Watch Effective and Non-Effective Compliance

there’s a reason that I say I miss you to have the option of compliance or the option of Defense welcome to today’s active self-protection exercise I’m your emcee John Korea active self-protection exists to educate good people like you to protect yourself and those you love today’s video is a compilation we actually have two different videos both out of Brazil they show us two different outcomes from compliance today’s video is introduce into us by magtec ammunition whether I’m shooting rifle or handgun if I’m on the assortment education MagTek ammunition is along for the ride in this firstly one notice in the upper right corner is where our bad chaps are coming from it’s one o’clock in the morning they’re starting to make the tables down and the person that’s at the terribly middle of the screen now blinks a handgun starts propagandizing people in he had a partner there who sauntered into the store with him everybody here is going to be quite compliant I accelerated it up for the sake of time notice he’s object a grease-gun at everybody now he grabs one of the person off cameras purse it moves everybody start throwing their valuables in the purse that “hes just” grabbed a contain of ladies got a watch on he’s like yeah I want that more notice again he’s parting the grease-gun at everybody but everybody’s quite compliant commits all their stuff thankfully this guy’s not a murderer they get what they require and then they run off now this next one’s on a bus and we see this guy on the right side come and start flashing a shoot in the middle of the bus what you’re gonna see here as well is at the front of the bus as he’s collected substance he has a partner propagandizes this guy into the bus who I don’t think receives him first starts grabbing some substance and when he bolts that gun into the ear of this chap guy responds a little bit like his scared and comes shot in the top in the process didn’t end up fabrication it out of this is what I can distinguish from the news story they don’t care let’s watch it again you understand him he’s gonna go and that person only kind of turns around like what person doesn’t care and it’s still gonna steal trash from a knot of parties before he ranges off and that’s where this one goals sad and frightening material now got a question for you out of this one probably better answered in a comment than in a poll so that’s how I’m gonna ask it have videos like this where we’ve done several compliance collections if they acquired you more likely to comply or more likely to carry some tools on you and be ready to resist let me know what you think for me personally I want to have both available to me because it’s a complicated calculus to make it moment but if I don’t have the ability to defend myself then I won’t that’s the first thing I want to talk about is having the ability to defend yourself having that skillset available to you furthermore I want to talk about the danger of transitional seats and third we need to talk about spiritual fitness I want to start here by talking about two things number one transitional seats remember where people are coming and exiting that’s where you’re gonna attain these transitional openings that allow for an ambush because people can walk up on presupposing before they flash their weapons an easy escape second thing I want to talk about here it is one o’clock in the morning and farnum’s constitution as amended utterly exists we call it the rules of stupid do not go stupid places with stupid parties at stupid days and do stupid things and certainly that between midnight and 5:00 a.m.Is a stupid occasion now I’m not saying you can’t be out but I’m saying it is stupid to be out during those experiences and it does increase the probability of being attacked because cockroaches come out at night so you want to be very cautious with that be in the house if you perhaps can specially not in transitional rooms if at all possible sitting around hanging out at one o’clock in the morning that’s two stupid things now bad chaps is an indication now start doing their thing now I do want to talk about a bar ambush opportunity here that our guy with the headphones around his neck or the maiden who’s stay next to him that if even either one of them had been armed this would have been an opportunity for a counter ambush retain in an armed robbery you always gotta wait your turn I don’t think the three beings that were at the table now with the firearm on them could have counter ambush but one of the others could have recognizing that they were going to be victimized as well and understanding waiting your turn understanding keeping your implements on you if at all possible very difficult still in Brazil to do that though they’re hoping to change that soon is possible so you’ve got to keep your tools on you are familiar with one to launch a bar waylay that was a good time they’re gonna have other alternative opportunities now as well as these chaps aren’t gonna be paying attention to them all the time that said conformity did work in this instance and conformity can be a strategy that works it’s not that I say don’t comply because if the best strategy is to comply you do that calculus in the moment look in his eyes and say he time craves my wallet and I know he requires my wallet because I can see it in his eyes in his body language well then that’s fine go for it nonetheless what we see here doesn’t always manipulate and so therefore we got to watch out for that now when this guy comes in we recognize him start on with tribes and they’re gonna start giving up their nonsense as well again and be an option but having a robust empty-handed skillset important second thing I want to think about here is paying attention because I don’t think it aged that the guy that terminates up being hurt here the chap that ends up taking the bullet and dying is I don’t think he sees what’s going on in this world he’s get the hell out of there the bus he expects it got to be behind him doesn’t see what’s going on in his macrocosm until it’s already on top of him which tells me that we need to do a better enterprise of paying attention remember attention buys you epoch and meter buys you alternatives just seeing what’s in your world that’s not being paranoid that’s not assume everybody wants to kill you or anything like that that’s just paying attention to your world so that you have a time to formulate proposes and to see what’s going on and not be surprised by them because that’s what happens here we identify the guys gonna come this artillery screwed into his ear and when he does he reacts a little bit oh no what’s going on here and because of that he various kinds of swerves into it now that’s not to say that not something you are eligible to undoubtedly control mortal affixes something in your hearing you examine it’s a artillery you are able to freak out but if you’re going to do that friends you recognize you’re putting yourself a greater risk and this is why I say a robust drain sided skill set is incredibly important because if you were to see that thing and have the experience and the know-how and the matting time to be able to reach out and start the five DS plus one now you might have been able to deflect this in time not to make this missile so a robust vacate passed skillset incredibly important if you’re paying attention to your world and then unfortunately the shot went off so now we get to talk about spiritual fitness and friends you want to make sure that every single day of your life you’ve said everything you need to say to your loved one so that they know that you love them that you haven’t left any conflict unresolved and that your relationship with Jesus is strong because you may not have a moment in that time to right those wrongs and to make sure those things are right and are strong so make sure that your spiritual fitness is strong by having said everything and you say to your loved ones making sure that you have a strong relationship with Jesus because in that day you will need it so let’s learn how to pay attention now comply at the right times if that’s the right choice for us have a robust empty-handed skill set make sure that our spiritual fitness is strong have practise those five DS plus one like crazy too and know that compliance will not always help us to cover our ASP[ Music][ Music][ Music]

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