The 10 Commandments of Video Marketing # 1

Hey everybody welcome to a clockwork guy vodcast, so we ve decided that we re going to put together our 10 commandments of video marketing into a quick short short series of videos. So essentially it will help.

You better understand how you can use video in your business and the types of things that you should be making to engage with your audience.

So this is just some of the stuff that we teach at our video marketing math classes.

We teach everything from how to film yourself and edit your video um through to using youtube, creating subtitle files and stuff like that.

So if you d like to find out more about that, then give us a call, But let s move on to commandment number one.

So commandment number one is quite simply don t make a video about yourself.

Nobody will watch it If you think about it, business videos out there should be there to help people.

Businesses solve problems yeah.

So, essentially, you want to create video content That S about problems that you can solve, not about yourself and how long you ve been in business and how great you are and how many qualifications you ve got the end of the day.

You Re not going to get any engagement If all you do is talk about yourself, So that s commandment number one, and if you d like to find out more about video marketing, then give us a call. If you d like to find out more about the workshops and the master classes that we re putting together, then feel free to get in touch or jump On The website to see what we re doing, all right cheers bye, .

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