Stop CHASING The Grades! – Study Motivation Speech

If you’re chasing grades, then you might as well just give up now the grades are nothing, there’s nothing there. It’S not the grades. You should be chasing it’s the individual that is capable of achieving those grades that you should be chasing. Those students that are achieving a 4.0 GPA you’ve got to study their character because that’s when you’ll start to see exactly what it takes, the daily habits that are followed religiously, the hours of studying late at night, while everyone else is sleeping, the 100 % attendance in Class and when you study the characters of people getting poor grades, you’ll see failure everywhere, you’ll see it all falling apart. The procrastination taking control the lack of drive and focus skipping classes when they just don’t feel like it’s. Your choice you have to make.

Are you moving forward on a journey to better yourself, or are you sat down and giving you throwing in the towel making do with what you have not willing to take the risk, because that’s what most people are doing, they don’t give a damn about achieving anything. In their life, you can see it in their actions in their behavior, so don’t be most people ed Milan, one of the top teak performance experts on the planet explains it like this failure and setbacks. Students quitting failing the exams having retakes dropping out. It’S all going to happen. Just get ready, don’t give in to that stuff. Don’T give in to the fears don’t give in to the setbacks. You’Re gon na have failures, it’s part of the journey and when you get weak, when your classmates give up, when your friends tell you you shouldn’t, be studying so much or that you’re not good enough or that there’s something better or whatever they tell you, you remember Why you’re doing it you got ta have a persistent attitude that you’re gon na wait.

You got ta have a positive outlook. You got ta be optimistic. You got ta, know you’re gon na win right now. You need to believe you’re gon na win because listen to me, the price you paid for not being the best version of yourself is too extreme. You’Ll have to carry the burden of failure for the rest of your life, start to stand up a little taller start to walk more confidently start becoming the best version of you. You can do it quietly in your own way. You can do in the way you want, but somehow they got ta look at you and think. Okay, I ain’t gon na mess with that one you’re gon na have to put up with some failures. You’Re gon na have to put yourself into some uncomfortable places. Listen to me, do it put yourself into an uncomfortable place, don’t negotiate, don’t try to navigate it in your head, unrealistic people, the world .

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