Empowered Health 2 – Upright / Weight Bearing MRI

your back affects your daily health welcome to another installment of your spine your health because you have a spine it's important to understand what chiropractic care means to your health your health always starts with a regulatory college in this case the College of chiropractors of BC serves to ensure you receive the appropriate diagnosis and care from a qualified chiropractic doctor today and tomorrow that's also why BC's chiropractors fund research and education today I want to introduce you to dr. Richard Brownlee and dr. Paul we met who's Kamloops MRI allows weight bearing images probably 80% of the people that I see are related to spine problems and chronic pain is a big part of that so a lot of people when you talk to them they have pain when they're up and around and doing stuff and they don't have any pain when they go and lie down and again in our human body we fight gravity all day long we function in gravity we need to see it in that capacity to know what it's doing and how to diagnose problems and the MRI does show problems with the discs like you can get little tears in the outer part of the disc called the annulus you can get disc herniation those things all show up on the MRI you can get spinal stenosis but one of the things that this machine shows that other machines don't show is is instability an instability means abnormal movement in the motion segments in your back so you can do a recumbent or lying down supine MRI we can do standing we can do sitting we can do multi physician so again if somebody was to say it only hurts when I'm in this specific position with my neck we could likely put them in that position to see what it looks like at that time that they're symptomatic upright weight-bearing images are important for diagnosis because it gives us much more information than we've had access to before remembering our body functions upright can be especially critical pre-op to avoid things like failed back surgery it can also be an important educational tool for the patient and doctor alike to doing the MRI and proving to people that they don't any major structural problem in their back I think is just as important as identifying a source if we can prove to them that their back is structurally sound and that their back pain isn't related to causing damage then you're more likely to get them to do exercises and help themselves as you can see it's not just about what we can do for you today we're working to build a better tomorrow with better health outcomes for you the college of chiropractors of BC sets the standards for safety outcomes and your informed consent

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