Sylvester Stallone – Rocky Balboa Motivation – Motivational Speech

This chap as a young man had a dream a dream to become a big movie star to come to a Hollywood and to become a great director and creator and a writer and all those kind of dreams He had of course everyone told him it can’t be done But, you are familiar with, he wouldn’t make no for an answer and he moved across from New York to Los Angeles to Hollywood And of course one day after fighting as we all do in the beginning to get into TV and in the movies He had this idea of writing a script and in longhand he wrote this write Which was Rocky? It’s all about dreams, you are familiar with, and by the way dreams cost nothing they’re free the hard part is just keeping them croaking and please keep them travelling because We’re here for one simple reason he believed in the dream I believed in the dream and our dreams come true and there’s no reason every one of yours.Can’t either I Used to sit in this little apartment in that I was a room with my mill was so tiny Remember I was able to open up the window and close the door while sitting on the bed at the same time it was like eight hoofs by eight feet by nine paws and but The one thing about that room there was really very little distraction so I would sit there propped up in bed and I go out with my big-hearted pencil and a legal pad and only write the show these these legends and and most of them were very unusually meaningless but there was something about the process of Unrealized dreams. I was always brought back to this subject because I think it’s one of the most enduring themes and one of the most difficult Passages for parties concurred that they never were realise in their own lifetime that they just didn’t get that shot I decided it was a time to come to California so to, California and I moved in the valley and things weren’t vanishing very well there as a matter of fact I had to confront and Try to sell my puppy because he was either do that or He only was not gonna be very well fed and then one night I went to see Muhammad Ali a fight for one brief instant this supposed Stumblebum turned out to be Magnificent in the fact that he previous and slapped the champion down I said boy This isn’t a metaphor for life his entire live solidified at that moment.He will be remembered For all immortality, at least it was among the fight love. He “ve done something” astonishing none of that That is probably what I need as a catalyst for an idea the man who’s going to stand up to life And take one shot and maybe go the distance So I started to write and “its one” of those writing crazes and three days later I was put forward by the script of Rocky Now the write by no means was a finished patch of material It was probably about 90 pages and maybe 10% of it remained in the final dialogue, but it was done I First assembled Bob shot off in Irwin Winkler and I speculate I was there on on a shed entitle So we’re talking a little and I guess I genuinely wasn’t right for the acting partner on the way out I said, um, I don’t know if it matters but I do a little bit of writing because really he says he’s yeah I’m writing this story So I have this thing about wrestlers and I might do some of the boxing while you as well Bringing around and I reviewed if I hadn’t stopped on the way out That’s why I tell all actors poise haters don’t give up keep talking eventually.You might reach a gut somewhere. They disappear come on back and If they didn’t say come on back or bringing it later and let’s see what you’ve developed. I wouldn’t be sitting here so I have to give incredible credit to their to their insight and their calmnes and they’re willing to take a chance which It doesn’t exist much anymore unfortunately Primarily when I wreak the dialogue to them they were and somewhat enthusiastic about it The one thing they were not fervent about was me playing the pardon and I actually can’t blame them at the time But there was something inside of me that that you know this opportunity is never gonna come around and I truly wasn’t used to money and I had no idea of what I would be missing but the temptation started to come forward firstly it was 25 specks and $100,000 zero, I never heard of 100 selling because I had had like a hundred six dollars the banking Like I said, I had to sell my dog and things were not looking very very good My $40 car had just blown up.So I was taking a bus to work And was still it didn’t matter. I wanted to stick with it. Then I went up to 150 775 south and moved up to 250,000 now my brain was starting to spin and it started up to three hundred and thirty thousand and Probably I heard it was three hundred sixty thousand and I anticipated all right, you are familiar with You’ve really succeeded poverty very well.You’ve got this down to a science You certainly don’t need much to live on I had like sort of figured it out. So I was not in in any way I Used to to the good life, so I thought you know what? If I know in the back of my thought if I sell the script and it does highly very well I’m gonna jump off the pole and if I’m not it so this is one of those things where you time roll the dice and you Fly by the proverbial set of your heaves a person went startled. I gotta simply do it I may be totally wrong and I’m gonna be taking a lot of beings down with me, but I exactly believe in it we were working with the handheld camera at the time was was Garrett Brown and it was Somewhat experimental and he’d film me operating through patronizing missiles and up down and paces and flights.I mean curved passageways along the river until eventually my legs mostly leaved out and I’m like wriggling on the dirt and I want to Rise up as hey John. I’m dying here and he goes no no implement it used to pain. I said for what I imply I’m in hardship because well no , no, you are familiar with, it’s giving your character It’s rendering him some degree I said is giving me traumata is giving me like affliction I can’t sleep at night like the scene where we just jump-start down and saw this ship along the dock this Doctor long appearance it just jump out ranged as faster You can propel this ship and and and I’m running and loping I said, you know what my legs are fastening I’m literally gonna clang down now. Teeth are gonna start jaw face I’m just gonna be ground down to this flat faced portrait, satisfy Precisely scarcely represented it The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows it’s a extremely mean and bad region and I don’t care how tough you are It will beat you to your knees and stop you there permanently if you give it you Me or nobody is gonna punched as hard as soul But it ain’t about how hard you smacked it’s about how hard you can get hit and moves forward how much you can take And keep moving forward That’s how weird it is done Now if you know what you’re worth that go out and get what you’re value but you got to be willing to make the hits and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him or Her or anybody? Cowards do that and that ain’t you you’re better than that You can’t be alone To really attain No, soldier Truly is an island when you find the title components in your life the right people that gelatin with you then you feel as though you You’re invincible.It may be a fallacy But you at least feel as though you can you can take all that life has to dish out At the very end of our lives if we can still say, you know, and we were never humbled we were thumped down but we got up and I can say I Lived life with coherence and I took all the blows as the song says and I still reigned I think that’s it.That’s a Good epitaph for anyone It’s all about dreams, you know, and by the way dreams cost nothing they’re free The hard part is just keeping them going and please to be maintained originating because we’re here for one simple reason He believed in the dream. I believed in the dream when our dreams come true and there’s no reason every one of yours. Can’t either You.

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