42 Gün Fitness CHALLENGE | HIIT & Karın & Streching | 1. – 7. Gün | Cem Coduroglu Fitness

Hey guys, its your fitness trainer Cem Coduroglu welcome to the 42 dates fitness challenge in this video we is projected to perform you altered in 42 periods. we design this programme for 6 weeks. So you have to do 6 daylights straight-from-the-shoulder and then made 1 day off. After that you will continue with the next curriculum.( “youre seeing” the upload dates.) If you do this workout in the morning. It will be more effective. the authorities concerned will do 10 min hiit cardio after that 5 min abs and finishing with streching before starting take a picture of your self.And after 42 dates take your recent photo. If you examine the result good simply move me on my instagram cemcoduroglu if you have any meal( diet) question only use the comment section. alright the hiit cardio is done. Now we will go with 5 min ab workout. But before that you can rest for 1min. before streching i will finish the talking. Thank you for watching and send it to your friend as much as possible. So they can use this too ..

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