Sweaty CARDIO over 50 2️⃣ Melt Away the Pounds

– It’s August and I’ve got some sweaty, low-impact cardio for us. No rig needed, so let’s go.( joyou music) All right, Killer Bs. Let’s go ahead and getmoving and grooving, and that means that we’re getting started with some limb curves and high-pitched knees. Oh my goodness, that firstone always feels so good and so off balance, You guys, welcome to the workout! I’m Pahla B, I’m your bestmiddle-aged fitness friend and around here, we areall about establishing agreement with your menopausal bodyby discover a health load and moving in ways thatfeel like self love. And you know what? I’ve decided. I’ve decided that I’m justgonna sing that every time.( chortles) Because certainly, whatfeels more like self affection than singing, am I right? Peculiarly when you’re like me and you are, generallyspeaking, instead off key. You guys, I am so excitedabout today, as I ever am. Today is all cardio all the time. A lovely contrast toyesterday’s all strength.Today is all cardio, sobetween the two days, I entail, I’ve got you shielded, right? And for those of you who love cardio and persuasivenes all in one workout, well, we’re gonna do oneof those this week extremely. You guys, I ever, ever got you enveloped. These seven-day workoutseries’s that I put out at the beginning of each and every month, I make sure that theyare beautifully poised to give you everything you need so that you can repeatthem all month long, if you would like to, andcontinue losing weight, get stronger, doing whatever it is that you would like todo with your fitness.Let’s go ahead and do some armcrossers with booty kickers. Here’s what I wanna dowith my fitness today. I want to do some step stools. Okay, if you don’t know what that is, and you are new aroundhere, hello, welcome. I sing a lot, I talk a good deal. I have weird refers for exercises. I move at a pace that is moderate for me and may or may not be moderate for you. I’m gonna tell you right now, I’m a little, I’menthusiastic about today, so I might be moving a little faster than you just wanted to, need to, can, all of those things. Please, please, pleasemake today work for you. Always manufacture every day work for you, but really precisely today when I can feel how hyper I am. I’ll control it in , no I won’t.( giggles) Here’s what it was like, the helpful dandy Gymboss is set for delays of 20 seconds. I have six little, they’renot really circuits, they’re little mini, well, they’re steps tools. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start with one use. We’re gonna do some welcometo my homes right now. We’re gonna start with one usage and then we’re gonna rest. And then we’re gonna do two exercisings in a row before we remain and then we’re gonna do three utilizations in a row before we rest. Well, we can start on the first one. You’re gonna be like, “Pahla, this is too slow.” Me very, every time.However, I don’t know if you noticed, but by adding another usage, we doubled the work interval and then we triple the work interval by the time we’re doingthe whole step stool. There is plenty of work to be had today. I promise, this will be enough. I predict. Because you know what? If you want to lose weight, you don’t have to exercise at all. We’re gonna go ahead and get started with some low-swinging heel delves and I will explain that, but let’s go ahead and get started moving. Okay .( timer beeps) It’s okay, Blossom.So low-swinging heel digs meansthat our hands are swinging from side to side. Low, meaning that they’renot going over our pate and heel excavation simply means thatyou’re tap your end on the floor in front of you. Sometimes this looks very coordinated. Right now this isn’t really bad for me. Sometimes it looks really awkward. Here’s what I require youto know about today. I don’t care if you gaze clumsy. I don’t care if I( timerbeeps) appear awkward. Here’s 20 seconds of remain. I’m gonna do some littleRobert Palmers now, a little “Addicted to Love”. I watched that video the other day’ crusade I was thinking about it.They’re so bad. They are so off like gait, off trounce, off everything. They’re just really beautiful and braless and so therefore theywere in these videos.( timer beeps) But now we go with thoselow-swinging heel burrows. And this time we’re addinga second exercise to them. We’re adding starring abounds. Now, adept bursts, it’sa little bit of a hunker. You do not have to gointo like a full-on squat. Trust me on this one. You never “re going to have to” squat or pounce. You can always sub out awhole’ nother rehearsal, sub out whatever.I’m gonna do a little bit of the squatting. We get little,( timer beeps) we get large-scale. Here’s what it was like, we get little. Boom, we get large-scale, onefoot comes out to one side and then the other sidewhen we’re squatting and popping out, whoo, over there. You notice though, weget little, we get large-hearted and our heart rate comes up a fair extent. When it beeps again, we’regonna get 20 seconds of remainder. And this is the magic ofstep stools, your best friend.( timer beeps) There’s plenty of work to them. Even though we do take a lot of rest. Likewise, there’s plenty of undertaking. And, and, and, here’s thething, the plenty of succeed thing, I’m gonna tell you whywe’re doing the thing, we’re gonna add on toy soldiers this time.So when it beeps again, we’re gonna still basicallybe doing this little tappers, the low-swinging heel delves, plus the sun burstsplus the doll soldiers.( timer beeps) Here’s my progressive claimabout how you do not need to exercise at all to lose weight. My friends, I remember I usedthe term in the deed. I modify deeds sometimes. Like I got an idea of what I’m gonna summon this video right now, butI don’t know for sure. I visualize I said somethingabout melt away the pounds. Chaps, employ( timerbeeps) has very little, now we go with star bursts, very little to do with losing weight. The thing that drives weightloss is devouring routinely the title number of calories, is in accordance with a insignificant caloric deficit.When it beeps again, we’regoing to toy soldiers, both hands up overhead, reachingyour opposite pas towards your( timer beeps) opposite kicking paw. Here we go. Oh, that wasn’t too bad of a transition. Here’s our last delay, we’re gonna rest again. Being in a slight caloric inadequacy , no, that doesn’t mean thatyou have to be eating little than you’re eating right now. It conveys chewing the right amount of calories every single day. That is how we melt awaythe pounds.( timer beeps) I know it feels likewe’re mellow them away, that was our entire gradation stool by the way. Now we’re moving on in thenext little step stool. We’re starting with twisting knocks. And it also means that we get to start by doing just the oneexercise before we rest again. Kind of bring your heartrate down a bit. Did you notice? Tripling the delay. So funny how that was a little bit harder than merely the one interlude .( timer beeps) So here’s bend kickings. I had to really thinkabout what I’m doing here. You guys. Melting away the pounds. I’m gonna obstruct saying that, so I’m probably gonnatitle this video that because it’s such a funny thing to say. The nature that we are speaking of ourbodies, the acces that we are speaking of deepening( timer beeps) the shape of our mas, here’s 20 seconds of rest. It’s just so odd to me. We melt away our torsoes. Like I don’t really wantto melt away my torso, but we melt away overweight bythe modest caloric insufficiency , not by exercising.Exercising feels so good, likewe’re sweating, we’re moving. It feels very( timer beeps) active. Here we go with twisting knocks. When it beeps again, we’redoing large-hearted weapon side shuffles. We’re adding on, so I’m gonnakind of kick my mode over to the side now a little bit. I’m doing a little bitof like Rockettes now with my twine kicks. But when it beeps, we’re doingthe large-hearted arm back shuffles. Hopefully I’m not completelyoff camera, I can’t even tell. That “wouldve been” humorous( timerbeeps) if I actually departed all the way off camera.Here we go with big limb area shuffles. But you guys, exert, so good for you. So, so good for your health. Good for your ability, good for your body. Good for your bones, good for your muscles, good for your heart and lungs. Good for your core strength, good for your balance. Good for your proprioception, which is a fancy word that conveys( timer beeps) brain, form connection. Here’s 20 seconds of respite. Not good for weight loss. You’re not actually burning. Okay, you are burning calories, you’re always burning calories, but you’re not burning as manyas you really think you are. When it beeps again, we’redoing those twisting knocks. We’re adding the big arm slope shuffles, and then we’re doingletter Ks on top of that.( timer beeps) We’re clearly gonna feelthis one, so changing knocks. But the thing is, you’realready burning calories all the time. You’re already burningmore than you recognize. Simply the act of existing burns calories. Sitting at your table the working day long, “youve had” burned several hundreds of calories. Here we go with big-hearted weapon place shuffles. Had to think, had to look.Not very good at eitherone of those things, tbh.( tittering) But you are already burning calories. When you exert, you burnat a somewhat heightened pace and how much you burn dependson, well, a lot of things. Now we go with letter Ks. Both hands up, contacting youropposite hand down towards that same side kickingout so that it looks like the character K on one side, that place right there. Thank you my friendLaurie who is saying that. Letter K , not letter K. Letter K , not letter K. But that( timer beeps) somewhat hoisted burn, here’s 20 seconds of remain. And that was our pace stool, number two. So we’re moving on to quantity three starting with forward hinge forearm flappers. That hoisted calorie burnfor a short amount of hour still doesn’t account forlike the most of your day.Your entire period of burningcalories( timer beeps) is actually a lot morethan you believe it is. Here’s our forward hinge limb flappers. Certainly “ve been thinking about” pushingyour loot back, back, back. Booty is driving this flow. Booty is the driver of this bus. When it beeps again, we’re gonna get 20 seconds of residue. This is basically a deadliftwith mounting jack forearms. That’s the way I like to think about it’ induce I enjoy me some dead raisings.( timer beeps)( rustles deep) Have you ever thoughtabout that look? I know you’ve heard it before. It’s why I consumed it is becauseit’s not very original, but people talk aboutlike melting away fatty, defrosting apart the pounds, whittling your middle, things like that. When it beeps again, we’re doing those forwardhinge limb flappers, and then we’re gonna duet it with figurehead perforate, figurehead( timer beeps) kicks.So here we go with theforward hinge arm flappers. I was already trying to think about my breast perforate, front knocks. We’re gonna go across your form. So it’s actually, it’s verymuch like a toy soldier except your hands aren’t up overhead. So you’re kicking and punchingyour opposite entrust and hoof. I may or may not be explaining that well.( shrieks)( timer beeps) Front punch, figurehead kick. Excellent job. Honestly, truly , nomatter what you’re doing, whether you’re doingit chasten or incorrect or at whatever speed you’re doing it. Whatever, whatever you aredoing right now, my friend, if you are not injuring yourself, you are doing such a good job and you’re getting exactly what you should get out of this workout which is( timer beeps) notreally melting apart the pounds. Here’s 20 seconds of respite. Unless it is’ cause if you’reeating on caloric lack, if you’re eating the rightamount of calories every day, then yes, this is absolutelymelting away the pounds, but not all by itself. And you guys, have youthought about that utterance about the way that we( timer beeps) talk about it? Now we go with forwardhinge arm flappers.Gonna pair it with thosefront punch, front knocks. And then we’re transitioninginto rainbow jacks which is where we have ourhands going up overhead from side to side andbringing up one knee out on the side at a time. But you are familiar with, when wetalk about our figures like melting( timer beeps) it away, figurehead perforate, front kick, now we go. Like melting it away or whittling it apart, or shaping it into submissionand things like that. Like do you ever think abouthow your form feels about that? Like honestly, your organization is listening to everything that your intelligence says. When you think( timer beeps) about how you’d like to, now we go with rainbow jacks. Hands overhead like a rainbow. One knee coming up on one side at a time, feeling that heart rate come up. When you move your figure in ways that do not feel like self love, which is the exact oppositeof what we do around here, imagine how your form feels about that. Imagine( timer beeps) ifyour torso had its own brain, which it does, but if ithad a different intelligence, that you couldn’t hear thatwas its own separate thing, what do you think your body would say about being defrosted away? How do you feel about that? When it beeps again, you can think about that while I’m doing, oh my god, high knee chicken wings.Okay, okay,( timer beeps) handwritings are here. High knee chicken wing. I knew this was gonna feel awkward. So your joints are flappinglike chickens offstages, your hands are directlyunderneath your kuki-chin and it’s just your elbowsgoing from your sides to, hopefully, up aboveyour shoulders more or less. While your chicken backstages are flapping, we’re doing a little bitof high knee war here which could not possibly( timerbeeps) feel more ungainly, am I right? And this is the one that weget to do all three times.Here’s 20 seconds of remain. That’s why I did this one’ cause I knew it was gonna feel so weird. That’s good for yourbrain, good for your body, good for them to get alongand feel like desire, right? Imagine what your body would say if( timer beeps) you told it that “youre supposed to” softened it away. What would you say ifsomebody said that to you? Oh, you should melt off that one of the purposes of you. I make, right? Do you really want to do that? You guys, when it beeps again, we’re doing plunder kicker jacks, oh gosh. So we’re shift fromthis chicken wing gesture into, from side to side up and down, flapping here into( timerbeeps) appendages doing hopping jacks.Oh, this is wrong. You guys, just go with it. Ordinarily, I study my hands are down when my hoof is kicking. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not, but it doesn’t feel touchy. It started off awkward. You know what? Whatever you’re doing, handsare doing jumping jacks. Lower body is make booty kickers. They might be going at thesame epoch, they might not. They might be( timer beeps) doing the right thing. They might not, it doesn’t matter.( giggling) Because neither my ability nor my person truly to be concerned about that’ generate exactly what we we gettingout of this workout? Am I melting my person apart? No, I’m moving in ways that definitely sounds like enjoy and, to me, love equalslaughter for certain.( timer beeps) When it beeps again, here are those high-pitched offstage , nope, high-pitched knee chicken backstages. Coming up is loot kicker jacks.Oh my gosh. I stacked the deck againstmyself in this one. After that we’re doing punch, pierce kicking. These are literally the three most embarrassing and I do vaguely rememberthinking about that when I was putting( timerbeeps) this together. Now we go with booty kicker jacks. I do vaguely retain envisioning, “You know what Pahla, “just get all three ofthem out of the way.” Because here’s what I’m gonna “ve been thinking about” with the pierce, pierce, kicking. I always just wanted to punchfirst with my right hand and knock first with my claim paw. But if I perforate first with my helping hand,( timer beeps) it meant that my left paw, so punch, pierce, kick with my left hoof. Swipe, swipe, kicking with my right. Whichever hand pierces last, that’s the hoof that’s kicking, whichever foot knocked, that’s the next handwriting that swipes. So you’re kind of going acrossyour form backward and forward. Oh my gosh .( timer beeps) The gather croaks mad, that was amazing. 20 seconds of residual. And now we’re done with it forever. Okay, you guys. I’mscreening over to the side because come through here next we’re starting a new little gradation stool. We’re gonna start with approach, push which constitutes one of my favorite things. And I did this one intentionally because we had just finished, it’s all coming back here to me. I placed this together, like, was it yesterday or the day before? I leant a cluster of workoutstogether at the same time. And so my thinking about each of them is somewhat different. The thrust, push does not include the crunch unless it wishes to. I’m just force from side to side. This lateral motion, so goodfor your abs and obliques. So good for your brain( timer beeps) and form to not ever going forward and backward like our torso naturally does.Okay, when it beeps again, we’re doing the push, push and we’re pairing itwith diving airliners. My friend Christineemailed me with this one, so we’re doing aircraft arms.( timer beeps) Now we go with push, push. Push, push, get into it, Paula, now “theres going”, push. Push, push, and push. Push and propagandize. We’re doing aircraft limbs, but rather than justkeeping our lower feet, like precisely tapping and you’retotally therefore welcomed do that if you don’t feel likegetting all the way down into a diving aircraft. But the diving airliner isbasically a booty kicker on the bottom half( timer beeps) until you’re actually was just trying to almost reach your opposite hand. Wow, that’s a big difference. Oh my gosh. Feel that work in your weapons and obliques and in your hamstrings, that’s super entertaining. We’re diving with these aircraft arms.Not only regular aircraft appendages. If you’d rather do thetapping( timer beeps) account, that’s totally okay with me. You guys, I “ve told you”, I’m fervent today. Here’s 20 seconds of residue. Whatever feels moderateto you is moderate to you. That’s never my tempo. I symbolize, unless you areme, in which case it is. You guys, okay, startingagain with push, push. Then we’re gonna time thosediving aircrafts again and then we’re adding on( timerbeeps) cheerleader kicks. So here we go with pushand push and propagandize and push.There was a conversation not too long ago in the Killer Bhive, whichis my private Facebook group that I love to participate with, and we were talking aboutsome of the exercises that parties don’t like or don’t do or have to modify or modification. And there was a conversationabout the push, push, like( timer beeps) whichpart was the most important. So here we go with those diving airplanes. Like which division was the most important of the push, push, crunchand there was quite a healthful debate about whenpush, push, crunch comes on, oh, I exclusively do the push, push or I exclusively do the crunch and I gotta was talking about, bothparts are good for you.All characters are good for you. I never, intentionally, doexercises( timer beeps) that are bad for you. Now we go with cheerleader knocks. Handwritings start at yourshoulders and never disappear lower. We’re kicking one paw at a time. Yay, crew! Rah, rah. Sis, spurt, bah, heart ratehas totally come up with this. Hand up implies heart rate is up. When it beeps again, we’regonna get 20 seconds of residual. Whoo, doggies.( timer beeps) All of a sudden, that turned into cardio. It has been the whole time. Here’s the thing. Here’s the thing about moderation though. Sometimes on a exercising like this, we various kinds of construct it up and thenwe gotta bring it back down and then build it upand raising it back down to keep it moderate for the whole workout. Okay, when it beepsagain, one of my favorites we’re doing( timer beeps) pop-a-squats.It’s a little diddly-squat and then hands up. Little squat, hands up. You could absolutely go deeperon this doodly-squat if you just wanted to. You don’t have to. What I love to think about is like looking at a littlekid and saying, “Yay for you! ” Looking at a littlekid, say “Yay for you! ” It’s a little bit of a getting down , not a whole lot of getting down. If you just wanted to,( timerbeeps) of course you can. Here’s 20 seconds of residue. Excuse me. There’s my enthusiasmshowing up in my throat as it sometimes does, here’s what comes next. We’re doing pop-a-squats and then we’re pairingthem with shooting stars. Little bit of equilibrium part while we’re doing ourcardio because genuinely at this top( timer beeps) when your heart rates up, why not make it harder, am I right? Pop a squatting feeling so goodabout melting our people, right? The interesting thing I was thinking about that.I mean, have you lookedat your skin recently like with gravitation and age and sunlight shattering and all that, do you really want to be melting( timer beeps) any part of your torso? Now we go with shooting stars. We’re make out to oneside while the other leg runs flying out to that area. You are actually being carefulwith your core backbone right now, pull in your core. Think about where your bodyis crowding in and flying in from side to side, havingso much fun.( timer beeps) But thinking about good formtoo, here’s 20 seconds of residue. You guys, when it beeps again, we’re frame that entire thing together. We’re doing pop-a-squatsthird and final time. I know you’re feeling those. And then we’re addingthose shooting stars second and final time and thenwe’re adding on goofy jacks which is a little bit moresquatting because why not? Am I right? A little bit of hunker( timer beeps) leads a long way. Pop a squatting , not fathersquats, time sounding one. The other thing I always think about because I do like torun long distance, well, I don’t race long distance anymore, but when I did run longdistances out on the trail, there were plenty of goes Iwas popping a hunker out there in the middle of a verylong run .( timer beeps) Now we go with shooting stars. It’s a very functional skill to have, to be able to squat down, my friends.’ Cause you never knowwhen you’re gonna need to. Shooting suns right now. When it beeps again, we’re doing goofy jacks which is, again, a little of a squatting where your hands are doing jumping jacks. As we come up out of that squat, one leg is gonna go flying. So it’s a little squat, sides come up in a leap Jack while yourfoot comes out to the side. You do not have to squat large-hearted. Again, you never need to squat big unless you want to squat big.Right? When it beeps again, you guys, we are done. But we can not simply, whoodoggies, we are not finished. We’re gonna make 20 secondsof remainder( timer beeps) to generate our heart rate down a little bit because I am planned but I’m not brutal because, of course, we’vegot some balance challenge come through here next, it’s our finisher. It’s one final thing that’s, right now, gonna be a little bitharder than everything else’ stimulate we’re gonna try and move so gradual. We’re doing super sluggish breast kick contacts. Mostly, it’s like half of( timer beeps) not even half of a plaything soldier. I’m gonna stand on myleft leg, right arm is up. Right leg kicking. So your forearm comes up and downstraight in front of you, reaching for your toes whileyour leg is knocking directly in front of you, contacting for your hands.Really engaging your quadriceps, actually returning that balanceall the way up into your core. Unclench your toes,( timer beeps) here we go on the other side. Left hand up, left leg kicking. Oh my gosh, if you haveto put your foot down like I absolutely time did, absolutely okay. We’re thinking about match. I’m totally still tryingto move at a cardio tempo’ cause it’s easier to move faster. It’s harder to move slower.This old straight-leggedkick certainly feeling the manipulate( timer beeps) in myquadriceps and that was it. I’m gonna turn off the timer. You guys, that was so goodand so fun.( timer beeps) And so sweaty just like I predicted you , no dissolve necessary. You guys, I gotta be honest. I think it’s more entertaining to love your body than not love your body. and I don’t know ifyou’ve ever tried that. There was a good many yearswhen all I did was hate my person, but try loving your bodyand be seen to what extent good it feels. And I predict you, itwill be addicted to adoration.( titters) I am so proud of myself rightnow, you don’t even know.( chuckling) Doing some little Robert Palmertappers here with my paw. Your body’s gonna beaddicted to loving itself.Okay, I’m done, I’m out, thatwas it, that was all I came, mic descent day, here on the screen. I’m gonna have a longer cool down for you’ induce one of us requires it. Let’s go ahead and openit up on the other side. I’ve got everything you needto know about weight loss at our age, give yourself a hug and a pat on your sweaty, silly back. You did such a great job today. I’m so proud of both of us, certainly .( tittering) I’m is about to be laughingabout this for so long. Oh, you guys. Thank you so much for putting up with me, I really appreciate it. We’ve got five more workoutsin this seven workout series. The first week of every monthI put out a series for you so you can repeat it all month long and this joke is notgonna get old. I predict.( chuckling) Made to ensure that you click thatsubscribe button before you go and I’ll see you tomorrow ..

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