Sweaty Strength Training WORKOUT For Women | Easy To Follow | Use Light Or Heavy Weights

drop it right to left oh hello yeah oh justright here get nice and warm people you know i like to be super gentle when we warm it up canyou time gives people a deep sigh in here we go inhale on a beautiful breath one more time inhale and then exhale are you ready to take thosearms with your fucking arm then left appendage oh yeah oh got my hair in that little funky wonky ponytailtoday yeah whoa i am sore from yesterday’s workout it was a good challenge yesterday yeah i have tonsand tons of 30 minute exercisings for you guys tons woo can you go ahead push it in frontpush start taking that claim left trendy right here i get to go babysit my littlegrandbaby today after class you’re saying what angie your grandmother yeah yeah i got onegrandson and i got a little baby girl coming in december oh yeah i’m a young grandmother all rightoh appendages above the pate oh yeah this feels so good to move let me tell you you are sanctified you knowwhy you’re blessed we can move our form whoo yeah that’s a commendation in front you can be withme you can work out with me we are so ordained we can breathe we can shower we can eat yeahwe’re consecrated give me hamstring curl appendages oh there are so many people in the world thatwould just simply love to have their health they would love to feel body movement yeahbut for whatever reason they can’t right now so merely ever enjoy encourage and supportyour body for what it does for you insole insole insole your person is the biggestblessing you will ever have treat it with respect nurture love and reinforce your bodyand your someone yeah don’t ever forget that you get one spin in this world that’s it onespin so how are you gonna treat your figure give me knees opposite elbow now in today’s classif i move too fast you perfectly 100 percent brake it down your strength your pacemodify you do not have to use that fit stick did you hear me you do not have to use thatfit stick no no marching it right to the left right here oh let’s go ahead roundabout the armsone two three and four on the left one two three four get the upper body warm one two threeyou’re almost done let’s make those trendies with us to the back of the room oh again oh yeah againwe’re gonna rate it up joint rolls shoulder rosters one two one two deadlifts the music is 128. I have1 5 pounds on each side we’re gonna throw it behind we’re gonna take it in a wide squat we’re notgonna go fast are you ready for sweaty strength we’re gonna go down two and up two andfour and three let’s push the sweaty strain down two running those quads right here fiveminutes of body radical you have your mat right we’re gonna restraint it the whole time you guys three by one three by one go down three up onenice sluggish and controlled i got 15 on my organization table can you go down one a three downup two three sit back in your ends five minutes each muscle radical i’m working quadsand hamstrings two by two two by two this track is quadruplets and hamstrings but we’re going to keep areally slow count because we got the ponderous value can you go three by one downthree up one sit back five minutes each muscle group i pick for you this issquat and deadlift terms down three up one down one up three three more again oh feel that in the quadruplet here yougo four by four four by four nice and slow again you got two more of the fourby fours we’re moving on to deadlifts neat slow down four up four come on five minutes for quads and hamstrings one more lift that barroom up pass shoulder width apart feethip width apart on a railroad track shoulder step back down and away down two up two now we go nowi want you to lift through this hose two by two sit it back in your ends feel thathamstring and that beautiful glute activating 2×2 let’s go do you know what i we’re going to get a littleback in this track okay take it to the knee level give me a row to the belly button anddown got to get a little back in this track i don’t think i’m going to get itanywhere else so i want to touched some back to the top of the knees to the bellybutton sit back in your ends for eight seven six five whoo ponderous heavines four threewe’re going to go back into the two by two two by two dead elevator down for two decreasethe array of flow if you need to decrease decrease that range of motion let’s go we gotone more minute with quads and hamstrings let’s go i’m gonna obstruct that two by two because you gotthe heavy weight sweaty strong right yeah yeah we’re going to do one more back sequence to theknees that’s back row 16 and we’re moving on two so sit back in your ends shoulders defrosted away from your ears wigglethose toes off the floor pressure a lemon in between your shoulder blade time moreeight shoulders melt away from your ears four more we’re gonna seizure our matting threetwo one frame the weight down grab your matted we’re going into dresser into tricep fiveminutes all right i’m gonna use my fifteens you’re gonna use what you haveagain we’re gonna be sluggish with it we’re going to go two by two three by one we cando it we’re here to pick up that ponderous heavines right that saloon that heavines chest levellet’s go two by two down two you got eight i got that 15 in my hand on each side is 15 poundswe got four more two by twos down two up two you got two more let’s go now can you go down three up one go down three up one down two three andlift you got four more down three up ones come to chest level very basic simple chestpress but highly effective if you have that weight can you go down one up three to finish itdown up shoulders don’t droop below the shoulders down again down face-lift two and three down liftyou got four more we’re moving on to tricep oh looking good down up two and three one more now i want you to really employed the barbelldown we’re going into triceps put your thumbs sit them on that so you’re um thumbsare about at your outer thigh level now we’re gonna come up with our rail we’re gonnago to the belly button down two we’re gonna scrape the inside of our arms to our rib cage thisis for the tricep so you’re pressing down and you’re pressing up two by two press it downand press it up bend in your elbows you come down inside of your appendage is shavingthat rib cage or your side delightful tricep coming to the belly button againdown two up two down two up two down two up two beautiful tricep push down three up onedown two three up down two three lift down two three raising down two can you go down oneup three down up two three got three more we’re gonna take a break down up two three gottwo more times here in this track one more okay remainder up our belt or remainder the forces fora hour we’re gonna go into a really wide clutch wide chest press before we had ourhands shoulder width apart now it’s wide two by two now we go elbows don’t come below theknee this is a wide chest press down two up two down two you’re coming to chest stage widechest press shoulders don’t go below the shoulders come on let’s push it oh wide chestpress truly working the pectoralis major so there’s a difference last-place time wehad our hands shoulder thicknes apart 2×2 come on precisely a little more one more now i want your hand shoulder width apartwe’re going to go into those tricep press down four and three two by two again down two workingthe triceps entrusts are shoulder extent apart striving the bar to the belly button insideof your weapons scraping that rib cage whew beautiful tricep occupation this is it three more we’re done two more two more one more go ahead get that bar awayall right bicep shoulder guys bicep and shoulder go ahead towel off grab a smallswig of sea lick your hands off if you’re sweaty shake it off “were having” biceps and we have shouldersare you ready paws shoulder width apart two by two biceps ready come up two down one up two downtwo up two down three up two down four four more up two down five up two down six two more yougot that heavy force get 15 pounds on each side quick break you’re gonna go palms withthat underhanded traction and shoulder width apart hoof trendy width apart shoulder step back orsingle stance two by two upright rows for eight up to the chest level down one up two down two uptwo down three up two down four come on come on up two down five up two down sixtwo more up two down seven one more oh underhand grip yeah when you havethose ponderous loads there is a requirement to those dampers you can do single posture or feet hip width apartshoulder step back down and away from your ears two by two are you ready bicep curl now we go uptwo we got eight down one up two down two up two down three up two down four up two down five uptwo down six two more up two down seven one more up to down a underhand traction you’re gonna geta terminate so your hands are shoulder width apart shoulders step back down and away from yourears you’re only coming chest tight all right you ready two by two for eight let’swork it up to the chest down one up two down two up two down three up two down four uptwo down five up two down six two more up two down seven up two made the bar down on yourweight shake it off we got one more round shake it off when you have the ponderous weightyou need this time are you ready underhand grip pick your stance shoulders back chest open twoby two for eight here we go up two down one up two down two up two down three up twoyou got four more now we go here we go up two down five up two down sixtwo more up two down seven one more give me that underhanded gripand shoulder thicknes apart yeah this is how we get chiseled women i’m almost4 9 in september i’ll be 49 look at me clean snacking filch those heaviness two by two now we go up two down one you got seven more up twodown two up two down three up two down four up two down five up two down six two more uptwo one more we’re gonna grab our map record grab your mat right here are you readyokay i want you only if you crave grab fives if you have light values like fives i want you tograb them okay now we’re hitting core hour we did quads and hamstrings we did chest and tricepwe just smacked bicep and shoulder now it’s time now watch me before we go i’m gonna up twodown one let’s switch legs come with me i got five pounds in my hands over working alittle back extension got five minutes of core you don’t have to have those weights in yourhands but well why not it’s sweaty strength right no higher than fives though all right you guys you got 20 more secondseach core exert is about to be 60 seconds we’ll keep it simple and easy to follow two by twocount oh such a beautiful sweaty strength era did i tell you how consecrated you are or did i remindyou how consecrated you are that your person is moving that you can live independently that you haveyour health that you have your brain i want you to come up one arm behind other weapon yeah let’s goyou got 40 seconds now time revolve it behind you you don’t have to have thoseweights if your forearms are shaking from all the other sweaty strengthmoves we did you don’t have to look the five pounds are too much don’t useit it’s up to you we got 20 more seconds lay it down introduced the values over as we go outand then in 60 seconds press it out and over press shoulders off the matted again no value your force your timing 60 seconds soyou get to go as fast or as slow as you want to go i’m not going to any beat i’m doing whatmy torso wants to right now push it through gives people 20 more seconds all right let’s leant those feet on the groundlet’s just press it up and then over our honcho press those values together comein elevate in and down 50 more seconds right here those heaviness are pressedtogether softened in your joint move it through come on you guysyou got one more minute of core we can do this oh lookinggood 20 more seconds here everyone’s gonna give me one more stand up stay up all right so i’mgonna show you level one go right here you’re gonna view you can do one hoof at a timeor other foot now let’s heel heel right here so you’re just sitting back a little bit you cantake those heaviness back right here so heel invoices there’s not a lot of tension in the upper bodyshoulders melt away from your ears i have no tension in my psyche neck or shouldersit’s my core that’s preventing me face-lift let’s go lift up now if you wantyou can come on your forearms i am only was bracing my weights so i mean thisis fine for me you are not able like how that feels okay articulated those values off to your surface we’regonna finish this is our grand finale with mas weighted exercises you merely have likefour minutes left and we pull all right we’re gonna do push-ups we’re gonna go 30 secondsstraight you got 10 seconds you can come on a wall you can come on your knees you can military idon’t care how immediate or how gradual 30 seconds run form weighted employs to finish us off giveus this final burn sweaty strength burn let’s go we got 15 seconds push-ups your road howeveryou just wanted to do them is the correct way i just want to practice yourown expending your own body heavines turn it around i want you to lift bodyweight face-lift working hamstrings your trendies are filching to the ceiling lift you got 20 more seconds we’re going to go back into push-ups basic simple body-weighted practises you guyswhen you walk you can use your own body weight to get some sweaty forte training in youdon’t have to have weights so i want you to focus press it up press it up four and three turnit around push-ups working on that mobility working on your ability to turn to comeon face down and face up how about that pushing it through this is it for your final burnfor the final climax it around running mobility right here and raising let’s go come on push itthrough heave focus on the face-lift press through that freedom left leg nice and even feel yourhamstrings commit feel your glutes engage come on we got 10 seconds and we’re goingto go back into the sweaty push-ups and you’re going to work mobility as youroll around let’s work on that mobility right now roll it around and push up thirdtime through we’re gonna try to get four provides this is your third period through shouldersset back down and away from your ears you’re timing your gait all right turn it around oh look at that mobilitychallenge yeah you need it guys we’ve always got to be working mobility come on let’s golift lift feel just pinch your as buttocks delightful and evenly distribute the weight betweenthat right and left leg don’t gave more force on the right side of your torso than your left i thinkwe’re gonna get four decides in yeah turn it around last-place move of push-ups last create it’s 30 seconds ithink we’re gonna do it finish it then elongate push it through 10 seconds and we’re goingto do those glute aqueducts if era lets turn it around 30 seconds herefocus up raising come on this is it all right oh stretch time we have two roads tostretch two tracks if you like your shoes off which i do taken away from your shoes ah graba knee i’m learning not to be afraid so i need to be authentic go that knee take it to the back ofthe office look over the opposite shoulder chasing my dreams it’s time to be the real member just hug it halo look over your back shoulders i’m i’ll develop chasing filch that back deform at the figurehead knee backleg straight-out come to the back of the ribs promote that trendy sit it down separate posture picking a area life is what you impel of it it’s a burn inyour someone if you keep on it from the world so continue glinting light like thesun don’t stop for any summer who you are reach over to that other side left right hand on left shoulderlook over the left shoulder remember they don’t define who you are interlace your digits chestexpansion when you know your truth you do what you deserve elbow powers youknow what is best for you so don’t be afraid it’s time to be the real you left yourleft shoulder and find out who you are remember and those you desire those who love you are meantfor you deep breath in inhale and exhale beautiful class everyoneangie angie fitness tv “i m holding” two live free group fitness classes per week ihave over like here i am thinking 900 workout videos to choose from all levels so i’m gladyou were here today have a beautiful you

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