Jim Rohn – FOCUS ON ONE THING (Jim Rohn Motivation)

JIM ROHN here’s the key on this don’t major inminor things if you take over major is necessary to do minor things I’m telling youyou’ll be behind the curve constantly here’s what we learned in marketings trainingwhat’s major go and what’s adolescent epoch here’s minor go thinking aboutprospects here’s minor occasion acquiring inventory of prospectshere’s minor time restraining notebooks on prospectshere’s minor era going to see the prospect here’s minor time evaluating theprospect after you’ve been there that’s all child experience here’s major timein the presence of the prospect that’s mine that’s major meter and if you took alook if you’re in sales and you took a look at a week you’d say my gosh I’mspending 90% of my era on the adolescent trash and so little time on the majorstuff in the presence of how many hours in the fact that there is in my day how manyhours in the fact that there is during my sales week because the time that really countsis in the presence of majors and children here’s another key duration managementessential don’t misunderstanding campaign for accomplishment it’s easy to get faked outby being hectic that comes home at night all spent descends in the chair andsays oh I’ve been exiting exiting leading here’s the big questiondoing what it’s not the goal and go and going some people are going going goingand they’re doing digit eights their progress is small so don’t mistakemovement for achievement here’s another one in marketings we learned don’t mistakecourtesy for consent if somebody’s Pleasant and they gestured yousay oh they’re gonna buy know they’re courteous you can’t correct courtesy forconsent now here’s the big one concentration Ihad to learn this all those years ago I’m in the shower trying to compose aletter determined it turns out to be a strange letter so here’s what I learnedto do save them work did you get to the office save the occupation did you get to thework don’t try to get to the office on the way to work on the way to work enjoythe channel and the shower enjoy the shower then go to work when you get to work Ifound this to be helpful concentration here’s another big-hearted one learn to say noI’m telling you in such a social culture we have now it’s so easy to try to be anice person saying yes yes yes to everything meet yourself overloaded nowyou’ve got to call start that well gosh you know all the time it takes to backout of something that you should said yes to too quickly here’s what might bebetter I don’t think so but if that changes I’ll call you little things youcan use not to commit over devote yourself my friend Ron Reynolds saysdon’t let your mouth overload your back it’s a good now here’s the big one on timemanagement when you work work when you play play don’t mixture the two don’t workat movement I be applicable to make my family to the beach and I “ve brought” my briefcase I learned not to do that or at the beachI’m saying I should be at the bureau I should be at the bureau now my family’supset because I’m at the coast and I’m thinking office power office now whenI’m at the power I’m thinking what I various kinds of get my family to the beach thebeach the sea so things are not going too well at the power cuz I’m thinkingBeach and things are not going too well at the beach cuz I’m thinkin officehere’s what I learned to do at the coast is currently in the coast at the power be at theoffice when you work work when you play play don’t concoction the two don’t work atplay now here’s one of the most important ones don’t play at work workis too serious you don’t want the honour of being the place jokerit’s not a good yes there’s time for some pleasant fibs yes there’s timefor a little humor yes best if it’s a happy part of course but I’m tellingyou got to be serious about piece cuz you’re parting with a piece of your lifefor the labour you do your work costs you a piece of your life here’s what it’scalled serious business not dour not unhappy but serious don’t play it succeed the only party Idon’t think we usage anymore horse around at the bureau play around play jokesplay tricks no arrange not at the workplace at the beach yes at the baryes somewhere else not work you got to treat work with all due conservativepassion because it’s guiding you to your futurehere’s another key phrase all work is good you may not like your job but ifit’s the stepping stone to get you to that it wishes to to go you’ve got toappreciate your work you don’t have to have a passion for your work here’s theultimate spirit a joy for incredible success in every departmentof my life that’s the passion but don’t look down down on some menial occupation youhave to do to finally get you to where you want to go no job is menial menialno profession is not no every errand is noble training life for offer obliging thecontribution to society next analyze how you are and if you havesome weakness if you can’t doesn’t seem like you can change here’s the keyget it dealt I used to keep promising myself I’d keep the books keep the bookskeep the books eventually I dedicate that up and back then it only took me an extra5 0 60 bucks a month for some accountant to keep the books as a no I’m gonna savethe 50 horses you can’t believe what I started losing in productivities becauseI tried to save the 50 bucks so the key is of crucial meters you can stay like youare but merely make sure you get it encompassed next beware of the telephone and allother systems of communication extremely the telephone at home andsystems of communication at home and here’s one of the best courses I’ve gotfor you for the weekend gave all communication systems serve youbut don’t let them intrude when it comes time to have dinner with your family youshut off all systems unless the ones that can take messages silentlydon’t let the phone resounding don’t let anybody enter come throughthe front door or the back entrance nor through the telephone or any otherdevice so you can’t reach John and his family when he’s having dinner thePresident of the United Position couldn’t get through if you develop that kind ofa reputation father mother when we have dinner when we’re visiting and have thistime with our lineage nothing pokes so don’t let these smart little deviceskeep intruding you’ve got to have a place that sag or sank it’s it’svaluable you don’t let anything in for that period of time okay isn’t it goodadvice excellent advice here’s the next one read all the books you know I’veonly got a few records now on time management but if you’ve got someparticular challenges you run a big organization a big corporation you’vegot some challenges there’s plenty of notebooks now here’s what’s next really bemore alerting to the things that might be stealing your time here’s why time islike uppercase you can’t make someone steal your seedcorn you can’t give someonesteal your uppercase and you can’t cause someone steal your timeyou must designate your time and some of the time that you nominate you must notlet anyone steal informal period you might let someone intrude and steal a littlebit and take a little bit but not serious time next one of the great time managementsavers is to learn to ask questions upfrontsometimes you talk to somebody for an hour and then you ask questions and findout if you would have asked those questions up front you could have savedyourself an hour asking questions up front helps you to get to the problemnow but if you simply launch into some discourse you might waste 30 times ofwaste an hour when here’s what you should have been talking about afteryou’ve finished an hour you say John what’s really the problem he said wellit’s something personal see that’s what you should have been talking about thiswhole hour next learn to review on paper and we’re gonna take a break some waysto think on paper one we’ve flooded one solving problems take it out of yourhead and threw it on paper another one is setting points drawing these lists we’vealready started here’s another good way to think on paper it’s a projects bookeach person you’re working with and each project you’re working on get aloose-leaf binder and a tab and some sections of paper behind the tab and do alittle continual summing-up of how it’s going between you and such person or persons andbetween you and that project I call it a projects book it is so useful to me butwhat’s going on between you and this personwhen you last got together what did “youre talking about” and you got a few records therehere’s what we talked about the last period we got together now when you gettogether again you can review that so you’ll be better what to talk aboutwhen the president get ready to travel and he’s gonna meet some importantpeople guess what they bringing all these briefing journals all right the lasttime you were with Khrushchev Kennedy is informed here’s what he said here’s whatyou said Kennedy said no that’s valuable I need to remember that if a person isimportant it’s worth a little running account you might even have a projectbook for their own children here’s what’s happening between me and my child we’vetalked about this and we’ve talked about thistalk about this next contribute a timer keeping track of all of your appointments youknow mine is all filled with you know when to catch an airplane and when to doa meeting when to sit down and have a conference all the rest next is a gameplan you know if you’ve got a house and the you know insurance is gonna come dueand some other things are gonna come do you just threw it on a spreadsheet andmake sure it’s taken care of key word go things out of your headand gave them on paper and the key is to merely experiment with different ways thathelps you to do that are currently here’s the last one visualizing on paper and that’s to keepa journal one of the things I’m known for around the world have been now for3 9 40 years is keeping a journal now my journal is not a you know it’s notnecessarily a it’s not like a diary it might be part diaryyou know I’m flying over Ireland and write down a few little things thatimpressed me today I congregate this person what an extraordinary event today thescent I handled this forum in Rome thousand people suffer that was sayingfor me I’ve got a little bit of a diary in there but here’s what principally yourgeneral is for collecting good projects a columnist to compile good suggestions on yourhealth and good themes for your business and good theories for your future goodideas for experience conduct cuz I used to take notes on sections of article and tornoff areas and backs of old envelopes and restaurant placemats and I hurled allthis stuff in a drawer it should not serve me well I attained ly learn to get a boundcopy right and just keep a journal write five washere I had my journal I’d be taking notes right these 2 day in my journalnow if you’re capture without your journal you just take the observes when youget back home you’ve apply those memoes in your journal throw the paper awaybecause we don’t often go through paper to review but discover my periodicals nowmake up a and one of the purposes of my own library my journalsall earmarked privately for my children and my grandchildrencan you imagine what I’ve collected over the years it’s unbelievablethere are three hoards to leave behind I think you’ve already come thosenotes right here they are number one your draws don’t leave the eventunrecorded it makes only a fraction of a penny of a second to say here’s who I waswith when I travel the world right we take all these envisions and here’s oneof the offerings people transport me the pictures they made of me and them it’s part ofthe fortunes I have on the farm incredible a picture’s worth a thousandwords to describe the vistum the excitement what happened say wow this was anextraordinary day for me when I match these people here’s what they told mehappened to them when they went to my meeting 10 years ago Wow the theatre comesback if you’ve taken the pictures it’s one of the riches to leave behindwhen you go remember the age-old images that we have now you know 100 years ago7 0 80 years ago just a few cases photographs what would it be like if you hadthousands of photographs of the past of your history your father your leader mygrandparents so alter all of that now for your children leave all yourphotographs as a record here’s what’s next to leave behind and that’s yourlibrary the books that varied your life the books that modification your health thebooks that rescued you from limbo the books that you passed on to otherpeople they were so exciting for you the books that stirred you financiallyindependent the books that developed your lead books that gave youwisdom to contemplate when things were tough the books that got you through thewinter the books that helped you to plant in the spring and the harvest inthe fall what a hoard to leave behind if you do that here’s what’s for sureyour notebooks will be more valuable than your furniture

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