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( Mukbang)( Directed by GYM Jong Kook) Hello, I’m Jong Kook Kim of GYM-JONGKOOK I’ve reached two million readers and to celebrate, I’m doing a mukbangand a comment part Q& A[ GYM-JONGKOOK] Thank you for all the great support It’s my first time make YouTube, so therewere a lot of trials and inaccuracies but you didn’t give up on meand I’m so grateful I really like raw fish sinceit’s high-pitched in protein It’s good for a late-night meal I chew this especially after lower bodyor high intensity workouts Now, let me show you how I snack this First, I require a medium sizedcold raw fish soup and a significant portion of fresh fish separately Then I include the raw fish into the soup Separately! Could you get me a chopstick? I rain the large portion of fresh fishinto the soup It’s not supposed to overflow like this Even if a eatery owned says”natural, wild fish is better” I’d confidently ask for aquaculture fish( Reason: inexpensive and inexhaustible) My favorites are rockfish and flatfish Alright , now it’s ready Should I mop the counter? There’s a baked dry clean (?) next to the sink Yes, that one( It genuinely was a wet wipethat’s been baked) Wet erases are useful to clean the counter after you’re done snacking( A husband who reuses soak cleans) Look at that protein This is really how I eat( Actual text) Once every week for dinner after workout( I this yesterday with fresh fish …) Once or twice If you chew such inexhaustible segment like this, it’s a great protein supplement( Uncontrollable)( Uncontrollable mukbang) The parcel is quite large-scale, but for people workout, even ingesting is a workout( Working out) I approximately calculate my carb intakefor the day and if it wasn’t enough or if I did lower torso orhigh ferocity workout, then I contribute some carbs in as well You can choose power strength workout eras as your chisel daylight and eat it like that extremely At least that’s how I do it It’s gotta have a lot of veggies Dip it in and eat it right away – You lack a bite? -[ Staff] Yes Wow! You examine big on camera Not like that! Dip it firstly! Soak it in it is therefore absorbs the soup, then swiftly eat it That’s it! Isn’t it mind-blowing? I can’t tell with one bite You’re taking away my protein, I can’t allow that! My protein…Wow! You can go now! Go! – I still can’t tell the taste- I said go After a few cases pierces, compute the pates in Kind of looks like ramyun noodles( Noodle killer) What marvels me is that after lending the noodles, there’s more to eat yet it increases my appetite( Reality check) My mitts is somewhat tottering becauseI did intense workout earlier I exploited my forearm muscle too muchwhile mixing this, I’m serious That was a workout on its own You must be crazy A fortune of YouTubers do livestreamsfor mukbangs and Q& As But since I’m a rookie, I’ll choose some of your questions fromthe comment section for today’s Q& A Before I begin the comment section Q& A, thank you again for two million subscribers I was enormously motivated by your warm include instead of reviews I am aware I still have areasin need of improvement and I will work hard on it I have many content schemed, so delight look forward to that( Q.Do you choose your own thumbnails ?) You can tell since it’s old fashioned Yes, I do them all It’s my direct so I wanted it to reflect my styleas much as possible To be honest, it’s not only me I check my editor’s reaction We discuss and if my writer and Iboth like it, then it’s uploaded It’s never my sole decision I upload it on my team’s group chat We share ideas when creating thumbnails( Q. Do you touch-type all the commentsor community affixes ?) Yes, I reply to comments myself I even write in the description box In the start, a good deal of notes saidI use too much ellipses I was told it’s too old fashioned which I never recognized before I try not to use it excessively But for me, I have to write likehow I speak I try hard to show authenticity This has become another joy of mine( Q. Do you tone up before filming ?) I’m too embarrassed to do that It’s not my character Before filming, I depict my fresh person I might take off my shirt when my muscles get gushed after workout Just so I can show my answers But I had person ask in the comment if I can show how my body conversions mid-way So in a few cases videos I have done that During filming of the episodewith Choi Han-jin, there was a clip where I flexed my bodyafter workout I absolutely disliked it so I revised it out I’m sure this is right a good deal of onlookers would not want to see me shirtlessin videos It might look like I’m showing off But my channel is about fitness and because of that I might need to go shirtless a few cases epoch Since that’s the topic of this direct I hope you understand and vistum it in a more positive light( Q.About the washer fluid contention …) Many actually believed it was washer fluid But it was a boasts drinkYou know the color of boasts booze? It wasn’t commodity placement so I couldn’t reveal the brand As for Calobye, I’m the modeling Before work out, like perhap two hours prior or if you’re off to the gymwithout a proper banquet If you need carbs or sugar contentfor vigor Instead than exhausting BCAA or arginine, I personally believe it’s better to drink this type of concoctions instead I used to think pre-workoutswere supportive But as I get older I didn’t want to depend onthose anymore And I demanded that fresh feeling of my organization improving while working out I’m not saying that pre-workouts, BCAA, or complements are bad This is just my personal belief You’re free to devour them if you miss( Q. Why didn’t you work out your armsfor seven years ?) Let me tell you a bit about limb exercisings I don’t want to lie about this I get surgery because my disc get ruptured While filming an escapade of “Running Man” at Lotte World starring Bong-sun, I guided a good deal during filming I ranged with a ruptured disc Apart from the agony, when your discis severed, your calves feel like it’s this thick After the surgery, I cease arm exercisings Any moves that put pressure on my appendages, like limb cliques, I felt like it was too much for my back My body got asymmetrical as well So I simply made arm exercisings outof my routine Some of you might ask whymy arms still look toned I was just about to cherish weapon exercisings I lent a period to limb exercisings, just like 5 daylight divide workout It’s a bit perplexing to admitbut after workouts at the gym, I would assess my run appendages I reached until 45 cm when it was gushed I study my weapons maintained shape afterwardeven when I stopped “workin on” them( Q.Will you upload workout videosfor those with disc trauma ?) This is one of the top five reasonsI began YouTube The reason why I mention injuries a good deal is because I know the painand how hard it is That’s why I emphasize it so much It’s important for me to inform you onwhat I’ve suffered since it might become a life changerfor some people But I also think experts’ opinionsare important So I want to prepare with more careful There’s no remedy for back hurts You have to keep working out If you have a ruptured disc, then it’s best to exactly countenance it although it’s difficult You rectified your standard to thosewho are ahead of you and try to live up to their level Try to look for the exercising levelfit for you My back isn’t strong enough so some exercisings, I can’t go past that stage Don’t be ashamed to find modificationsfor exercisings Of route countless “re just saying”, “Don’t restraint yourself” But I think there is a limit to thosewho have injuries Not precisely back, but likewise jointsor any other area Then you have to adjustyour workout to that Do the best you can within your limitand do the very best out of it That’s how I did it And before you know it! You’ll at least reach my statu You must be crazy( Q.Will subscribers be able to workoutwith Gym Jong Kook ?) To workout with customers or beings that aren’t fames was one of the things I wanted to dofor this channel People who are serious and passionate about workouts I’ll find ways to induce material where people can share their storiesand have good time A while ago, Tae-hyun invited me overfor lunch Simply as I was leaving, the security guard called me over, “Mr. Kim, come here for a sec” “Show me how to do a squat” “Excuse me? ” “Show it to me” I coached him the rectify format the parking lots I said, “It’s okay to lean” “What? I heard you weren’tsupposed to lean” Then he did the diddly-squat the mode I did in the”Rooftop Workout” episode I felt very happy and proud So for those who are passionateand have questions I am prepared to help wheneverand wherever Feel free to ask me anything I’ll answer to my best knowledgeas long as I’m not busy( Q.Will readers cut contact likeSon Heung-min once they work out with you ?) I think this needs further explanation The incident with Heung-min is misinterpret The term where reference is and I worked out together was when he transferred to Tottenham He visited Korea for a short time and went to the gym with his brother “Heung-min, there is a requirement to strong back toplay in premier league” “You need to fight the tackle! “”You can get faster with a stronger back! ” Doesn’t speed have to do with the hoof? After that, Heung-min became very busy I try not to contact your best friend if they’re busy because I might rile them It was a period where he had tofocus on his busines He’s the pride of Korea after all I hope the committee continues to rewrite historywithout any injuries How dare a futsal player in Yongsan-gutell an EPL player … He can exercise with me after retiring( Q. We want to see you sing) I am planning on uploading singing content It’s about workouts but it’s also about me The prime material is civilizing but I’m sure there will be a chance for me to show a variety of contentsin the future( Q.Where do you get your T-shirts ?) Including the one I’m wearing right now, they’re all 5 to 10 years old The sleeveless shirt I worein the “Rooftop” episode I wore it for 10 times It expenditure 24 dollars for twowhen I inspected the US If an outfit gets worn out then it becomes my gym invests I can’t throw away things easily and specially robes If person requests, “What should I do with this clothing? ” “I’ll wear it for my workout” That’s why I have tons now! Commonly people throw away clothesonce they’re torn or worn out and wear new ones But these don’t wear upon readily Most importantly, they’re more stylishwhen worn out Most are surf firebrands When I inspect browses in LA, I search through all the surf brand shopsfor short pants and sleeveless shirts Browse formerly and goal of browsing! Clothing like channel-surf swimming wears are very elastic so it’s perfectfor workout invests It’s also easier to do laundry Adidas concoctions are great for soccerI love you, Adidas But I don’t separate casualfrom workout invests( Q.Anything supposed to say to readers who getsecond-hand satisfaction by just watching ?) That can be the starting point I’ll been complied with even if one out often sees start employing I watched the edited video of meworking out with Han-jin and I obtained myself squeezing my muscles So if any of you watch my videosout of curiosity and become motivated to work out I’d feel grateful just for that And one more thing When I was working out with Han-jin some of you might have been uncomfortableseeing me coaching a pro endorse To make it simple, it’s like inviting a famous cook to my house to taste a nationally favored dish “I think this recipe can be cookedthis way too, satisfy try it” And the prominent cook extends, “I think this recipe works well too” It’s something along those linesto placed it simply I wasn’t trying to force my methodon a pro champion So I hope you understand Well, looks like I’m practically done I’ll throw my final words and wrap this chapter up First off, thank you for all thelove and reinforce I know I’m not excellent but I’ll try hardto inform you the best way I can Very than accommodating youwith incorrect learning, I’ll try to invite guests who are expertsin that field Anyway, I’ll work hard to make this a trustworthy channel for you guys And if you know me, I never say no to people who wantto take photos with me as long as I’m passable I are happy whenever beings noticeand say hi when I’m out and about And since I’m human very, I can’t contain myself when someone mentions my direct I’ll be even more happy if you mentionmy canal “GYM-JONGKOOK” Please take care of your state and evaded injuries I hope you work out consistentlyat your own pace without comparing to others Stay health Thank you

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