Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise – Meet the Trainers – Nintendo Switch

[ Nintendo Switch Snap][ upbeat electronic dance music][ Hiro] -One! Two! Hyah![ Karen] -Jab! Jab! Straight![ Janice] -Put some powerinto your last swipe.[ Lin] -Oh, Janice, she’s got your back .[ laughters] It may seem like, when she claps for you, you can do anything. -Let’s really go for it. Ready … Hyah, Hyah, Hyah. Elbow stowed and pierce! That’s just what I like to see.[ Hiro] -I’m Hiro, so pleased to see you both.[ Bernadro] -Hiro’s a stand-up guy, he introduces up with my lessons.Which you oughta know, says a good deal.[ Hiro] -What shallyou and I work on today? Weave left! Uppercut! Straight! Uppercut! Hook! Uppercut! Weave right! Precisely a little bit more, and then I can analyse myselfto some barbecue. Mmmmm. Ribs.[ Karen] -Nice to meet you, I’m Karen.[ Evan] -Karen’s one of the best, when it is necessary to teaches. Mad respect for that girl![ Karen] -Dodge your opponent’s punch! Shift your center of balance.From the claim. Perforate! This is a good matchfor my mode. You’ve got the rhythm !.

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