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What’s the problem? You’ve been waiting yourentire man for this moment this gilded opportunity this rare occasion this chance to do what so manyother people don’t get to do What they don’t get to accomplish what they don’t get to experience what they can only imagine. But you’re here you’ve made it to this station you’ve arrived at thispinnacle lieu in your life It would be a shame to mess it up a pity to miss this chance all because you tolerated fright to trump faith. Time waits for no adult formerly it’s gone, it’s gone it doesn’t roll over time disappears forward, timenever goes backward. The occasion is now there has never been a morepromising time to achieve greatness I sounds someone once said here today that’ greatness is within youbut is inactive, is bottled up just waiting for the moment to loose andshow the world how huge you really are.’ How talented you can be How amazing your talents are Not sure if you know or not, butthere are hundreds -no scratch that- thousands -no let me try again- millions of people that would killto be in your shoes right now They would give up meat, sleep, Tv, cellphone and any other luxury of the world exactly to be given the opportunityyou have right now.But instead of taking advantage of it instead of capitalizing on it you’re too busy eating, you’re too busy sleeping you’re too busy being distractedby what’s on television you’re too occupied with what’strending on social media. Every second you’re notworking, your contestant is in other words you don’t have time to chill you don’t have time to only hang out you don’t have treasured instants to lose that same billionaire that you idolizedhas the same 24 hours that you have imagine that the same 86,400 seconds inthe day, do they squander it? You better work your butt offevery single second that “youve had” or you will find yourself saying Ishould have, but it’ll be too late the time would have already guided your occasion will be lost your golden opportunity willfall in someone else’s lap don’t do that to yourself.You’ve work too hard up until this level you put too much blood, toomuch sweat, too much tears too many late nights of studyinginto your workmanship to ease up now. The day is now not only is it important to you but it’s important to their own families, it’s important to your friends it’s important to every young childthat looks at you as a role model and you had no idea you were being watched. There are young children in yourneighborhood that aspire to be like you They demand the possibilities of you’ve been given but they may be too shy to tell youand so they watch from a distance don’t let them down. The meter is now everyone in your reces isrooting for your success everybody in your reces wants to see you shine everyone in your angle wants to see you win everyone in your area believed in you. The question is, do you believe in you? are you committed to the process? are you built for this life? are you ready for the tears? the long days of working hard, thesleepless lights of putting in job the relinquish of your timeto reach a brand-new level.The time is now the choice is yours don’t wait don’t hold back don’t be shy give it all you got give it every ounce ofeffort you can muster up then, and only then can you be successful The time is now really quickly, really quickly the first factor, thefirst thing of your -Agame the first character that you’ve got to get is the attitude, alright now say it with me you’vegot to have the right position listen to me your position is everything Your attitude determines everysingle thing you do in life your posture influences your altitude. Do you want to go high-pitched in live? You’vegot to have the right outlook this is what they say in life They said here today that, they say that life is it really 10% listen to me now, 10% ofwhat happens is your life. 90% the remaining big picture the remaining 90% is how yourespond to that small-minded 10% So no matter what it is that you gothrough in life, it’s only a small fraction the big picture nonetheless is howdid you respond to that collapse? how did you respond to .. to that catastrophe? how did you respond to failing that quiz? how did you is submitted in response to notgetting that promotion? privilege! whatever it is you went throughin life, How did you greeting? how did you bounce back? so it’s all about having the chasten attitude.Anticipation all that really entails is listen- you past the site of hoping for success you past the quality of pleasing for success anticipation literally means you areexpecting to be successful, right! when you woke up this morning, you expectedcertain things to happen, right! am I wrong? Let me know if I’m wrong when you woke up you anticipatedeating some breakfast you foresaw going toschool, going to work, right! you predicted halfway through the day, going some type of lunch, some snack you forecasted certainthings throughout your date in other words you expected them to happen listen in other words if you didn’t get to lunchon time, you felt some type of way, right! if you didn’t get to eat at a certain time you started to get a littleangry, ya’ll catching this? so when it is necessary to your dreams, you’ve got to be the same way expect it to happen so much that if it doesn’thappen you’re starting to feel some type of way if you don’t attain whenyou’re ready to succeed you – listen, your date is going south alright so you’ve got to anticipate beingsuccessful and don’t miss this you have to have the right attitude, youhave to anticipate being successful but last-place and not least, you got to have some action.Listen I don’t care how great your outlook is I don’t care how much you say “Torian, I’m anticipating becoming successful” then you sit on the couch every day, it ain’t gonna get there for you You can’t represent millions sittingin bunked watching Tv all day You got to get out of the bed, you got to get off that couch You got to get put that cell phone down, you gotto go out there and get what belongs to you. listen to me now your action is that glue everything you’ve worked so hard for, youraction is what’s gonna mold it all together. I don’t know what areayou are in their own lives I don’t know if you’re inschool watching this video I don’t know if you’re in the part watchingthis video, I don’t know if you’re at home I don’t know where you are or whatarea of being you’re are concentrated on but whatever fear you have, you haveto learn how to face that horror the best way to overcome it? to look it straight in the face andsay it’s my turn to take you down Listen to me as we close it out, as we closeit out, don’t miss these three points.We’re talking about creating challenges We’re talking about challenging yourself stop looking for the easy way out stop looking for the cheat code, the Staples easy button, right? stop looking forward to the easyway, challenge yourself and the three things you got to do is: one initiate high-pitched specific but achievable points another thing is you’ve got to learnhow to get an early start to your date and then the last thing listen the best way to overcome thosefears is to face your frights.

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