i took 2nd place in camaro with 0% health and ran the 2nd fastest lap

you're welcome back to the bullet band of China posting another video of a real racing 3 and i'm going to show you what i did with this we're going to watch a replay first this is the finishing results of the race obviously I did not come in first as you can see I did not post the fastest lap and I did post the second-fastest lap with a 10 1 point 2 28 and the fastest lap was posted by first place 10 1 point 0 9 to that he ran a 311 105 I ran a 316 695 and so you beat me about just over five seconds like 5.5 seconds so he ran a really good race right so let's let's watch the replay this is the first line is a three-lap race no we were alone so I'm getting past and I'm doing some passing but then again you know you go to school sliding on the turn bumping you that dude I'll tell you why this race is pretty pretty awesome race after a race I mean I shouldn't even came in second to be honest I should have came in like 8th 10th 12 or something like that change is pulling away from me but i'll be any returns welcome I overtook the Challenger still walk away food this is our fourth place no um and forth and i believe the gun funding these in third place disguising her past me back but it won't last told you there's no second place here's a three-pronged battle for first second ring and I'm battling this time for first or not for a second position to camaros so you got 14 hours and 5 i'll show top 5 50 for miles and I take over something one more lap remaining I know that I'm sorry I thought that was the second lap alright so anyways here we go that's what I one 3075 RS what you might call it we went over that other so you know I took second right here's here's here's the kicker of the race will go to continue right there's where my health was none of those bars down there have any color and then they're all dark gray very you know medium gray color what the up with the camera right there goes but like there's a no no color at all in them so I was running with the health of the car totally down and we'll look at this here continue and as you can see I got a few upgrades not a lot i'll show you how many out of how many when i go back into that so you know there again i took second place in a car that had that the health was totally beat there was nothing in the health i took second place I'm gonna I'm gonna come back and make another video of the same race with the same people in it when my cars fully at good health and there you go out of all the upgrades it says 14 and 26 so i have i have just over fifty percent modified that's not even fully modified and I lost the video recording to the last race when I beat that guy that beat me this time whatever Nikki Nikki or something he beat me by five seconds and change five and a half seconds well I the last time I raced on this track with this my house was like thirty five percent full and I beat him by seven hundred yards which is 2100 feet which is almost half a mile so anyways I'm going to come back and I'll make another video of that when my car's fully restored we'll see what happens then later thanks for watching peace out

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