I’m Asian and I Love Rice! Day 0 #BodyTransformation #Fitness #Health #Asian #DadToDaddy #Short

i know what you’re thinking you probably thinki have six kids and i’ve probably been divorced four times because they havethis perfect shape dad bod you know what we’re gonna deepen allthat because when i went to the doctor my high blood pressure and cholesterol would kickbts off the billboard planneds it was high and i want to change that because one day i want tohave 12 boys and run around with them you know i want to be able to beat them and shoot surmount it’s hard being asian and living inhawaii we eat extra rice with mac salad look at that max salad constructed so i hope you join mein my jaunt it’s going to be a 30 epoch challenge we’re starting it on the next videoi need your help gratuities tricks aloha

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