LIVE #248|Get STRONG At Home Workout |Improve Your Power-Speed-Agility-Mobility| Total Body Strength

to get some stuff done here last minute justtrying to get some material done okay let’s see where i’m coming at good morning so today’s classyou’re going to want a good morning erica you are going to want a gradation terrace good morning laura stepbench dumbbell grab your risers can you go ahead and give your risers for me satisfy um becausein class we’re going to be using our risers so today is athletic strong today we’re going tofocus on just trying to get my timer on now 60 seconds of production 15 seconds recovery so today’sworkout we’re going to be focusing on instructs that will improve endurance agility power andspeed the key is to go at your gait your timing you’re always going to go where you need togo good morning good morning you guys i’m just getting my timer it seems like my other computeris not wanting to work so i have to get my other timer so you’re going to want your gradation benchwe’re going to have one riser on the stair workbench so the first part of class is athletic trainingwith the upper organization and core focus the second part of class is also athletic training witha lower figure and core focus all right so i hope you’re gonna like it 60 seconds of task 15 seconds of active recovery active recovery means you don’t stop it means you parade you move you doheals you do whatever you need to active recovery planneds active you’re moving so i need to make sureokay so so here we go people i’m getting my timer so you’re gonna notice you’re gonna see this is mytimer i don’t know if you can see i kind of articulate it on and then i um i use that so this is goingwhen i do the revised account you’re gonna see this as a 15 seconds countdown and then you’llsee the 60 second clock so that’s kind of um you’re gonna like that all right so do you haveyour weight so in today’s class i need to tell you you need to go your timing your pace yourintensity the entire class because this is a push day we’re going to be working both upperand lower body okay so what is going on now uh hold on i’ve got to get this on before i caneven start my whole class is based on this timer okay yeah okay here we go so let me goback to the beginning and see if it’s gonna play so do you guys have everythingavailable do you have everything you need okay i got it i got it all right here we go justmaking sure that i had everything i need okay i do so i think i’m pretty good here so okay so againi think my camera let me see are we off you know what i’m gonna call it good okay so good morningvicky good morning laura good morning christy tomorrow is rebounding good morning rolandokay so today is it’s very important that we focus on sporting improve as well wewant to work on agility we want to be able to work on speed and ability so what i’ve got to tell youabout today’s class entered into with your ferocity because it’s 60 seconds of drudgery what i’m doing may lookdifferent than what you’re doing slow it down so we are focusing today on house thatpower building that speed structure that agility and that overall figure forte reallyimportant that we maintain this through life you’re going to see i have my risersnext to me because when we stumbled core we’re gonna gave three risers on this place andone riser on this place you’re gonna we’re gonna do unilateral instruct as well so let’s getstarted guys good morning i got my timer on i got everything ready i’m goingto preview the first workout so let me switch the music to the very beginningand we are going to get started all right hold on all right guys i’ve got to come this timer onwhy am i always having technical predicaments please tell me why i don’t know why you’vegot to give me a minute before we start this is not wanting to queue up on me all rightso that symbolizes i’ve got to use my other computer i always have a backup for a backup you guys alwaysforever in a era i have a backup for a backup so let me get on my other computerand then we’re gonna actually start i have like 10 million computers so when oneis not working i will just go to the other one okay i’ve got to really turn it around though sogive me exactly a instant yeah i know this one’s going to work yeah now “theres going” let me turn it aroundbecause i’ve got to be able to see it for you make okay come over here all right and let me get mymusic started one more time yeah yeah that’s what happens when you go liveit’s just the course it goes oh yeah all right you guys i got this my big timer’s working i’ll showyou when we’re done okay firstly exert we’re just gonna hunker squat and raising diddly-squat filch comewith me right now we’re just gonna warm it up looking good keep it going i’m gonna turn offall my other computers so they don’t mess me up hunker up oh yeah today is a beautiful classare you ready to work that agility that superpower yeah i am right here time squat it down and up 60 seconds of wreak right here it’s a shallow hunker because we are just warming it up 60 seconds ofwork 15 seconds active improvement so today is a real power push day you’re going to see what you’remade of right we’re strong we’re potent let’s go squat it down and up sit back in your heelsmarch it right to left march it let me preview the next exercise right herewhile you guys are marching you’re gonna tap back arms over your headare you ready come with me now we go now you’re gonna go nice and slow don’t make yourarms above your head now again we are just warming up starting to get that back nice and warm thatback side of our torso so let’s not fall super quick why don’t you acre that end on the floor towarm up your calf got it let’s go looking good right here so i want that heel to land on theground so start to get truly warm in the calf insignificant deflect in your joint shouldersmelted away from your ears again reach feel that back engagementstarting to wake up everywhere right yeah looking good all right you’re gonna marchit for me you’re gonna march while i show that next exercise crouch crouch so you’repicking up something come with me right now so you can place your hand right here on thatbench now let’s make sure that whole foot comes on the bench can you do that for me yeah so crouchit’s not quite a breast lunge you’re squatting to the ground and you’re picking upsomething off that step workbench got it whoo you got it let’s go you got it sokeep that crouch again if i move too fast absolutely sluggish it downright here pick up something pick it up off the bench it’s called crouchingcrouch and pick it up yeah you need this can you march i’ll show you thatnext exercise looks like this so clap the inside of the knees and then leftstraight up clap straight up come with me clap straight up clap straight up don’t go yourarms behind your ears right here it’s a area pounce unilateral overhead elevate with that right handright here starting that rotation blueprint yeah we gotta work rotational gesture patternsyeah pushes for everyday living right shoulder step back down and away from your earsgot that oh feels so good now make it a big movement you get 60 seconds to work soi really want you to push it you got it march left to right i’ll preview the next exercisewhile you active recovery did you guess it other side looks like this make it big if you wantto come with me let’s officially move so 15 seconds active retrieval 60 seconds of wield your timingyour gait always listen to your body right here let’s go starting to feel that down gyration gaze your figure has to rotate as thatarm comes down down rotate let’s go keep it coming leading i think you guys i should have beendoing the other side but oh well i know you’re going to angie i don’t think wehit that left side and i’m going to say you’re right but we’re going to move on after thisyou can pause the video if this was recorded and you can do that other side all right nextexercise you’re rallying you’re going to watch me so i’m going to come on the side and i’m going tolift working upper body this is agility right here let’s go so you are just lifting those legsyou’re working influence now you can add the hop if you want that power said make that foot offthe sand or straight up working tons of core shoulder mobility and power move here oh i toldyou today was a push 60 seconds your timing your workout right yeah you can add that hop-skip howoften do you do this power move for your form you don’t remember you can hop you can practice ahop you can practice at move put off your bawl looking good i want you to come up i want youto march while i establish you that next exercise up down inside canter it up and down tapside come with me run it up and down side agility up and down side up again let’s go working that agility here i’m asking you foryour mas to be done in order to two different directions use that reactive exercise you gotta speed itup and then slow it down accelerate it up gradual it down yeah you got 60 seconds ofwork push it looking good march it left to right i willdemonstrate our next exercise here we go left up right here you guys aremarching while i illustrate are you ready come with me rightnow left make oh again a little faster or as sluggish as you crave 60 seconds ofwork cool 15 seconds recovery let’s go come on i gotta turn up that music subject all ofa sudden it got lower are you still doing it there we go you gotta have a good hit comeon yeah you feeling truly sporting today “youre working” that agility labouring that speedworking that strength cultivating that athleticism approach it again all right march while i present you that nextexercise you guys are parading cross tapping you’re going to be cross tapping accelerate study let’s go right now officially now you cancome on your knees you can cross this is speed agility work agility precisely isn’t with thelegs you can come up into that board come on let’s go you know you all came 60 seconds ofwork you feel that upper body defending yeah are you strong perfectly i’m 48 years young what about you againyour timing your tempo come on your knees bring your foot on the sand regard it’s so easyto modify you’re still strong you can still get athletic strong modify whoo come on the marchnext exercise i’m going to show you run it upright and hop run it upright hop and put reactivetraining come with me run it up title move and adhere or step it upright you don’t have to hop reactive course i’m accelerating anddecelerating intensifying decelerating again rightly now let’s go not talking much because we’reworking 60 seconds of job procession left to right okay let me show you run itup left stick parading you guys are in active are recovery ready comewith me right now let’s lead run it up protrude so acceleratedecelerate and stop accelerate let’s go you coming that agility in that reactive practise breathe it through come on let’s go celebrate all right you guys are rallying watch menext one up down walking the freedom paw back two up down or strengthened in outside leg ready herewe go up your timing i wanted to go outside leg or step it up to then come down tap back didyou be understood that low-grade alternative gradation it up for two on that outside leg tap it back alternative orup down two times two back again your call you can mix the two you can mix at high strength andthat low-toned strength if you want advance and turn let me preview the other side did i preview come with me right now hip mobility remember low impact i’ll do low impact again you remember it your summon how you do it march two more exercises watch me right sideand lunge come to the diagonal okay forget that we’re just gonna do kneedrivers new operators let’s go what was i thinking i knew what i wasthinking didn’t have time to break it down now if you need a smash examine lowerintensity pace it on stair it off that’s going to give that fucking leg a breakall right you don’t like that you’re timing knee smugglers feel that right side right quadright ham right glute always step it down when you start to need that interrupt you can dotwo in a step down you can do three in a step down where you can stay in that knees runnerlunge for athletes knee smugglers runner the arms whew right march on the foot left to right whilei show you following exercise what angie it’s at left guide leg now again you can just tap up hereyou can stay with the smugglers everybody let’s go after this we’re going tograb one single hand value we’re going to do bicep writhes i’mgoing to give medium to ponderous force now there is a requirement to that shatter sound it down and thencome back you can do two three four knees you can do one knee or do as many as you canrunning when you need the damper sound down what do you think this agility speed power movescrazy right yeah you crave overall person backbone yeah you you exactly told me yeah well listen youneed to be doing these workouts it’s not all about elevating or simply doing one single cardio formatchallenge your torso move it to grow are you ready one single value right side bicep curl i gotthat 15 in my hand all right this is a bicep curl right here are you ready 60 secondsunilateral upper person set right here are you ready we’re into that unilateralupper torso teaching we are done with that sporting vogue civilize where we did focuson agility supremacy and rapidity now we’re focusing on muscular endurance and muscular strengthworking that bicep right here you can do a divide posture or you can do feet hip width apart yourcall your timing i just prefer that split stance i got a 15 in my hands each move isone minute so i know you can do it i know you can do it sometimes we’ve got tochallenge that organization working together with unilateral patterns that conveys one appendage one leg take a break let meshow you left bicep curl that’s our next exercise your timing now we go officiallyyou have started right now let’s go you got 60 seconds of workobviously you’re going to go slower if you have that heavy heavines isanybody like literally spitting out spitting i am because i’m drenched in sweatbecause this is such a splendid workout let’s go feel the difference betweenthat right and that left bicep unilateral grooming trying to balance outthat right bicep and that left bicep right one side tends to be stronger than theother that’s why unilateral course is essential all right you guys you’re gonnaput that down next exercise tricep extension i will be grabbing an eight and a five let me just show you up so i’m gonna go betweenan eight and a five are you officially ready your timing one place again may feelway easier than that other side we’re trying to rebalance out our musclesyou want to be as strong in that right tricep as you are in that left tricep you do not wantto create muscle imbalance that’s not good so that’s why we adore unilateral trainingright now as you get tired don’t drop it form technique and accuracy is essential inevery officially clear tricep up down up and down up and down keep going chaps up anddown i don’t know if i’m cut off keep going up and down up and down okay my computer frozedid not know if i was still filming up and down so for those of you that don’t know me my specify isangie i film these class live and then i separate them down into two 30 -minute courses so when i’mtalking to you i’m talking to you the live beings and the recorded people you get to hearwhat i say to the people that are live in my live radical fitness classifies take abreak let me show you that next exercise right hand on the right hip we’re goingto sequence wide right here we’re hitting that upper back let’s go in that reardeltoid well that 15 in my hand we’re gonna switch it up into a backrow but for right now it is a wide row so right hand on that right hip justyour timing succeeding that back now okay i’m gonna switch it palm face inbeautiful straight forward back row right here palm facing in towards yourbody right here unilateral change adult are you picking up that heavier moderate toheavy weight i hope so i really hope you’re challenging your organization to grow shake thatoff while i prove you that next exercise left hand on the left thigh legs are in arailroad track up and down it’s that wide sequence are you ready wide row come with me right now3 0 seconds palm faces to the back of the office your timing people your timing you can do it all right i want that palm to face in in towardsyour mas basic row we work biceps we work triceps we’re working the back dresser shoulder and coreall right let me show you that next exercise i got to get a mat because i am so sweaty we’regoing to lay on our mat you’re going to pick up one value and you’re gonna chest press one weightchest press officially come with me right here you’re picking one arm you have that heavyweight you’re go that boob to the chest and you’re lifting shoulder doesnot remove below that pace terrace don’t let your shoulder sag below that stepbench right here a beautiful dresser press use that pectoralis major right here i gotthat 15 in my hand for me that is modern intensity 20 to 25 is my high all end intensity thati will propagandize right here push it through all right you get active recovery i’mgoing to threw the weight on my left hand watch me again shoulder does not drop below thatstep fringe that dumbbell comes to your chest meridian and you’re plug up and awaylet’s officially go right now push it through don’t let thatshoulder or that shoulder quit below the height of your pace bench right here push it through chest altitude actually feel thatpectoralis major engage it’s a large muscle group and it desires to push so push that boob awayfrom your organization pushing that boob away you got it get that dumbbell and propagandize it apart be considered that propagandizing activity nice and strong all right come up i goes to show you the nextexercise feet trendy extent apart take it to shoulder altitude unilateral appendage set with thatshoulder feet are trendy diameter apart shoulders step back down and away from your ears officiallycome with me right now unilateral set mortal one minute i got that 15 in my hand i’m pushingthat moderate intensity let’s originate these muscles let’s pick up that heavier weight wedon’t have to get stagnant with our body let’s grow our form remember we’regrowing youth let’s change younger not older let’s pick up those loads let’s notbe afraid to pick up those ponderous loads exclusively make your dumbbell to chest meridian that’s it or a little bit below ifyou’re carrying that heavy weight working that shoulder shake it offwhile i prove you the other side oh right here are you ready a instant we’re gonna goyou’re officially gonna go and let’s go right here let’s pick that other side up come on push it through let’s go whoa i’m feeling that adult all right two minutes recovery you get two minutesof recovery right now i gotta rewind two minutes of recovery right now okay two minutes of recoverywe’re gonna start that recovery right now okay go ahead put your weights away grab a small swig ofwater yes we’re going to punched that core i promise okay not yet though you have one minute 40 seconds active improvement oneminute 40 seconds active recovery i need you to tell off right now towel off can you towel off forme okay we’re gonna start touching that lower body right here so right here you have a minuteand 15 seconds of active convalescence all right then we’re going tohit the second part of class i’ll make sure that we affect core people i’llmake sure we punch core don’t you obsess okay whoo okay you got 58 seconds of recoveryyou still have one riser on for me so between that upper and that lower bodysegment i give you two minutes of active recuperation so you get to put your equipment apart sowe’re going to focus on the lower organization in this part of class okay we’re going to focus onthat lower figure “youve had” 30 seconds and then we’re going to go back into a little bit of athletictraining where we’re going to work on speed agility and strength so we’re going to pickthat up again yeah it’s real important people i’m taking your heart rate up down up down wegot to challenge your person to grow your figure yeah yeah all right we got 14 seconds sothat heart rate should have come down by now i’m going to preview that first exerciseand it’s gonna look like this arms up appendages up let me preview while you guys aremarching soft bending your elbow you got that so it’s a front plunge appendages up you sure you got thatsoft bend in your joint come with me right here let’s reactively move immediate stop speedy stop littlereactive discipline quick and accelerate decelerate so i want that acceleration and that decelerateas you step back can you do that for me let’s go push push breathe it through so accelerate decelerate quick slow-witted quickbounce it back slow quick-witted gradual limbs up back speedy slow speedy gradual come on workwith that strength work with that agility here brush it right to left you’re gonna go the widthof the matted appear manipulating agility you’re gonna ski watch me low impact step touch everyone let’sofficially go now let’s go let’s go the diameter of the matting ski side to surface sit back in yourheels sit back in your heels sit it back come on we’re turning on our fast capability and agilitythat our figure has to offer us come on let’s go push push hey come on you’re skiing people back to place 60 seconds of work1 5 seconds active recuperation come on come on come on march you’re gonna watch me next one runit up run it back step it up and down or hop it up and back let’s go run it up run itback pop it up and down or step it up and down roll step it up and down if you don’t like to hop push watch me figurehead huddle front squat frontcrouch officially come with me front low-pitched ferocity tap it on area tap low-toned intensityright here this is good as it gets for you stay here higher intensity touch touch you see that rotation movement comingin yeah you gotta have agility for this let’s go push it rally left to right low-spirited intensityi’m previewing while you guys break is what low-pitched intensity lookslike high strength come with me let’s push feel that rotation as you turn to theleft side of the office 60 seconds manipulate your timing agility operating lateral fluctuation forwardmovement driving rotational gesture push it you can do it guys it’s only 60 seconds now all right you guys march i’m gonna look up oneweight at 12. You’re gonna watch me returning it back heal unilateral move sound the heeli don’t need any load sound the end so tap your heel toes off come withme unilateral advance prepare you’re in that lower body unilateral develop yeah when you cramp take a break yourtiming 60 seconds i am dripping sweat toe off the ground when you bend through thatright knee that left toe remains off the field let’s go i want that left toe it’s notallowed to touch the dirt shake it off while i preview that next sideright toe does not ever touch the soil drive your joints back is that right armright leg face-lifts stop stooping the left knee let’s go let’s go down and upyour timing 60 seconds of piece i wanted to go right toe up right toe is neverallowed to touch as you drive the toe to the ceiling drive those elbows back take a break whenyou need to i’m asking a great deal of your body let’s go that privilege toe never comes up feel thatdrive and through that left leg let’s go all right you guys parade you’re gonna watch meright foot on you’re gonna step on the bench squat come off touch on the field so squat on the benchleft foot off turn and squat let’s officially run squat turn so you’re taking that left leg backright hand touches the inside of the left toe squat on the bench and then turnthat left paw your timing your tempo 60 seconds of work now what are wedoing here power people supremacy moves right you need power in the squatssquatting gives you tremendous influence your timing move it through okay you guys are gonna march i’llpreview the next exercise squat step back right hunker center on yourbench right hoof back left hand comes to the inside of that claim toe right herewhat it looks like let’s officially move push it your timing move push cool i’m not talking muchbecause we’re working that superpower right now little rotationmovement you’ll be sore tomorrow you are strong you are powerful you are determined you have everything you needto succeed grow your person i want you to walk next exercise one two threeone two three one two three one two three one two three heisman let’s officiallygo so one two three your timing let’s go one two three one two three back intothat agility challenging your body right low impact step line-up in a knee threeside taps and a knee elevate examination how easy that is to keep it low impact yeah you never ever haveto take it high-pitched intensity this workout is for beginners hinder it down don’t employ that step benchyeah there’s countless ways to make this workout yours one value one load i’m going to pick a 15. I’m going to take right weight actually weightin the left hand and i’m going to go down and up we’re going to go down andup we’re going to face-lift that left leg unilateral push leg improve againfrom the side you don’t need any step bench lower body leg focus today you can place your paw on that step edge or notyour timing 60 seconds of production 15 seconds recovery on the dirt again now if you can’t even liftthe leg watch me soft bending in the knee tinge from your hip down and up focus on the trendy hinge righthere you’re still working this leg your hoof can be on the dirt you don’t have to take it up manyoptions available to you all right active improvement i’m gonna dally demo you the following exercise placethe load in the right hand we’re gonna go down and we’re gonna go up you know your modificationfoot can be on the foot and everybody let’s go look here’s another modification one hoof on thebench left hand on the left hip hinge forward from the hip if you can’t lift thatback right leg i don’t want you to you’re still concentrating on that leftleg from the side feel that hip hinge the work is still on this leg that’s in thefront now you can come down and then tap i think i’m going to stay down just likethis because i’m getting a little tired your call but i love to place my hand on my hip to make sure i’m really gettingthat trendy hinge action right here all right you guys you’re gonna employed three riserson your workbench one riser so it’s gonna be a total of three risers on this surface one riser onthe other you’re gonna watch me we’re gonna base a crunch three risers on one side one onthe other here we go up down up and down lift so basic crunch i have just been three risers on the highside and i have one riser on the low-spirited side let’s hit that core we did a good deal of unilateral lowerbody movements agility rate and ability changes really good job we got to stumbled the core right herelet’s hit that core push truly if you require home your hand below the belly button feel that crunchin that core do not pull on your cervix do not pull on your leader at all it’s all about the coretaking you you can do it beautiful core gesture up and down up and down right here you takea break while i present you that next exercise all right we’re going to roll it all the wayup i got a 15. I’m going to come over my pate and i’m going to stand up if you don’tlike the stand you don’t have to let’s go beautiful lower body movement adding thatback in with that change i got a 15 pound in my hand let’s go oh man iknow i challenged your mas today everybody doing this workout perfectly sucha beautiful challenge for your organization right push it through one minute of use 15 seconds active convalescence so you can do this rotation push pull hip hinge agilityspeed dominance what did we not do today okay next exercise you’re gonna grab thattowel you’re gonna roll it up watch me you’re gonna roll over you’re gonna touch your bigtoe and rolling it over handwritings shoulder thicknes apart come with me so make that towel to the bigtoe same toe every time let’s go push push beautiful core workout today mitts are shoulderwidth apart softened in that elbow your timing take that towel over your headbeautiful core work to finish us off oh keep it going all right you guys get to lay it down recoverall right watch me next exercise that back leg same thing flattening it all the way up wheeling itall the way down are you ready come with me right now touch that back toe right here remember yourhands are shoulder-width apart keep the soft end in that elbow as your appendages go over your headyou can release the shoulders delightful and straight but as you’re coming forward remain that soft endin that elbow as you’re passing through your figure push move looking good oh your timing guys all right watch me following exercise opposite elbowopposite knee watch me not gathering on my top neck or shoulders opposite shoulder opposite knee comewith me right now opposite shoulder opposite knee your timing bridging the midline of your bodyworking that rotational blueprint as you sweep that arm through the midline of your body we’regetting rotational push strong let’s go recollect 60 seconds of manipulate so it is your timing push it through next exercise i’m gonna lay on my belly watch mei have my towel my hands are shoulder extent apart okay i’m gonna switch up music no no no it’snot season i think we have one more exercise so let me get that music back upokay okay anyway let’s just finish so you’re do that towel to the crownof your head hands are shoulder extent apart down and up down and up right here simply elbows come down to the crown of your president and liftnow face-lift through their chest face-lift your dresser off raising your dresser off that terrace if you caneye gaze is coming down eye gaze is coming down elbow up deflect at the elbowsup down up all right now we’re okay now i gotta get back to myplaylist it’s time to strain let me get in my playlistlast two hymns there we go okay here we go it isofficially time to stretch wow okay get that gradation bench off to theside we’re not going to need it inhale envisioning exhale list it back let’s make that left heel up inhale to the stars radiant bright there’s alwaysa piece genuinely sit here and pull it take it wide lateral stretch forth oh yeah enjoy this lateral stretch other side look at your privilege foot reaching down tobe who you need loosen that upper form take away from joy there’s always take it down okay look forward left fingertipsto the ceiling gyration we ever hang in the center for really a time take away from joy settled a flex in your kneeshands on your thighs look over the left shoulder look over that liberty shoulder toe heel in grasp that rightfoot trendy flexor elongate beautiful beautiful class today we reallyneed to take these five minutes to extend work on mobility and flexible don’t skimpdon’t let it go you need it it’s essential left hand left foot five minutes of stretchingfor mobility and flexible in a era is good-for-nothing take the time don’t ever leave the cooldown andstretch it’s just as vital as the warm-up the main part of the workout the cooldown is justas essential don’t ever ever ever be pointed out that okay take that title foot behindthe left and promote that fucking arm up claim elbow to the ceiling i knowyou’re going through ache every day but the sunshine will gleam again sometimes i want you to know this is not the end listen i know you feel uselessbut you will get through this stretch hang in there change your thoughtson the inside you’ll see that right here shoulder sometimes but the sunshine will glow again reverse the roundabout you come i’ll help you feel that right left hip limbs or dead weight sometimes you don’t have to be alone you are able to ever and exhale one more time depth wheeze in and exhale angie angie fitness tv i’llsee you for our next workout together chaps i’m all about crusade state i’m 48 i’m strongi’m fit because it’s all about change health and that’s what my workouts are about they’reabout hunker propagandizing pulling trendy hinge ambling acceleration agility ability concentration mobility rangeof gesture flexible i delivering it all to you my background physical care rub care that’smy background group fitness exhaustive pilates and yoga 22 years now of event in this realmdo my workouts i promise you you’re going to see a beautiful life-changing translation happenright in front of your eyes so until next time bye all right chaps how many calories burned 537 calories 537 calories astounding let me get my glasses on let me tell off and let’s talk tomorrow forthose that have to leave right now tomorrow is rebounding daylight so tomorrow is rebounder dayso if you have a rebounder 10 30 am participate me let’s talk let’s talk wow ah okay of course igot to get my glasses right i am only can’t predict without them okay so this was 60 seconds on 15 seconds recovery wow hey carrie good hey tomorrow reboundingrebounding so soothe so carrie feeling like hundreds of thousands of horses thank you angie wow what’d youguys think of the agility hasten and superpower moves oh kathy miss beautiful kathy expressed appreciation for it was agood workout see you next time you have to go okay but kathy have a beautiful era jd of kindnes again isay i’m indebted for those functional move first-class oh absolutely so you guys these world-class that icreated this week i’m going to put into a seven day workout docket carrie asked me if i woulddo it she said she saw my uh “ive ever done” the monkey saloons and i can do round offs and flipsand all that she said and i was just explaining how function uh how matched flexibilitytraining all that’s essential as we get older strength blah blah blah she asked if i wouldput a seven daylight workout calendar together uh that incorporates balance flexible strengthcardio so that’s what i’m gonna do for you guys um carrie well got to step it up a bit my kneeis getting better 40 s 404 active calories wow that’s amazing carrie i was 538 active calories umyeah that’s pretty good pretty good for both of us i’d say glad to oh jd of cherish glad to do whati can with my undermined paw sick six weeks x-ray is next week oh “i m hoping you” exactly get suchpositive report from that x-ray that is my pure wish for you virginia i want to make surei say happy to you laura i want to make sure i said fortunate good morning to you beautiful lauralaura is a such a beautiful feel and such a um integral part of the fit over 40 group andi just ever have to thank her and marcia because without them i would not be able to runthe groups like i do so thank you thank you thank you beautiful laura and marcia vicky d that’swhy i love working out with you because we work everything in different ways just adore it thankyou angie you’re splendid hole thank you vicky d and it’s so so true i really really get askedby a lot of women even in their 20 s and 30 s when i’m at the gym they’re like oh my gosh how doyou stay in shape like what do you do and i’m really like for ever since i thumped 40 i was all abouti’ve always been about functional fluctuation but i really got into functional movement truly gotinto a range of motion and mobility of our mas use our own body value strengthand incorporating all the functional movement factors together with my physical therapybackground my uh manual manipulation seam uh you know because you manipulate the seams in massagetherapy not like a physical therapist what i mean is you break the fascia so i know about jointintegrity joint range of flow manual muscle testing all of it so i’m really incorporating allof these moves that are meant to keep our torso active throughout our part live reactivetraining again i told you we have to learn to sell to accelerate and decelerate i incorporatedthat today you’re going to see today i added those rotational moves yeah added thosepower progress squatting as a influence flow agility those side to back worker we rocked ittoday literally this is a phenomenal workout okay uh laura functional and agility is absolutelyawesome training yeah it is i hope you guys like the 60 seconds of slog 15 seconds of recoveryum yeah so i i hope you like that format i hope you guys are starting to like the revised versionsthe timers may not be exact but i am close enough so um i’m really affection just lately the format of60 seconds of employ 15 seconds recovery 60 seconds run 15 seconds recovery that allows all of usto go to our own tempo but we get to keep it low impact or we can make it high strength we canadd the weight or we don’t have to add the value we can add a riser or we can take a riser downit’s so easy to spawn these workouts super high-pitched intensity or simply a delightful low-pitched action intensityday that’s what it’s all about bottom line move your form it doesn’t matter how it doesn’tmatter where it doesn’t matter what time of day move your person nonetheless you love to move your bodythat’s what it’s all about right yeah that’s what it’s all about um okay so does tomorrow isrebounding at 10 30 if i’m gonna be using a towel for dry brushing i’m just letting you allknow for tomorrow because i don’t like those baked grazes those wispy dehydrate grazes i just don’tlike them i have just been sensitive skin and it snacks my surface up so i just love to use a towel so tomorrowwhen we before we rebound the first like five to eight hours is gonna be dry brushing and thenuh lymph like an energetic lymph massage and then we’re gonna start class so if you don’t have a drybrush you don’t need one for tomorrow often i will dehydrate brush this space even i dry brush my faceevery day and i go up just like this to get that blood spurting and then you go in the manner inwhich the lymph is so i use a towel because i’m so white-hot in those cool touches whoo humanity they do anumber on my scalp so this is hard enough for me um oh yeah oh roland frightening for you roland sheused two pounds of ankle values love it carrie you never went past tumbling in gymnastics uhoh laura you like the poke it moves oh so do i it’s like accelerate stick decelerate acceleratestick decelerate yeah i love those moves too but you all know i can do flings i can do splits ican do handstands i can do all that good substance but i practice it like every other day at the gymi’ve always practised handstands back bends all of that nonsense so yeah i’ve always done that okayyeah so you guys i’m looking forward to tomorrow if you can come if not class is next mondaysay you don’t have a rebounder that’s great uh i’ll see you for those working that don’t have arebounder next monday and next wednesday how about that i’m going to be doing on monday because youknow me i love my gradation and “i m loving” my cardio boxing so monday next week at 10 30 is going to becardio boxing and step and forces i think it’s just going to be upper torso loads pyramid upperbody heaviness and then on wednesday we’re going to do a different cardio format probably stepping andsome reactive training and then we’re going to do lower organization pyramid load educate so we’regoing to like i’m going to start with our heavy our lightest value medium force ponderou weightlight medium heavy-laden so we’ll do 24 reps 16 reps and 12 reps so next week monday cardio boxingand stair and pyramid upper body weight education wednesday is lower torso pyramid force traininghow’s that sound you like that i’m looking forward laura so tremendously to rebounding tomorrowi have not taught a ricochet class in over a month so my little buttock is itching to getback to it all right guys we’re flatten off so uh look out for these concoctions and look out forthe seven day calendar i will get developed in partnership after i get today’s class desegregated edited andput on youtube have a beautiful day chaps bye

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