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the most important thing is the idea you must never forget that so please listen carefully because I am NOT here to entertain you and the send I’m about to share it may not definitely reverberate extremely favourite to the majority if perhaps you are looking for a video to pass the time to ease your wearines to form you feel good you should look elsewhere because I don’t intend to temporarily fix you feel good I don’t want to take you out of your world quite the opposite let’s be perfectly clear this video is meant to induce you uncomfortable to wake you up to remind you that this life is a beautiful journal and because of that I am here for those who still have a small light twinkle within their heart for those who wish to step into the unknown with nothing but a dream and a small voice encouraging them to move forward listen to that singer it will grow stronger I predict but it is important for me to tell you the truth so that you may be prepared and ready to continue to have faith in yourself and in your dreams because it is absolutely beautiful waking up and actually being eager to start your epoch that every day is becoming a mission the realization that you are doing what you want to do what you believe that you were “ve been meaning to” do is one of the greatest feelings in the world how it is also one of the scariest things to do and for the moments where it may seem like the whole world turns on you I’m here to give you some opinion just something to guide you something to hold on to so that when you do feel like giving up you don’t and when you feel fear taking over your mas which you will the fear of how you’re gonna make money the fear of how how people are going to react to what you’re doing it will feel like you’re drowning and trying to swim up trying to find there in those times you must remember that it is only a part of the excursion a necessary step by speedboat but do not gave it stop you do not make it define whom you because when you refuse to go down you become a person who is no longer scared of obstacles and things that will break another human being become your day-to-day pleasures you become an animal unstoppable only when you decides that you do not want to live an ordinary life-time but very one filled with purpose with challenges that push you past your convenience region only then when you decide to move in the direction of what the hell are you love do you become a person whose life is a whole new meaning that can pursue anything and supplanted with an inner confidence that merely comes when you believe in yourself because if you don’t I don’t care how hard you work I don’t care how much you do you are able to never get to where you were meant to go because you were going the wrong way you you were listening to other people you were not listening to your own heart and[ Music] only when you run towards your dream regardless of the outcome is when you get closer to who you were truly meant to be and opportunities and knowledge that may not have been possible before becomes a reality in your life that is why and everything I do I leave everything I am in hopes that in every video I leave a part of myself they can continue to live even when I’m gone so I hearten you to forget about money and what people think of you because rapports will start and end and fund will come and go but that inner voice will always be there reminding you of what you stand for what you believe in and what you want your contribution in this world to be so that initial dream the vision that speaks to you listen to it the main thing is the idea you must never forget that

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