Monday motivation | #FITGIRLS #2

You’re doing great, dears. Open your core … Your soul … Your depressions. Breathe out. Let the hot air warm your throat. Feel the earth. You are the earth. You are the ground, the roots…The seeds! Lay down.We’re going to do a reflection. Let’s connect with our forms. Now and now.Live in the moment. Let’s close our eyes.Let’s close our eyes. Close our eyes .. Close yours looks !! Amazing. Greet your parts. Hi there, kidneys .. Hey, intestines .. Hi, butthole. 75% of people in the gym fallin love with a fellow gym goer. Shit, shit shit shit … Shit! Are you okay? – No, I’m not okay, Aziz. Shut up! Sorry, I’m trying to make a Monday Motivation post, but it’s not working. Because Mondays hate meand I dislike Mondays. Shall I make the photo? Then you can just focus on your cornflakes! Aziz, of course this isn’t cornflakes! This is granola with a touch of maple syrupand some skim coconut milk.Damn it … Whatever, give it a try.I have nothing to lose. That’s fun, right? Try it. Aziz! Not with you! Let’s pose together…- No! Come on. Couple goals … Hey, there you are! I was looking for you. What did you think? – Amazing, really wonderful .. So beautiful..- Yeah, it was good right? And so strong. So countless muscles.How is that possible? You’re not talking about myHot Body Sweat Yoga class, are you? You’re talking about Gio! – Gio … That’s my favorite name..Indy, what should I do? I’ll never love anyone else but Gio. Love? Don’t you exactly wantto hook up with him? Okay, you’re right .. I time need to get over my pussy ex. You have an ex with a pussy? No, he is a pussy.But he doesn’t have one. That’s a shame..But I’ll help you. It’s Monday. A brand-new weekwith new opportunities .. Visualize … Then you’ll end up in his bed before Friday. Go say hi to him! – No, I’m too scared.I’m really good at this when I’m at the bar, but that’s after a few sucks. Now I’m just … ugh. Alcohol only numbs your inner voice.You only need to be yourself. Myself? – There are enough others. Microchips? – Yes. Thank you, Aziz. Are you likewise having such a shitty Monday? Yes! – She’s trying to ask Gio out. Actually, Gio ?! What are you chewing ?! No ..! With Aziz! What “are you doin “? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? There’s so much I need to do with you. Come on. People are so stupid. People are so, so stupid. Everyone previously is themselves. I am always Kelsey, right? And I ever perform the best of it. Let’s see … This is it. You gape so lovely, girlie! Truly, so amazing.And remember .. Confidence on Monday issex on your pants on Tuesday. Come on! One two one two! Gio…I’m Robin. And we’re going tograb a booze after your workout. And subsequentlies? We’ll got to see that .. What? Everyone already is themselves. I only attain the best of it. Hey! Hi! Fun. How are you? – Good, and you? Okay … Fun! Celery juice … Every morning I start the day freshwith a glass of sea and a celery juice. Yummy, right? – Yes … Then I’ll time half an hour of abs.And then I can start the day. Then I take a shower and have some breakfast.- Oh, you do have breakfast? Of direction, breakfast is the mostimportant meal of the working day! Okay … And on Tuesday I gobble an part brocolli. Cut into parts of course, and simmered. Some veggies are delicious when you eat them raw, but I wouldn’t do that with brocolli. I’ll create my shake along, because I need to drinkthis every four hours for optimal impression. If we leave now I have about 25 minutes, because I have another workout strategy at five.Oh my idol! Who are you? Gio? I time inserted myself, right? I’m Gio! Can you please stop talking for a second, merely be silent for a moment? Turn yourself off … Now! Hey, you’re here too? Such a co-occurrence! – Are you on a year? How’s it going? – You demand some microchips? No! Shut up about nutrient. I’m looking for a backlash , not a concoct notebook! Chicks are crazy, human. Cuckoo in the coconut. Does she not crave me? No dude, you don’t want her! I don’t get it, man.Did you just scorn Gio? I’m afraid I did.- Very brave. No, that’s just crazy! – I’ll actually be left alone forever, right? Yes … Do you want to go the bar? Please, we’ll exclusively have one beer. One tiny little brew, that’s all I need. I’ll have a vodka soda, then. But let’s do it, cause men suck! You know what you should do next time? Let me learn you. When you ensure her, time move yourchest muscles like this .. Left, right. Look her in the eye .. And then … I can’t do that, gentleman ..

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