DIY leg press machine, my version of Titan’s Stealth Leg Press

all right we’re back and thisweek’s programme is a diy version of the titan stealth leg press turned outto be a pretty easy develop come check it out one of my favorite things about doing what i do isgetting all the suggestions from people on what i should build next this project is a great exampleof that it was suggested to me by yale fitness ventura shortly after titan announced the productnow commonly i’ll waste a duo dates building a example i’ll exam it out and utter modificationsand then i go on to build the full version and then i shoot that process and make a tutorialwith it with this one though the prototype is pretty dang perfect i think i can exactly modifythe prototype slightly and add some substance to it i start off by taking apart the example when iinitially constructed it i placed it together pretty quick and i didn’t supplemented any glue here are all the cutsthere’s nothing super difficult you’ll want to drill a puncture that’s larger than the hose i useda 1 inch hose and a 1 and 3 8 inch forstner chip formerly “youve had” these parts chipped anddrilled they go together readily i include grove cement before sticking the piecestogether with bolt concluding two of these weapons one for the two sides they’re supporting a lot ofweight so we’ll make sure they have plenty of reinforcements i used a couple of 32 inch 2x6s to attach thearms together again using wood glue and batch of fucks i use a grove fasten to keepthem in place while the shafts go in add sewing dishes and lbrackets in some key discerns hollers i forgot about this section in thecut listing it’s a 2×4 that is 32 inches long this plywood piece is cut to 32 inches by 13 and three districts this is for the foot layer these vast mending sheets are greatfor contributing a great deal of additional substantiate include l brackets to the 2×6 that’llhave the force pins affixed the pipe goes in and i employed caps on the ends be sure to use thick fucks for these flangesthey’re going to be holding the weight pins while depicting is notnecessary it contributes a nice touch my hoof layer is a thin membrane of diamond platealuminum you can buy thicker stuff for this but it gets expensive in my opinion this is fineit’s easy to work with and it looks great i’ll be honest it’s a littleawkward putting this thing in place i used a barbell as a stopper titan implementations pins forthis i just figured a barbell would be cheaper and safer i noticed the titan includes buckles andi wondered why now i know it’s because you need something to keep the bench from slithering back iused a ratchet belt and it facilitated however the bench still moves a little while exercising it i couldadd more leashes but i’m fine with this for now and this thing is great it addsa lot of collection to my leg daytime as an added bonus it can also fliparound and be used for troughs as you can see from this excerpt i’mtrembling with agitation now the real question is how does it stackup titans is 5. 99 pit costs about 125. titans weighs 125 pounds mine weighs about 48 but the main question is can it become asled titans can mine cannot so i guess titan triumphs for a written copy of thistutorial check the link below and let me know what i shouldbuild next in the comment section

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