I Tried the SWAT Physical Fitness Qualifier

Today. I’m attemptingthe SWAT Physical Fitness qualifier. You guys have been asking me for the longesttime to make this happen. And I flew to Miamitoday to make it happen. So consider stumbling the like button. I partnered with Omaze in this video. And I’m super elicited because they’re givingaway an Airstream Caravel with the 2021 Ford F-1 50 to trawl itin support of the Independent Fund. More on that later.We’re here with Ken.He’s a SWAT operator from South Florida, and he’s gonna be proctoring me today. So Let’s do this. Finally came Austen down hereto South Florida today. I’m gonna be proctoring him through the SWAT Physical Fitness qualifierto see if he has what it takes. To deserve his shot at SWAT school. The Swap PFQ is the physical fitness portion that we use to evaluate the guysthat want to try out for our unit. It’s also the bi-annual fitness testthat we used to support guys that are on the team to make sure they’re maintaininga high level of physical fitness. About to begin phase one of the Swap PFQ. The first section is the pushups pullups, burpees and aura diddly-squats. All privilege, after that, we’re gonna gointo phase two which is gonna be the control. The race is going to consist of an eight hundred meter moved slick anda 400 meter run with vest and gas disguise. After that, we’re gonna go into phase three, which is the sled that we haveset up 225 pounds on the sled.You’re going 40 rhythms each direction witha little bit of activities in between. Okay all right, so for the pushup, we’re goingto have a minute and 30 to complete. 40 pushups.Chest is going to touch the field on the ancestry and limbs fullextension on your ascending again. all right, 35 seconds from now, you have about a minute restbefore you start the pull up. So the next fraction of phase one isgoing to be the dead hang haul up. Yes.You have a minute 30 to complete. 15 pull ups.Chin must clear the bar. The first five must be completedwithout dropping off the bar. After those five, you could dropdown and knock out the remaining 10. You have that full hour and 30 to do so. Okay, so it’s raining on us a little bit.So we’ve improvised. We have a pull up bar right here. “Its like” a waterproof globe. 2, 1. Go! Mount the bar. Remember, Chin is clearing the bar.One good. 2-3-4-5. There “theres going”. 10, 5 more. Look at how many seconds right now. Let me take it. 11, 12, 3 more.Good. One more. 34 seconds to rest for the next parcel, next is 20 burpees. You have a minute 30 to complete. 20 burpees. Chest must such a floor trendy lockout and sides clap overhead. You understand? Real burpees. Yes.Understood. Begin. 20 seconds. 12, 13, 14, 19. Yeah. 10 seconds plus 21 second I was kiddingabout the time, by the way. Now “youve had” 30 seconds as of now to rest. Next, we’re going to gointo the air diddly-squats. 40. Air squattings. Legs must reach parallel to the groundand reach full increase on the way up. Man, I know what y’all people gothrough at the duel bunker now. 20 burpees.Not easy. Yeah. It’s much better to completethe obstacle than 20 burpees.Yeah.And begin. A minute 30 to knock outall 40 terminate as you need. Can you count out for me? Trying to short me on thosereps over there? I’ll do for 42 for you. good work. All right.You have about 45 instants. 45 seconds left.There’s 42. Okay, 45 seconds left of that practice. And then you have a mandatory twominute rest before the following exercise. I weighed in yesterday morning at 240 pounds, which is about five pounds heavierthan I was doing the Air Force PAST test. Okay.And I lied. phase two is the run, not the sled consortium. Phase two, you start the run in two minutes for the passage, you’re gonna have nineminutes and 15 seconds to complete. The first component is going to bea half mile slick as it is right now. I’ve set up a course.You have 200 meters out, come back, you’re gonna run out again and come back. So down, back, down, back markedby the two cones at the end. After that, you’re going to have a mandatory twominute rest during that two minute rest. You’re gonna applied the vest on and your gas cover-up on before completingthe last quarter mile. 3-2-1. Go. All privilege, so right now, he’s gonna be running down 200 rhythms, and then he’ll be turning aroundand coming back for the first part. And he’ll have to repeat that again for the first half of the test, which is the 800 meter or half mile run. He’s doing good so far. He’s passing might just earnhis shot at SWAT school. We’ll witnes so normally for the PFQfor us where reference is do the SWAT, try out we have the physical fraction, which is what he’s running through now. And then if they extend that then they go into Firearms quals, which consists of handgun and a rifle. All privilege, Austen, you’reat a instant and 23 seconds. So he’s just under a sixminute mile right now. So he should finish his first half rightaround three minutes, which is a pretty good pace that’ll sethim up for success for the second half of the year, and he’s on his way back, so he supposed to be here. 2, 40 all right, Austen, you’re at a good speed. 3:01. All right. That rolls not fun.After the diddly-squats and burpees. This is the back right? No it’s the breast. we won’t placed that in there. My editor will probably settled that in there.It’s okay. I settled it out on the line. I don’t post these videosjust to show success. I came apprehensive before thesevideos because it’s.Like, ever a gut check. And regardless if I fell or pass, I post these videos. Ya’ll is a well-known fact that. So thanks for being withme with me today Ken yeah.You’re doing great so far. Passing.This is gonna be the thumbnail. 20 seconds. Do I look like an operator? Not with that mustache. This thing is the thingis not easy to breathe 2…1…. Begin last-place one-fourth mile. Clearly in vest and gas mask.It’s a little bit of a little suckfactor here, but going to be all right. Making good speed once hasn’tslowed down much from his first half. This is what we’d like to see 20 seconds since the part miles, about 100 gardens down. I imply, aside from the downpour, he reallycouldn’t ask for better weather. It’s probably one of the jug daytimes we’ve had in a while, so that’sdefinitely in his praise. He’s coming up on the turnaround now. All liberty, he’s on his way back.Go. Austin is not bad for a big boy. We could use him as a breacherhe’s at 6 30 right now. 6:38.6: 39. 6:41 soul, that’s hard to breathe.Did you close that up on me? Hehehe No. Get that in a thumbnail heh, as I mentioned in the beginning of the video, I partnered with a Omazeto help give away an Airstream Caravel with a 2021 Ford F 150 to pull itwith.Set out on escapade with your own Airstream Caravel that comfortablysleeps four and a 2 021 Ford F 150. We’re talking a recognition sud mattress, comfortable kitchen with payment appliances, pet friendly Ultraleatherseating and more. Hitch it to your all new Ford F 150 withoutstanding towing and ga efficiency. And you’re ready for your next escapade. Taxes and shippingincluded for Us champions. The entrants can support the Independence Fund, which is committed to empowering our nation’s catastrophically wounded, injured or ill veterans to overcome physical, mental and emotionalwounds incurred in the line of duty.Your donations can helpthe Independence Fund strive to bridge the gap of unmet needs for veteransand their caregivers through mobility, caregiver, adaptive sportsadvocacy and family programs. So go to Omaze dotcom slash Austen Alexander. For your have opportunities to win this Airstream Caravel and a 2021 Ford F 150 to trawl it with that’sOmaze dot com flog Austen Alexander. All liberty, Austen, phase three is the sled. You’re gonna have three minutesand 45 seconds to complete this. You’re going to post yourself nextto the weight on the sled, which is 225 pounds. You’re going to complete 25 air hunkers. The same course you did earlier. After that, you’re going to pull backwards to 40 rhythms, which is goingto be to that next cone there. Immediately after crossing the 40 ground, you’re going to complete 25 push ups in the same manner as before, and then you’re going to do 25 pushups. So what we do is normallywe’ll grab the sled.Straps need to go over the shoulder or under the shoulder, and then that when yougo back to the line. You’re going to time 25 jumping Jacks, and that’s going to completephase three. And begin. So the main camera died, and I’m sorry, so I’m just going to talka little bit about it. If you guys enjoy these talk overs, please let me know in the comments, and I will do them more. But the squats right here after my legswere roasted, after I got does so with that weightedsprint, extremely my quadruplets were burning. You can see in the top leftcorner where I’m like agony face. So.All right, go ahead and Mount the sled. Remember, you’re pullingit going backwards. Now, this is gonna be a real testof those quads that you got. The Sled pull down destroyed my quads. This is about whereyou feel it right around. The 25 or 30 -meter mark itreally starts burning. It didn’t gradual me down it’s just one of those aspects of pain.You have to get over you’re gonna have 25 pushups. 1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-5. Good. All title, thanks. Sled back currently sitting at 1:35, doing well on time. This chap still are plenty in the tank.He’s fooling you all right, good. 25 climbing jacks. The sled pullings back were not as bad because I had come a second wind becauseI was like this portion is almost over. I can do it on a scale of one to 10, 1being the easiest, 10 being the most difficult. I would say this is probablyat a seven for me.

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