quick glance perfect for when you’re running and on the subject of thedisplay i said here today that the presentation really isn’t that shining so you’re going to really struggleseeing things in direct sunlight which of course isn’t a problem in the uk probably one of the mostimportant features to talk about is the galaxy fit 2 battery life which boastings a huge 15 epoches ofbattery life with ordinary habit and up to 21 daytimes with some of the features turned off and i cansay i really do believe this as after a full period of using it with the brightness turned up to maxand the screen timeout set to five minutes i only lost about five percentage of artillery which makesthem a far superior option for fitness moving over say a smartwatch speaking of smartwatches andfitness moving i did do a little test to see how consistent the heart rate monitor is compared toflagship smartwatches over seven times the toll and i have to say i’m really impressed the galaxyfit 2 heart rate monitor seems to be consistent with the apple watch streaks 6 and the galaxy watchobviously heart rates go up and down so it did leave a little bit of space for perimeter forever ifyou are undecided on what to strap to your wrist you can check out my scrutinize on the apple watchseries 6 in the top right corner now or wait until the end of the video you’ll too find a reviewon the galaxy watch if that’s more your vogue since we briefly mentioned the apple watch series6 it is worth mentioning that the galaxy fit 2 does work with ios and android so if you do wantto use this with your app or iphone then you’ll still have full employ of all the features so movingon to a few more facets the galaxy fit 2 is 5 atm ocean resistant signify you can takeit swimming with you up to a depth of 50 rhythms as well as this it has numerous differenttracking and oversight matters abilities including sleep tracking and stress handling because ofthe longer battery life on the galaxy fit 2 you may be able to track your sleep better and moreconsistently than if you were working a smart watch which is an excellent feature to have and possiblya reason to buy both just like the galaxy watch the samsung fit 2 will automatically detectworkouts such as walking direct rowing and more this again i measured whilst wearing the galaxywatch and they both detected the exercising more or less at the same time and they both had verysimilar stair countings lastly you do have the option to customize the fit very a little conceded not quiteas much as you can with the galaxy watch but you do have a choice of over 70 different watch faceswhich you can change through the galaxy wearable app you’ll too be able to change the layout ofthe widgets when swiping left or right from the watch face and contributed things in such as the musicplayer and numerous different tracking shortcuts the galaxy wearable app will very much be yourhub for all your fits for this device it’s what you will actually use to set up the deviceas well and whilst on that subject i’ve actually recognized a few people asking online previously about howto turn the watch on and if you haven’t read the instructions i can actually receive why that’s a bitconfusing because there isn’t actually a strength button on this watch so all you have to do to turnthe fit 2 on and start giving it up sounds it on its charger and then simply remove it again and it’lljust burst into life so now we’ve taken a look at the galaxy fit 2 and its main features whatdo we mull either one i’m highly astonished with what it can do and if you were on the edgeof spending hundreds of pounds on a smartwatch this would be a cheaper way of trying it outfirst most people won’t even read the need to buy a smart-alecky watch as this has most of the same trackingfeatures minus boosted things like blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring which i suspect isn’tas important to most people that being said there is also an argument to be made as to why you mightwant to buy a galaxy fit 2 and a smart watch with over 2 weeks of battery life it determines the galaxyfit 2 better for most frequently asked uninterrupted health tracking a common accusation made aboutsmartwatches and one that i’ve mentioned under both my asses now is that there’s just no right timeto charge them you might want to be tracking steps and calories throughout the day but also want tobe spawning call of that sleep tracking which necessitates at some pitch you have to wait for your smartwatch to blame so it may be worth buying one of these to fill in those breaches and one aspect thatmakes this all a lot easier and one that i didn’t mention is that it can actually sync your trackingfrom your fit more with your galaxy watch as well so everything will stay up to date and in syncwith all that in psyche i think the samsung galaxy fit 2 is an exceptional piece of werewolftech and it certainly deserves a discern in your collecting i genuinely believe it is one of the bestvalue for fund fitness trackers on the market today so that was the samsung galaxy fit 2 reviewand unboxing let me know in the comments section what you thought of the video and likewise what youthink of the fit 2. if you are thinking of buying one please do use the links in the descriptionas it truly helps the path out again if you did enjoy the video satisfy do leave a likeand a comment and agree if you’re brand-new now but for now thank you so much for watchingand hopefully i’ll told you in the next one so you.

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