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when I was at university my professorasked us why is it you people want a 4.0 GPA what do you want to accomplish why are youstudying and someone would get up and say because if I working very hard and I studywell and do well in my exams that get some work experience then maybe I canget a good occupation and provide for my family and become what I’ve been put on thisplanet to become my prof said sit down because if you think with suchuncertainty if you say the word maybe then you’re never gonna make it you haveto get up and be absolutely convinced you’re going to become a success yourpath to success starts right now with your daily studying you have to dowhatever it makes however many hours of studying it takes reading textbooksuntil late at night going to see your professor if you have questionsattending every class arrived here the library at 6 a.m.While everyone else isstill sleeping whatever it makes “youre supposed to” make love that’s the answer I wantto hear from you I can see straight away those students that are a bit wobbly andstruggling with motivation and those that have a deep feel of hunger withinthem that is driving them to throw in 100% attempt every day those that have a shortterm and long term goal that they’re chasing every day I can see it in theireyes I can see it in their actions I can see it in what the fuck is do their passiontheir drive their relentlessness they just go on and on and on they study whenthey’re tired they study when they’re bored they study when their body keepstelling them to postpone but they manage to push out one or two hours morestudying and it’s this extra bit of study that differentiates these topstudents from the rest of the class and it’s not some genetic advantage that thehigh achieving students have they’ve built up the punishment every day overyears of working on improving themselves on improving their concentration theirwork ethic their daily programmes no matter how long their day was atuniversity and how much work they had they will ever going to go and study somemore they have a very clear vision of where they’re going because as ArnoldSchwarzenegger leans it you can have the best ship in the world the best cruiseship in the world but if the chieftain doesn’t know where to go that ship willdrift around the world out there at sea and it will never end up anywhere andthis is exactly the mode it is in real life if you don’t have a goal and youdon’t have a vision that you’re not going to be happy and that’s why it’s soimportant to have that seeing

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