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welcome to the brand-new video successions this again is about equations and me would like to start this time 0 1 with a motive the videos are directed generally to students, extremely this time, from the seventh grade onwards where you learn how to use the linear equation in the statement and I get it on this right up to the logarithmic and trigonometric equations Accordingly, high school graduates can also use this series of videos to again repeat how to solve the equation encounter in academy yes so why is it important to be able to solve it right away the reason is that if you sit something mathematically then you do it that simply through equations and searches for certain through certain conditions Equations which then arise from the functional equation and who is required to the authorities concerned will look at it in detail in a moment employing the illustration of the timetable which is now modeled now by two moved epoch gatherings v train and vbv velocity and tee for this time So if the hurryings depend on the time for the improve and for the bus, for example, the graphic can look like this: here is the rapidity of the instruct and that now the speed of the bus this here means they both standing still now the bus is leaving has one now maximum speed at here again speed 0 that symbolizes there is a train station now as well as here in the develop station and here at the train that same sport is here in the train depot and here in the drill terminal however, the maximum speed of the instruct is for example much higher than that of the bus, which is clearly visible now, a zb the time at which the study comes to a standstill is of interest that would be clear in the graph here at this point that is the state where the instruct is located if the central station leaves, for example, the next terminal would be here, the instruct is there serene and now what we are looking for are zero of the diagram of v train in the pattern, the part in time is described by tee and the same to be solved because we are looking for zeros is v learn of t equal zero that symbolizes about that provide answers here is to ask change must solve my equation next the time when the teach and it must be the same speed have we mark again that would be the case now because tv now the horizontal axis here and here again and mostly too here again because here both of them are standing at the same time at the improve terminal at that time the same speed 0 in the mannequin is currently of course again described by this time but in both serves preference and forest and the equation to be solved is stop v train equals sharpens the numerical presumption behind it is an interface mood and differentiated off it goes here again just about an equation to be solved the maximum speed of the study is what you get in the eleventh class learns through the first origin because it is when you look at yourself when the maximum speed is an extreme our at high points special case low items are minimum hurrying So it’s about the first origin of v Zug and about getting the most extreme ones If you adjust this 0 that means you have to solve an equation and the numerical speculation behind it is curve discussion and a bit accurate extreme resolution the maximum acceleration of the bus is likely to be calculate the same as the acceleration and the change in the quicken is the second derivative of v bus describes the maximum acceleration and when we gave zero then we get the places where that is the case So this is a matter of putting walls if you look at them at focus das would be about here there have my walls put right left important turning point here here now and now so here we have now many walls represent several nominees and the ones with the greatest slope the tangent from these at these points the has is the maximum acceleration of the bus so what I actually exclusively establish when we mostly have to ever the same and solve in order to get special statements all in one interest simulation

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