How I’m productive with no motivation

Today, I want to bring you all along on awork day in my life. Ill be sharing some tips, manoeuvres and mythought process. Now, while I is a well-known fact that doing YouTube isn’tsomething that most people can relate to, I’ve certainly done the 9-5s, the officejobs, school, university, and I’d like to think that this video can provide value forpeople in different situations. So, it’s currently 7.30, and Im elicited to get the working day started! I just need to make this little guy outsidefirst or else he’ll confuse my sip for the loo. While Fred is searching for the perfect spotto stigmatize his subject, Id like to present to you what I have planned for the day. I use the app Things 3 to keep track of myto-dos, or as I like to call them, targets. Youll notice throughout the day that Imquite the app devotee. Not because theyre all required, but mostlybecause I think theyre recreation to use! And if I can sprinkle some delight on somethingthat is otherwise kind of plain and dull, Ill do that.Main targets. These are the most important things that needto get done, and I keep it coming short-lived, 1-3 things: Film this videoWork on an upcoming video Finish writing for a project that I’m workingon Small targets. These are also things that need to get done, but theyre not as important or urgent as the major targets: WorkoutEmails Send out invoicesWork on a lurch In-betweens. I used to call these free time, butI decided I didnt like that wording, because it assumed that anything that didnt fallunder the category free time was captive time. Anyway, the in-betweens are things I do daily, pretty much by default. Some are just maintenance, some are entertainment. I dont articulated these things into Things 3, and I dont plan on filming them, but I figured Id tell you about them to let youknow that there are minutes when I interrupt, and theyre important: SkincareShower CookFeed, continue, snuggle, instruct, take out Fred JournalRead DrawSocial media Clean We are back, and Id like to share tip numberone, which is dressing up.I work from home, so technically I could justwake up and tread directly to my table in my PJs and muddled hair. But that doesnt make me feel good. It impels me feel lazy. I prefer to change into a pleasant dress. Tip number two is grooming, which is justanother word for reducing friction, because resistance consumes power and demotivates us. Studies have shown that most people are mostproductive in the morning, and I dont want to spend that peak productivity period doingthings that couldve been done the night before, such as putting apart dishes, emptyingmy memory card, setting up my camera or looking for my workout robes. Basically, anything I can do the light beforeto set myself up for a friction-less morning, Ill do. For that same reason, I wish doing somework on my computer for 30 hours before making breakfast.It gets the ball rolling. Breakfast, check! And now I’m just going to continue where Ileft off, exclusively this time, Ill be using the pomodoro technique, which is my thirdtip. So, with pomodoro, you mostly run or studyin times of 25 minutes with 5 minute interrupts, and that is supposed to help you stay focused. You can have longer interludes but 25 minutesis the standard. You dont need an app or anything for it, you are able to placed a timer on your telephone .. However, I like to use the app Forest becauseI like constituting things a bit more fun whenever I can. In short-lived, the lane it toils is that for every2 5 minutes that I accomplish, I proliferate a tree. If at any time I decide to leave the app anddo interesting thing on my phone, the tree is going to die, unless I immediately go back to theapp. And Im undoubtedly not about to kill offan entire tree precisely to check instagram, so it projects! So, my project right now is to continue workingon the upcoming video, and Id like to briefly share with you what that process looks like.So firstly, today we are sponsored by LogiTech, and full disclosure, they communicate me this keyboard case which is their Combo Touch a while backto try out, and its now attached to my iPad at all goes. So, when Im planning out a video, I preferusing my iPad Pro as opposed to my Macbook. And the above reasons for that is that, with theCombo Touch fastened, Im able to easily switch between different modes of working, such as reading, typing, sketching and viewing.So, when Im just starting to brainstormfor a video, I generally go over some of my journal enters, which I’m still applying a physicalnotebook for. I go over my volume observes and other random noteswhich are typically in Notion. And then, sometimes, I like to illustratemy plans, either in a physical diary, or in any app that allows me to doodle, suchas the Record app. Depending on special topics and type of video, Ill do quite a bit of reading as well; commodities, investigate, books, much of which Iwill have saved onto Instapaper which is where I collect sections that I want to be able togo back to.Ill sometimes likewise chat with friends andwith you all on Instagram to get different perspectives on things. As cohesive supposes are starting to formin my sentiment, I placed them into a google docs, which is where Im currently writing outmy notations and writes for these videos. If youd like a more in-depth video on thisprocess, please let me know in the comments. As a imaginative, the versatility of the ComboTouch has heightened my workflow. Not to mention it also prevents my iPad protected, it has a nice woven fabric, its back lit so I can use it when it gets dark, theresa distinguish for your apple pencil.I dont have an apple pencil, I have a free-beeversion, but even that fits. If you want to check out or purchase the ComboTouch for Ipad, you can click the link in my description box. Alright, time to plant some trees. We are 5 trees deep and I’m about to get aworkout in, which is the fourth gratuity that I have. Moving your body is beneficial to pretty muchevery aspect of life as Im sure most of you know; even a 10 minute tread is betterthan nothing at all. Now, Im not someone who gets super excitedto work out. But what aids me is either working out withsomeone in real life, or, when thats not an option, like today, Ill follow a workoutonline, and my go-to lately has been growingannanas here on YouTube.( movie specific areas of workout, showering, makinglunch, chewing) Alright, Fred and I are both well-fed andhappy. We snack and then we became for a longer walkwith a friend.Its such a beautiful daytime! Now, Im going to check off some of my smalltargets which are mostly administrative material. So, e-mails, invoices, things like that. Now, I like batching, which is my fifth tip. Batching basically implies grouping similartasks together and doing them all at once, instead of doing them separately and morefrequently. This is something that Im trying to becomebetter at, for instance, with my newsletter. It would make a whole lot more sense for me( from a productive view) to write out four newsletters, formerly a few months, instead ofsitting down to write one each week. Im done with all my small targets, andIm going to take an hour or so to do some in-betweens. Ive started wants to play in Procreate, only to kind of explore my artistic area more.Im too going to Play with Fred and basicallyjust do whatever I want that isnt related to work, and Ill actually framed thisas my sixth tip-off. At any workplace, ends are crucial; to rechargeour artilleries, to boost our act, but I also think that the highway we deplete those breaksis important. Like, I dont conclude a 5 minute breaking shouldbe invest talking about direct. I envision those 5 minutes would be much betterspent watching “cat-o-nine-tail” videos. The object is to detach from act and to dosomething that forces us to focus on something else. Alright, Im about to grow the last treesfor today working on this project that I mentioned in the beginning. I only looked it over and I dont thinkIm going to finish it tonight, but thats okay.Im going to work on it some more tomorrowand hopefully finished yet then ..

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