Purpose-driven motivation: 2 Uber drivers taught me how

Hey guys. This is Steli Efti with Close.io. Today I want to speak to you about Uber. What the inferno do I have to say about Uberthats going to be interesting? Not that much. But I have to say something about two Uberdrivers that I recently met and I want to share those stories with you because I thinktheir fibs will be affected by how you supplant with your start-up, how you succeedin hustling and selling. All liberty. Let me backtrack. I use Uber a lot. I love it and often when Im in a journey, first I just like to be quiet and be by myself, listening to a podcast or do somethingelse thats interesting or cool or do some is currently working on my laptop.But I ever try to fight that because I knowthat people can be the doorway to new world. So I tried to take an interest and just askthem some questions. Sometimes theres a bond. Sometimes there isnt. But recently, in the last 10 daytimes, I had twodrivers where when I asked them why they only driving and how long theyve been doingthis, they told me some stunning legends. So the first chap, when I asked him how longhe has been driving, he “ve been told”, You know, Ive exclusively been driving for a few weeks. I asked him how much he likes it and why hedoes it. What he told me was pretty inspiring story. Hes actually doing cancer research at StanfordMedical School or university. Im not exactly sure. For the past 20 years and hes driving Uberone hour in the morning, one hour in the night every single day and then on weekends he doesit two hours in the morning, to raise money for cancer research.He was telling me about like all his patientsand the suffering they feel and some of them genuinely struggle financially because theyre notable to work during all the treatment that theyre coming and how its breakinghis centre every day and how hes trying to make a small difference and I will askhim about his little characterization, on the Uber app. If you have it, when you call, when you seethe driver, theres a little picture of the move and in his draw was him andhis little son. Now I have two little sons. So I asked about about that. He was just telling me that his little boy loveshim a lot and ever wants to be around him.So his son really detested the idea that hisdad is taking an hour from the morning time they had together and an hour from the eveningtime that they could have together. So the highway that he spoofed it was that he tooka picture with his boy and he told him how important this was to him and how much ofa difference theyre making and indicated him the picture of the two of them and said, WheneverIm driving, this is going to be the picture so youre ever with me. I thought that was a jolly inducing andamazing story and just yesterday, I had another one that I thought I wanted to share withyou. Nows an Uber driver that for the firstfew minutes, “weve had” like zero interactions with and frankly, I was actually just intolistening to something and I time I was tired. I genuinely demanded only to be by myself. But then I gazed over and I understood that inhis cockpit, there was a picture, an older picture of I couldnt certainly figureit out, either a father and his son or two brothers.It was two parties. I thought it was interesting that he tapedit there, at the cockpit. So I asked him. I was like, Oh, whats the story behindthe picture? He said, Oh, thats me and my littlebrother. I was like, Oh, thats cool. Why do you have that illustration there? Hes like, Yeah, Im paying for mylittle brothers school and I make love while driving Uber. I was like, Oh, thats really cool. Good for you. Youre an stunning oldest brother. Props! Then he said, Yeah, thank you. We remained driving and at some station I recollected, Well, why is he doing it? and I asked him, Well, why do you have the picturethere? Its cool that youre paid under him.But why do you need the picture there? Hes like, Yeah, a lot of experiences Imnot really motivated to do the additional use. I work at a factory. I is certainly ponderous machinery. Its very tough and levying run. So a lot of days after my work, I dontreally feel like jumping into my auto and driving for Uber. But that situation in my automobile reminds me whoI am doing this for. So its various kinds of my direction of causing myselfand continue reminding myself of why Im doing this.Im not just driving Uber to make a fewbucks. Im driving this gondola to pay for school formy little brother and give him opportunities and possibilities in life. I was super to be affected by that and I was curiousto hear why he in specific had to pay for his brother. So I asked him. He get, You know what? My father just recently died and my motherhas cancer and shes not able to work anymore. So theres genuinely not anyone else that couldpay for my little brother.My brother is really smart. I know when I went to school, I made a lotof misstep in my life. So Im the only one thats able to enableand empower my little brother to have a different animation. I thought that was pretty powerful shit andnot just for him. Not just good for him for doing somethingwith purpose and empowering his brother to have more opportunities in life than him butalso I “ve been thinking about” his brother. I mean we were chit-chat and smiling and laughingabout some tales of two brothers. He seems not just to be smart but also superambitious at school and no wonder because when his brother goes to school, he goes intothere with a different kind of purpose as well and context. Hes not just like, Yeah, sure, Imat the school.But I genuinely wanted to be at this other institution. His brother shows up at clas and he knows, hey, my oldest brother is hustling every day after work, working for hours and hours andhours to pay for this, to enable me to come here and learn and start something out of myself. So what kind of a drive and reason andinspiration is that for the fucking brother and not just for the bigger one? I thought that was a super special narrative andI actually drew he allowed me to take some portraits and Im going to publish thesepictures in this post. Were going to edit them into the videoso you have kind of a visual of him and the picture of him and his brother.But why am I sharing the narration? Other than its really cool, inspirational, delightful narratives of people that are doing something thats bigger than themselves, is that itreminded me how important it is to connect your work to a purpose, preferably to somethingthats bigger than only yourself. Dont just come to work and hustle for yourstartup to be successful or dont just come to work and hustle so that you can stumbled certainrevenue counts. Ask yourself, Why am I doing this? Whats the larger purpose? Why do I care about the wreak I do? Whats the difference I will realize in theworld and preferably, whats the difference thats bigger than simply myself, my selfishneeds? How can I spawn somebody or something trulybetter in the world through the task that Im doing? If you dont got something in your mindright now, just take a moment and go on a foot or sitting there somewhere placid and thinkabout this. How could I connect the direct that Im doing, the sales call that Im doing, this email Im writing right now to a higher purpose? How can I prompt myself of that higher purposeevery single day so a better quality of employment that I do is on a completely different level andthe quality of my life while Im doing that work is a completely different level? I want to hear from you.So make sure to comment now. Tweet at me, @steli. Send me an email at steli @close. io. Tells share one another narratives. Makes inspire each other to do better workby doing more purpose-driven work. All privilege. I hope that this was useful. 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