Gut Bacteria is Key to Health -Part 1 / 3

so in this video we're going to talk about the importance of gut bacteria or gut flora and how to keep it healthy and improve it with probiotics and fermented food now your gut bacteria is so important to your overall health in so many ways physically mentally psychologically and spiritually so in my practice of mind body and spirit it's one of my favorite aspects of health to offer to people because it can help them in so many different areas to begin with we have ten times the amount of bacteria in our body as we do cells so it's so important to keep that healthy physically it's directly responsible for how your immunity operates so that includes any type of sickness of disease your body can naturally fight off and so many other aspects of physical health as well to begin with we have obesity arthritis cholesterol in the Jess chin fatigue plaque in your teeth diabetes irritable bowel disease and so many other aspects of physical health mentally it's been directly associated with anxiety and depression but also psychological aspects especially in children of EDD ADHD it's been shown to help with schizophrenia and even autism in children and this is led by dr.

Natasha Campbell McBride with her gaps diet that stands for gut in psychology syndrome now they're literally calling your gut bacteria your second brain and one of the reasons they say that is because it produces more serotonin than your brain does and that's very responsible for your mood swings also they're calling it the new all-natural prozac because the beneficial effects it has it's also very helpful in removing toxins from your body and your body's detoxification system so it will also help to get out heavy metals it helps very much against parasites and fungus and anything that they cause such as eczema it also helps because of the parasites and fungus your cravings with sugar as well as alcohol and other addictions because it's the parasites that are responsible for making you have those cravings so let's talk about some of the things that can kill your gut bacteria to begin with we have chlorinated water and this comes in two parts it's drinking chlorinated water from your tap as well as showering in it now you can see my video on shower filters and drinking water filters but they say it's actually ten times worse to shower in tap order or chlorinated water than it is to drink it because in a seven minute shower you absorb enough chlorine through your skin and through breathing it in as drinking a gallon of water the other thing you want to look into is antibiotics antibiotics come in many different parts as well is the antibiotics that you take and when you're sick or something like that and that can be very dangerous because it kills all of the bacteria in your body good back to your bad bacteria and it doesn't give your body a chance to find it with its own immunity but back with antibiotics also come in other forms you get them through conventional chicken as well as conventional beef and other meats that you eat so if you are going to eat that type of meat I highly recommend you eat either free-range chicken or grass-fed beef because it's known not to have hormones or antibiotics in it other places that you can get this type of antibiotics is in conventional fruits and vegetables because they are sprayed with pesticides is essentially an antibiotic and when these pesticides are on and inside the fruits and vegetables because you can't just wash them off they go into your gut and kill your gut bacteria even worse is genetically modified foods because they say they have a pesticide that actually stays in your gut and continuously kills your gut bacteria other products that you want to look out for that kill your gut bacteria are antibacterial so there's never a reason to use antibacterial soap it's bad for you because it has a chemical in it called triclosan and what the triclosan does is it gets into your pores directly into your bloodstream then goes to your gut and kills the bacteria there other things to look out for our birth control pills you might want to look into alternative methods of birth control as well as carbonated beverages and living a high stress lifestyle so any ways that you can lower your stress by meditation or having a hobby or something like that can be very beneficial for your gut bacteria and therefore you mmunity and everything else do you like this check out part two where we talk about solutions and adding probiotics or fermented foods to help your digestion and improve your overall health more videos like this can be seen at the art of unity com

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