Stock Your Kitchen for Better Health (1/18/14 on KARE 11)

say the words healthy cooking at home and many people think complicated time consuming and expensive but it's not if you just stock your kitchen the right way and a happy to have sue Moore's back with us in the kitchen today from Kowalski's talking a little bit about how to do this so we want to make sure that you are able to cook healthy on any given day all you have to do is make sure you have the right stuff around all the time right true and I think the first thing when people say healthy cooking or think about is they think it's not going to taste well and so sort of our criteria for stock in that kitchen is that it's got to be delicious it's got to be versatile so that what you put in your kitchen can be used multiple ways not just with one ditch convenient because most of us probably don't know what we're doing at dinnertime right and then it good stuff in really healthy food if there's one thing I could leave this earth with its that healthy food really is delicious it's just picking the right stuff not low fat potato chips but really good stuff and we have some of that good stuff right here I mean favorite vegetables are just yummy I mean yeah everyone loves fruit anyway not a lot of people like vegetables but when you think of how to eat well the proportionately it should be sort of like this so happier place fruits and vegetables a quarter of it protein and a quarter of it a really good grain a good carbohydrate so fruits and vegetables should be a good chunk of what's in your kitchen and it can be fresh should be fresh super great but definitely can go the route of frozen there's some great dried and canned and then this is sort of a nifty little tomato products are great to have but this is a great product it's tomato paste and it comes out of a tube you buy those little cans of tomato paste threaten you use a couple tablespoons and it sits there so great squeezed pastes are good all right so then we have the grains though grains are great and we're thinking always you know maybe just brown rice or whatever but there's so many more greens out there now there's quinoa there's whole wheat pasta quinoa pasta spiral free-cos kind of a fun grain so these grains are really versatile you can use them in anything they great meat extenders or whatever but we've got frozen grains already cooked oh wow that you just warm up and then this was is new in our frozen Department it's pizza dough a whole grain pizza dough so it's really easy if you have these things that help here a meal in a minutes alright next we have the the meats or the proteins yes so nuts and seeds if you don't want to do meats eggs are always great to have on this is my new favorite favorite thing that we have in our store it's the rotisserie chicken which is award-winning I must say but it's already polled and ready to go so you can put it in the freezer but it's already cooked and flavorful and it's just really great to pull out chap that makes it lazy you can stick it on a salad you can put it into a pasta dish if you wanted to you can do anything with that yeah it's so flavorful already so if you don't have the time to cook the chicken we've done it for you and then yogurt plain yogurt great for sauces great for just eating great for dips over little sour cream you can use that state I loves to stick that on potatoes now because of that some protein too perfect alright and then of course to make it taste good sometimes we have to add a few things to it writing the condiments are probably the key piece of it so you want an good olive oil you want a good neutral tasting oil you want some great vinegars or rice a balsamic and a wine vinegar hummus is a great switch out ingredient like you talked about with us great for stirring in two pastas and then these are my new favorite thing too is we've got this wonderful grouping of simmer sauces that are in our ethnic aisle and there's indian flavoured ones there's latin american flavored ones you've got the meat you've got the great grain and you put in lots of these different not all together but because right now it feels so good but each of these different simmer sauces and you have a really rockin great tasting meal in minute and it's healthy and it was easy yeah and so it can be super delicious and we've got a full list coming out in our next magazine of what to put in your pantry so this is sort of a quick run-through but we've got this great full on list that you could just take to the grocery store and fill up your cart perfect thank you sooo so much always so insightful when you come we appreciate and of course all this information you'll be found on our saturday show page at and we will be right back you

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