[Music] Let me start with the reproductive system Guys who sleep five hours a night The testicles are much smaller than Those who sleep seven hours or more Plus guys who only routinely sleep Four to five hours a night Which testosterone level is Ten-year-old person even deficiency From sleep a man's age by a decade Conditions of this critical aspect of Wellness and see equivalent Impairment in the health of the female reproductive system Because of this lack of sleep The best news I have for you today From this point it might just get worse I will not only tell you about Wonderful good things that happen when You get to sleep but also Bad things that happen when you don't get it Enough for your brain and Your body let me start with the brain Learning and memory functions due to What have we discovered over the past ten years? Point years but now we found out Which need to sleep after learning it Basically pressing the save button on those New memories points so no حتى forget but recently we found out You also need to sleep before you learn Actually prepare your mind almost like Dry sponge ready to be absorbed first في New information and without sleep Memory circuits are mainly in the brain become immersed as it was and you New memories can't be absorbed, so what about caffeine? Caffeine is a substance that affects your body The brain and caffeine will sleep It affects your sleep in a number of ways Different ways first because it Alarm it's most likely you You have difficulty either sleeping or If you sleep you may have Difficulty staying asleep Wake you up and then hard to get Going back to sleep, that's the first problem With caffeine and the second Something not many people do understand Which is the duration of action for caffeine Much longer than you would expect if you Have a cup of coffee at noon A quarter of that caffeine is still in Your mind at midnight the third point النقطة The thing about caffeine is that it will It actually prevents your deep sleep there A study says between 150 to 200 Milligrams of caffeine in the evening will reduce the amount The deep sleep you get that night is about 20% You can definitely restrict caffeine In the morning it can be used strategically A method can treat People who have trouble sleeping It is called direct current brain stimulation The method based on this inserts A small amount of effort in the brain So small you don't usually feel it but Have a measurable impact now if you You apply stimulation during sleep To healthy young people as if you were singing Just in time with the waves of deep sleep brain waves.

Not only can you inflate The volume of those deep sleep brainwaves but In doing so we can almost double How much memory you get from sleeping . on the left and right On either side of your brain is something called The hippocampus is quite similar to News Info box from your brain Very good at receiving new memory files And then stick to them and those The people who slept a full night we Experienced a lot of healthy related learning Activity so far but those people who were Deprived of sleep we could not find No significant sign at all It almost feels like sleep deprivation Your memory ward has closed and any New incoming files were just Wear it so let me ask you what it is About your physiological quality You sleep when you get it back It enhances your memory and learning Our everyday ability القدرة Find out that there are great powers Brain waves it Happened during the deepest stages From sleep containing overwrite They have such amazing bursts The electrical activity we call sleep The spindle is the combined quality From these brainwaves of deep sleep that work Like a file transfer mechanism at night Transforming short-term memories At-risk tank to more permanent Long-term storage site in the brain Thus protecting them make it them safe and it is important that Understand what during sleep actually Treats these memory benefits due to There are real medical and social implications But what we also discovered is that physiological The sign of aging is that your sleep It's getting worse, especially the deep quality From sleep and only last year finally Published evidence that these two things They simply don't share highly interconnected and it Indicates that deep tearing Sleep is an underappreciated factor Contributes to cognitive decline or Memory decline in old age and more Recently discovered in Alzheimer's disease The disease is unlike many other diseases Factors that we know are related Aging for example changes in The physical structure of the brain It's hard to treat ferociously but that Sleep is a missing piece in The pictorial puzzle of aging and Alzheimer's is exciting because we might do be able to do something about it You should know that the effects of sleep Deprivation is very serious Your health Some examples of a heart attack ن Stroke depression and premature death Now we talked about losing sleep and Reproductive system also loss of sleep your mind what about The cardiovascular system is all it takes 1 hour due to global presence The experiment was conducted on 1.6 billion People across 70 countries twice a year And the It's called daylight saving time now Spring when we lose one hour Sleep see a subsequent increase of 24% In heart attacks the next day Autumn when we get an hour of sleep We see a 21% reduction in heart attacks Not that amazing you see exactly وت Same car crash profile Traffic accidents even suicide rates no Getting enough sleep can also lead to Other serious sleep problems Disorders that are usually at risk You have other medical problems such as the heart Diabetes and chronic depression Obese metabolic syndrome doctors say She is one of the largest contributors to sleep disturbances because you The extra weight in your neck is heavy in Next video you will learn about sleep عن Losing your immune system too The relationship between sleep and cancer Finally, how do you sleep well, thank you [Music]

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