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On start-ups morning an all-powerful God Flung the glittering virtuosoes against the velvet of the darknes He views the seven seas in the palm of his hand. He values cavity with his fingertips He motions the mountains in the scale and the hills and the remaining balance the God that we dish has total control He says tell there be light-footed and in that moment of epoch darkness Was crushed and subjugated forever his son Jesus Christ moved upon the rage Sea of Galilee And he regarded the winds of his fist and said peacefulnes be still that’s control that God is in control of planet Earth and he can be Absolutely in control of your life if you tell him He will make a lane where there seems to be in a way Stop worrying and start living Worry proves that you don’t believe God can take care of you fret is faith in horror Worry is faith in anxiety the two texts in the New Testament from the mouths of the apostles fear not Fear not horror not the past.Why because your past has been forgiven and forgotten fear not the present I will never leave you nor forsake you Joshua 1 and 9 be not afraid for thy God is with you wherever you go David said yea though, I walk through the depression of the shadow of death. I will fear no scourge for thou skill with me Death has restricted to a darknes The Lord is my dawn and my salvation Whom shall I fear the Lord is the strength of my life of whom should I be afraid? Psalms 27 and 1 Hebrews 13 6 the Lord is my helper I will not fear what worker can do with me panic not death The Bible says I am he who was dead and saw I am alive for evermore Fear not sickness because this is the book of the Great Physician Fear not poverty for it is the Lord that gives you the power to get wealth Fear not other people the Bible says I will meet your adversaries to be at peace with you You will climb the impossible mountain.I’ll give you the ability to defeat the inconceivable rival 1,000 shall come at your left hand Ten Thousand shall precipitate at your helping hand. David said I will horror no immorality Why because God? Almighty is with me. That’s why Worry is trust in the unpleasant worry is assurance. That trouble is coming Worry is believing in your personal win and dejection Worry is a polluted stream that flows through your brain that drowns hope and optimism That kills sect perturb is interest paid on trouble that never happens Think about that One old man said and I repeat most of the trouble I’ve had in lifetime never happened How many of you have worried yourself, silly? about something you simply knew was going to be disaster and it never happened Worry opens our life through ponders But the Bible teaches us to give all of our care on God because he attends for us Life is real and we never know exactly what’s going to come our lane, but we do know God we don’t have to live in fear because he’s with us And He’s on our feature Well worry considers the problem but it doesn’t see God I don’t think it’s wrong to see the problem.Matter of reality, I think we should look at our problems firmly And then we need to tell them where they stand in relationship to God worry participates their own problems but faith attends The God who can handle the problem and that’s what we have to do and whatever Situation you’re in right now in your life Whether it’s something with your girls or your wedding or your finances or you think you’re never going to recover from your past or you’re fighting with some kind of an addiction or some kind of a Sin, that merely continues trying to cling to you whatever it is, you have to know that God is greater than any problem that you have and you have to not worry because When you cry and then you fret the worry nullifiers your prayer Prayer is something you do instead of annoy if we cry and then worry We’re saying with our cheek That we’re depending on God, but we’re staying with our actions that we don’t really believe that God is going to come through So we’re going to worry and have a back-up plan just in case he doesn’t We don’t have to know what God is gonna do we don’t have to know when he’s gonna get it on All we need to know is that he is and he has a plan and at the right time Not our time But at the right time God will execute that hope matter of fact, I’m gonna tell you something’s just frothing up in my soul right now God is working in your life Every single one of you God is working in your life right now in ways that you cannot feel don’t see and don’t understand And everything that we go through we need to lift up our articulate and say God, I believe you’re working in my life right now I’m expecting something good And God is with you in your situation Some of you are in very difficult situations And more in the midst of that you have joy and treaty and you have hope and only God can give us that God is with you precisely because you have a problem that does not mean that God has abandoned you God is with you Jesus Christ manufactured the profound proclamations about worried that the world has ever heard in Matthew the sixth chapter Therefore I say to you do not worry about your life what you will eat or what you will drink or about your body What you will put on is not life more than food and the body more than clothing Look at the fowls of the breeze for they neither sow nor collect nor gather and barns more Your heavenly Father feeds them or you not of more quality than Which of you by annoying can add one cubit to his prominence? So why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field how they proliferate they neither drudgery nor spend and more I said to you that even Solomon all of his blessing was not arrayed like one of these now if God so robes the grass of the field which today is and tomorrow is thrown into the oven Will he not much more clothe you oh you of little faith Therefore do not worry saying what shall we snack or what shall we imbibe or what shall we wear For after all these things the Gentiles seek for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things But attempt firstly the domain of God and His righteousness and all of these things shall be added unto you Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things Sufficient for the day is its own trouble Simple profound God gives you what you need And I’m sure that many of you have things tower out there in the future that you know is going to require answers and you don’t have those rebuttals, but you know What the greatest way that you can show faith in God is to refuse to worry about it Refuse to think about it excessively and every time it comes to your intelligence just say, I don’t know what I’m gonna do But I know the God who does know what I’m gonna do And that’s when we get over into the miracle realm with God where he can do unusually Abundantly above and beyond all that we could ever dare to hope ask for or foresee Many of you have got a wonderful testimony in your life of what God has done for you And God has brought you some from some residences that nobody would ever thought that you could have recovered from Of course, I have that same witnes myself, and I’m telling you what God is no respecter of persons His predicts are not for somebody else or an society for you.They are for you. He is here right now And He is taking care of your situation You don’t have to worry God will do one of two things if you have a problem He will either remove the problem which is always our first choice and usually the only thing that we think we can even be remotely satisfied with He will either remove the problem our he will give you the fortitude the goodnes the ability to go through The problem now, I know we don’t like to going through constituent But I’m telling you if you can say God, I know you’ll do one of two things You’re either going to remove this you’re going to move it.You’re gonna take it away or you going to give me the grace to deal with it And if we can trust God enough to leave that choice up to him Because if he lets us “re going through” it, then he’s got a purpose in thought There’s something we’re going to get out of it that we need Trusting God is wonderful It’s so wonderful to just say I don’t understand this But I speculate God’s gonna work it out I do not understand this. It hurts far worse. I feel like I can’t stand it But I believe that God is going to work it out Some way somehow, I believe that God is gonna work it out Our journey with God is a very wonderful wonderful sounds wonderful and I’m asking you today to choose boldness Don’t live a little bitty constrict good-for-nothing man When there’s such a great big wonderful living available to you just because you won’t give that Chance That precisely perhaps perhaps maybe perhaps maybe what you feel really is God God has not given us a flavor of fear.He doesn’t want us living cowardly weak wimpy fearful animations he wants us to be bold and Brave and strong and not afraid something happened to you brand-new things I believe a lot of the reasons why people don’t step out and try new things is they already recall before they even try about all the things that might happen if they disappoint And I think that if you know that how much God loves you really understand how much he loves you Then you can live without that panic of omission, which immediately prepares you free to try things If you merely do the best you can when you step out Then God will promote you a little bit at a time so often I believed to be look at the highway We think it needs to be in its perfection and if we can’t do that more Then we won’t even step out and is everything and I can tell you my beginning was lamentable But I was following God I think that some of you are at a level in your life and I precisely I feel this in my nerve that some of you You’re facing something new Maybe something in your life has come to a close and now you’re facing something better and Fear always comes against us when we face brand-new things.You’re not the only one Every time you try to make any kind of progress, you can be assured that Satan will try to frighten you that’s the way that he keeps people from going forward Courage is not the absence of fear, but mettle is actually onward motion in the presence of fear. I don’t want you to forget that You’re not afraid you’re not a coward because you feel fear But we’re cowardly when we let the dread controller us Rather than continuing to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.God will precede us through suspicion And into His perfect will for our lives If you ever actually want to live your life led by the Holy Spirit You have to understand that God doesn’t even usually announce beings that are qualified Or who feel ready to do what they’re being asked to do. That’s why it takes faith to make love And faith meant that you step out based on what’s in your heart Not based on what’s in your environments Instead of being afraid of brand-new things we should be excited about brand-new things and I know this sounds actually Like kindergarten simple, but candidly and truly if beings would just have the mettle to merely follow God for their individual lives You would have an outrageously Wonderful life not everybody might like what you do , not everyone might is supportive of your selects You might not ever get a lot of encouragement and handclaps when “youre beginning” But God will prove himself to you.If you’ll be bold enough to follow God and not the crowd Myself included we regularly come to places in our life and we haven’t been there. We haven’t done that We have no experience with that And so we have a tendency to want to start backing off from it and just stay in our little barge of security But God’s helping you today to step out and be bold enough To follow the leadership of God for your life and it never ceases to astound me what God enables a person to do if they will exactly step out Bold faith Christianity is viewed increasingly with not only skepticism but open hostility And it requires of us a bolder sect a willingness to say out loud.I’m for Jesus I’m for Jesus. I anticipate Jesus is a good thing. I think he’ll help you It’s now acceptable in our culture very, if you hold that worldview It is suggested frankly not intimated at not nuanced. It’s openly suggested that that somehow you’re not quite up to speed with the 21 st century That intellectually even left a little behind that your your moral evolution and your theoretical awareness And your worldview is is a bit jaded a little skewed it’s it’s underdeveloped and you’re a diminished person in some way It takes bold religion to be a Jesus person in these days and I want to encourage you And make it be known in your curve of force with your best friend and your neighbors and your family members and your co-workers your with Jesus It’s important. They need to know beings looks just like you cherish Jesus Bold faith A religion that says on the daily basis, I want to do my best to make choices that honor Jesus of Nazareth. I’m for him And I would encourage you to be for him.He’s made my life better Jesus doesn’t diminish soul. He provides a better quality of life. He expands the contentment in life Bold Faith Not critical not harsh not mean-spirited but a spirit for Jesus that are affecting your life If we would go to Joshua 1 We would see that when God sent Joshua to make Moses’s plaza to lead the Israelites across the wilderness into the Promised Land He said there’s only one thing that you have to do Fear not and be bold God can’t work through fear.He runs through sect Fear opens the door for the foe to work in our life and faith opens the door for God to work in our lives Fear comes out of your flesh out of your situations out of what you think and feel but faith comes out of your middle And you have to follow your heart you have to keep your heart safe and you have to keep your heart free And if you’re not following the leadership of God for you, then your nerve is not going to be free. It’s going to be inconvenienced And I believe that even if you step out to try something you believe is God and you don’t make it all the way God likes that atmosphere of invasion and that Boldness that says I’m gonna step out and try it.I’m not gonna live in fear So we have a choice of facing the difficulties we face in life in one or two ways We can do it courageously or we can do it fearfully and God doesn’t want his people living horrible He says I has not been able to given you the spirit of fear, but of supremacy and of affection and of a sound mind God wants us to be triumphant he wants us to be courageous and adventurou whatever we face in life and he’s made promises to make it possible for us to face anything and everything and Still be standing when the engagement is over in difficult times dangerous times.We don’t look around we search we’re up And so we get courage strength and we’re willing to trust God be fearless and bold no matter what God requires of us God will change your life God is ready to give you the best the question is are you ready to trust him for it Couple of scriptures just for encouragement and your hearing will hear a word behind you saying this is the way walk in it When you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left God is promising us now get this This is a promise to every one of us that when we step out Into what we believe is God’s will that he will guide us every step of the method But he’s not going to give you a blueprint for the next 10 times before you become the first move Psalm 118:6 The Lord is on my side.I will not fear What can man do unto me? Isiah 12:2 Behold God is my salvation. I will trust Not I feel But I will trust and not be afraid for the Lord God is my strength and my psalm and he has become my salvation Isaiah 45:2 is another immense promise and I man I pray this one all the time And I will go before you and level the mountains to compile the bending plazas straight-shooting And I will break in pieces the doors of copper. I’m cut asunder the bars of cast-iron. I know that everywhere that I proceed There’s always opponent There’s always a proposal that the adversary has To stop the good that we want to do But I exactly cry this scripture that God will go before me and transport his angels before me and he’ll prepare the way before me And prepare the hearts of the people before me and you are familiar with, what if you will make a decision To stop telling other beings clear your decisions and to step out and try some things You’ll find God’s fate for your life You’ll find what’s going to fulfill you and what you’re meant to do and you’re meant to be but you’ve got to be bold You have to be bold enough to step out and find out Do we dare to dream What is a dream Do you dare to dream when others say it’s impossible Do you dare to dream when others live in doubt and despair Jesus Christ the author and the finisher of our faith said all things said here today that with me all things Are possible to them who accept Believe that God will do what he said He will do our God is able to overcome the limitations that others have placed on you.Whatever Forecasts they stated for future developments. God can nullify it in a second if you put your faith in Him Our God is able to overcome the aching of your past and regenerate the wraps of yesterday Our God is able to give you strength for today and replenish you with hope for tomorrow Our God is able to take all things the good the bad the pleasant the unpleasant and wreak them together for your good but what you have to do is belief Believe that the dream that he placed in your middle is a glimpse of your predestination and then press on endure hardness God will not fail you God will give you the desires of your stomach You simply have to trust in him and know that he didn’t bring you this far to let you down and if God has you in one hand and your predestination in the other I give you my assurances your dream will come true Dreams consider the power of a dream Our dreams are the golden ladder by which we climb to heavenly arranges Dreams are the mountain pinnacles of vision that we descend and look over into the promised land that God has given us dreams are the Lanterns by whose light we overtake safely through the darkest Valley Dreams are the inner glow in your spirit that gives you the persuasivenes And the working day of calamity to fight through the darkness until the dream comes true-life All great things are born in a dream art volumes music sermons improving skyscrapers corporate conglomerates Beethoven used to wander in the woods to get his music in the theatre of his subconsciou He discovered immense tunes of din that consecrated the world James Walt devised the steam engine and he cranked it up He exclaimed to his friends you see it today with your natural look but years ago.I interpreted it in my mind’s eye Dreams are the stuff that life is made of Walt Disney said if you can dream it you can do it And I hope and pray that you have a dream for your life Not having any kind of points or any kind of dreams for your life. It’s kind of a boring dull way To live don’t ever stop dreaming no matter how old-time you are Don’t stop dreaming. You’re not too young to dream You’re not too old a dream and even if you’ve got some smashed dreams in their own lives. I want to encourage you to dream again Don’t you give up on your dream I don’t care if you don’t have the money You don’t have the help And you don’t have the family for it and you don’t have the background for it and you don’t have friends for it Don’t you give up on your dream don’t you do it don’t you do it don’t you do it It may take you twice as long You may have to take courses and classes.You may not read as fast. You might not move as immediate You might not have as much but don’t you fairly Sometimes it’s best that you merely keep your dreams to yourself Because your dream is about you It is God’s perceive lane of giving you a glimpse of your predestination It was God’s Way of saying that Joseph’s one day. I’m going to exalt you and you’re going to rule And all the nations are going to bow before you That was Joseph’s predestination That was the dream that God embed in his middle in order to better for that dream to become a reality Joseph had to endure he accepted misery and grief and a season of hell on earth.That would be difficult to describe But all that he went through he was able to walk through because before it ever began God rendered him a view of what was to come and he sauntered down that long road was confident that if God before him who can be against Child of God, I believe that he is no respecter of persons If God had a dream for Jacob and God had a dream for Joseph then God has a dream for you. The devil’s job He got one mission is to construct you think You ain’t going to make it The devil wants to keep you from your predestination. That’s his one job Satan got one job to keep you from your destiny the barbarian don’t ever crave you to be what God made you to be If you’ve been dreaming about opening that business You should start the process Don’t try to figure out how to make a million dollars just start the process see if you make one step he’ll acquire two but he can’t spawn his two unless you acquire your one Don’t worry about what you’re going with really get started He’ll show you the way to go cuz he wants you to get to your fate but he got to make sure that you want to get to your predestination firstly if you tell him you want to get to your Destiny that God you suffice, he gonna display you how to do it.You could believe it. Don’t forget to pray Don’t be ashamed to pray and don’t ever be too proud to pray because prayer devotion modifications things Why is it that sometimes people’s dreams don’t come true You know the devil is always trying to dig some kind of a oppose for us trying to pitch us in it whether it’s a excavation of depression a excavation of dejection a cavity of poverty A excavation of sickness and canker he ever wants us to be somewhere between besides on top where God wants us to be It’s kind of hard, you know when you’re having to wait longer than you thought you would And things are a lot harder than you thought they would be And it seems to be costing you more in their own lives than what you ever think that you can bear And it time remains going on and on and on and on and on but the people who refuse to quit The people who won’t give up I can tell you I predict you if you won’t retire and you won’t give up You will make it to the finish line You will make it to the finish line But it goes without saying that life can propagandize you through seasons where it becomes difficult to dream Is it right to hope for a better tomorrow? Is it fair to believe that there’s a brighter date onward This mindset is something that is contrary to what the Word of God tells us We are to believe for and believed in We may indeed be in a nature that is spinning in absolute monetary Cultural and world-wide chaos, but the Bible tells us that we are not in this we are in this world We are not of it we have been told that greater is He Who is in us than he who is in the world We are told that even though we may appreciate the most difficult of durations we can Expect the best of things because it is our God who sits upon the throne in a nature of destitution He has promised to be the perceive provider.He has said I have a plan for you It is a plan not to harm you it is a plan to give you a hope in a future In a life of need he has said I is and remains the God that shall supply all of your needs According to my riches and glory in a world-wide of chaos and embarrassment He said I am the Prince of Peace and my agreement not only do I open it unto thee but it excels all understanding You are available in a dry season today But our God has said he would be a spring of living water for your thirsting soul You may be walking through a dark Valley but the flame “of the worlds” has Predicted that he’ll be right beside you and he’ll extend you every step of the way to the other side You may be in a world of agitate, but he is a strong tower He is a shield and he is an offense in your day of trouble. He said I’ll be the boulder of your salvation I’ll be the glory and the lifter of your heading My goodness and my compassion they is in compliance with you all the days of “peoples lives” for even David himself proclaimed Since the Lord is on my surface what can man do to me? Child of God if you have a dream today don’t give up on the dream that God gave you Businessman don’t quit pursue the dream that he seeded in you mother and father Continues to consider for the dream that he has in store for you young person don’t vacate The dream that he planted down late in your someone because God did not bring you this far to disappoint He brought you this far to crown you dream a new dream and believes in a God who can never neglect Everyone wants a miracle But no one wants to be put in the crisis that requires a miracle The only way you really need a miracle is that you have a problem and the bigger the problem the bigger the supernatural you need We like supernaturals, but not the problems that go with them but sooner or later it’s going to happen to you The phone is going to ring and you’re tranquilize tranquil well-ordered life is Instantly going to be in a ranging hurricane Sooner or later you’re going to face a crisis Beyond your supremacy to control Our God is a God who wants to perform the marvelous in your life There are seasons in our lives where we face something that it just seems like there’s no way out We could do all the math in our recollection and our thinker will tell us there’s nothing that can be done here Maybe you’re in a job and you know God wants to bless you, but you look at your statu You think what God can’t move here.My boss doesn’t like me my I can’t get along with the other beings at work There’s there’s such a ceiling in my environment It’s impossible for God to move in this situation other hours we were able to say well my matrimony rector. It’s just so bad It’s been so many years that it’s been slide in the wrong direction I don’t know that God could ever move our matrimony into the position that he maintains talking about How is God gonna change these things in “peoples lives”? rector I’ve been attacked in my organization for so long The diagnosis is that it’s incurable.Nothing can be done here I’m not sure that God could even move I don’t know what he would do and our mentality starts to opt us out of God’s best in our lives It says well the absurd things. I don’t know. God still does that anymore We begin to forget the things in our past Where God did perform the magical Can you think back to a time when God did something magical in your life that no one could explain? Something happened and you got a breakthrough when there seemed to be no way.There was a Miracle that happened in your life, that could not be explained with the intellect The memory wants to get in your way. It wants to say well that’s impossible A batch of parties believe in the Bible they believe in the miracles in the Bible What they don’t believe is that God will do it for them and do it now That’s what faith is believing that God can do it for you and do it right now There we live in a world-wide where everyone’s telling you you can’t pull this off What we live in a epoch when when people Even in the church don’t believe in the ability of the Holy spirit and what he can do Sometimes we just look at the scriptures and go well Yeah, that was back then and you guys it’s it’s not about back then. It’s it’s about ever It’s about ever since the beginning of this book and all the way to the end The partisans of God were filled with courage There was a fearlessness in them There was a confidence of my God will come through we grew up with these fibs “weve been” did and don’t you retain as a kid really Having this sect like God can do anything God loves to work best and shine his greatnes when things seemed the darkest when the Israelites were in a situation Hemmed in by the mountains, they couldn’t escape the mountains.They had to sea in front of them They couldn’t swim across that and the Egyptians were coming in and God had orientation them there. What’s going on? This is impossible You know what? Even when it seeks impossible God can either blow up the mountains or he can part the sea he’s gonna figure it out We only have to keep believing that no matter how hopeless it glances God can still get it on I don’t know how he’s going to come through in this financial situation But here’s what I are well known, I is a well-known fact that my God will fill all of my needs according to his riches in exaltation I don’t help a God of the practicals.I serve a God of the supernaturals The God of the Bible is a miracle working God in the genesis of time He breathed into a handful of grime and Adam became a living soul That was a miracle He separated the working day from the light. He flung the glittering virtuosoes Against the velvet of the light to glisten like diamonds as an eternal remembrance to mankind That he is the Infinite Creator He gave the Sun ablaze and placed it in the heavens as his copy of the everlasting flare The infinite capability of God to create is far beyond our imagination to grasp The God of this Bible is a God of might and miracles.He’s a God of kindnes and beauty He’s a God of superpower and composure Moses parted the Red Sea and sauntered across on dry floor with approximately 2 million people He healed the corridor salved the Deaf he soothed the blind That my friend is miracle-working power we provide a Jesus who went around making the Uncommon occurrences and the strength of God look like they were common every day he was performing a miracle you have that same atmosphere on the inside of you and It’s so rare that someone even in Church gleans so rare for someone to employed their forearm around you and remind you of how powerful you are How strong your God is who stays inside of you and what you can do You know, we kind of we become more and more cowardly He’s never been pleased with cowardice He’s never been pleased with people who don’t believe that he can come through and that he can do anything But have we lost the wonder of God Do we see his might and majesty so often were blind to its proximity Have you ever watched the sundown or the sunup That ball of fire that’s brightening on the horizon.It’s a overwhelming supernatural that you really you can’t wrap your knowledge around Why should you know this Because on Creations morning a divine spark of exaltation Escaped from the fingertip of Almighty God It blazes in the heavens on a daily basis as God’s billboard to the nations of the earth He say this is my miracle working dominance of the God that appointed skies and earth that You can perform he is awesome. He is full of wonder. He is the ignited of the world Sometimes we think of all the busyness we’re gonna do to help God try and do what he’s doing Listen, take a step back and cause God do what God’s trying to do just put your faith that when things get hopeless He’s gonna open the impossible.He’s gonna show up in his majesty so that we could say all these years later That was God that did that and not us People get the idea it’s easy for God to mend a front coldnes and he can’t touch cancer Let me take the cancer is not a challenge for God When you have the faith for it, I mean you can move elevations now God’s just waiting for you to uncross your digits and start belief He wants you to see that miracle he wants to wow you and when we stop expecting and we Negotiate we say well how God’s gonna do that.I don’t know But you know what God I’m fine Our brain tends to look at what the devil’s bring in and say well that might be working You know, it’s not what I thought it was gonna be. It’s not a WoW, but it’ll do I’ll settle in this situation I’m just gonna make what the compromise reached is Remember this if you remember anything out of today God is not a God a accommodation He’s gonna imparting a supernatural into your life don’t admit second best We get slapped down here and there and then beings start telling you you can’t pull it off and our faith and the health risks and that fearlessnes just seems to subsid And it’s not right It’s it’s not good.That’s not that’s not how we want to live Why don’t I feel like I be applicable to we’re children of God God is still God not just when he was when we were little kids But when were 40 when were 80 Just go man. I’m gonna go for it God’s done some amazing things throughout epoch As I stretch the best of my knowledge. I want my heroism and my boldness to grow with it. Not not the opposite Our Father which prowes in heaven is still Jehovah Rufie the Lord that heals all disease His Son Jesus Christ is still the great physician. He is the balm of Gilead He’s the lord of extinction. Hell and the grave.This is the word of the Living God It is a two-edged sword. This is the bread of living. This is living water This command talk under the anointing of the Holy Spirit is a divine proclamation that can move mountains and defeat cancers you are what this volume says you are you can do what this volume says you can do you can have What this volume says you can have you can know what this book says You can know you can go where this notebook says. You can go nothing is impossible unto you if you go in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ This book says whatsoever you ask in my word I will do it And if that was the only verse in the Bible, it would compile Christianity the greatest faith on the planet Ask and you shall receive Today I’m asking God that she received the miracle that will turn your life around The only way you’re ever gonna know your purpose for your life why you’re here on this planet What on earth you’re here for is a Talk to your Creator God who uttered you and b read the owners manual God has never caused anything without a purpose Every plant has a purpose every stellar has a purpose every animal has a purpose God does not create things without a rationale without special purposes And if your stomach is beating and you’re breathing there’s special purposes for your life Because God never makes anything without a purpose and the very knowledge that you’re alive forms your life Meaningful that God had a reason for creating you it is in Christ we find out who we are what we’re living for the purposes of the overall role that he God is working out in everything and everyone The next poem Colossians chapter 1 ballad 16 says this everything absolutely everything Got started in Christ and meets its purpose in him it is in Christ that we find out who we are And what we’re living for So you said I actually got to find myself.You’re gonna find yourself in Christ You were made by God you were induced for God Until you understand that your life is never gonna make sense. You’re gonna go through soul wondering what on earth am I now for? You gotta start with God God wants you to know him and love him back Here’s what he says in the book of Hosea in the Bible chapter 6 lyric 6 God says, I don’t want your sacrifices. I want your compassion This is God talking to you. I don’t want your provides I miss you to know me the most important thing you can know in life is that God loves you and the most important thing you can do in life is Love him back First Timothy chapter 6 the Bible says this some people Have missed the most important thing in life They don’t know God they don’t know God Now how do you know when you don’t know God how do you know when you’re unplugged from God? How do you know when in that moment? You’re not knowing and affection God? God has given us a warning sign and that “re going away” like a luminous yellow light in their own lives Every time you get disconnected from God and that warning sign is this Worry When you worry you’re acting like God doesn’t exist.You’re acting like if it’s to be it’s up to me No, it’s not up to you. It’s up to God And when you when you worry you’re acting like it’s all your responsibility That you don’t have a Heavenly Father who loves you but there weren’t 7,000 promises in the Bible that God hasn’t once agreed to take care of all your needs We’re always worried about what does God want me to do God what undertaking should I have? Where should I go to work? We should go to school.What should I do? We’re always worried about what we should do. God is much more interested Not in what the hell are you do, but in what you become and the reason why is you’re not taking your busines to heaven You’re not make your vehicle to heaven You’re not taking your cash to heaven. How much money you stirring You’re not go your pottery, you’re do your character the only thing that’s going to heaven after your 80 times or so here on earth is you You’re not taking any of your accomplishments, you’re not taking any of your achievements. You’re not taking any of your buys You’re not taking any of your things you’ve piled up stockpile them coin materialism material like that None of that’s going to heaven. The only thing that’s going to heaven is the person you became the man you became the woman you became the only thing you’re taking to heaven is your character And God keeps you on this planet to develop your reference to grow up spiritually and to become like Jesus Christ when things happen to you the normal question you ask is the word why why is this happen? Why is this happening to me? Why is this happening now and the answer to all the why questions of life is this? to impel you like Jesus To procreate you like Jesus If God’s gonna stimulate you like Jesus, he’s gonna make you through everything Jesus went through And Jesus wasn’t saved from impediment was there are times when Jesus was lonely.Yes age when he was misunderstood. Yes We’re the times when Jesus was disappointed by parties. Yes were the times when he was persuasion to be discouraged and give up Yes were there periods when who’s just seduced? Yes And if God let his own son go through all that don’t you think he’s gonna let you go through it, too Yes, why because he’s more interested in your attribute than your ease This is no longer the comfort back of live. The solaces gonna come in eternity eases gonna come in heaven This is the classroom side of life-time where you were to learn and some things you exclusively learn through difficulty If you got everything you miss, everything extended your channel you had no problems. You would be a spoiled brat Self-centered brat and the whole goal of life is learning unselfishness It’s not about you It’s about understand to affection God and learning to affection other parties and that’s where realization and exultation and purpose comes from You know those problems you don’t like in your life Every problem has a purpose and that determination is to do you like Jesus There is no situation in your life You cannot flourish from if you’ll precisely trust Jesus and if you’ll simply learn to respond in the right way God knows that you’ve been forestalled with your life He knows your hurts.He knows your sadness. He knows your dreads. He knows the ferment that goes inside of you He knows the loneliness “youre feeling” when you put your head down on the pillow at night he knows the Insecurities that you feel that you don’t want to admit to anybody else. He knows all of that He knows every part of you You’re not gonna surprise him by the hidden part of your life or the living standards that you’re passing. He to believe you He is a affection parent He is the father that helps for you more than for you can ever imagine and a papa wants to guide his children Before you were born The Bible says I knew you before you in your mother’s wombs I know the whiskers on your manager your lists are written on the palms of my hands I have plans for you plans for welfare and not for evil Sometimes you may feel really extremely immaterial When God called Moses to free the Israelites Moses asserted that he could not speak publicly When Sarah was promised a son she demonstrated that she was too old when Jeremiah was told to foresee He asserted that he was too young When God sent Gideon to fight the Midianites Gideon protested that the family was insignificant when Samuel anointed Saul with petroleum Saul affirmed that his tribe was too small and when Samuel anointed David Jesse affirmed that David was the youngest of his eight lads and even Mary When she was promised that she would carry the Messiah Protested that she was a virgin He ensure us not as “we ii” But as we will become No man will ever love you no dame will ever love you Like your Creator does like Jesus Christ does And to go exclusively through your entire life-time Disconnected from your Creator who loves you that much Makes no gumption at all If soul Was willing to die for you.Wouldn’t you want to know about it if somebody loved you so much better They died for you Wouldn’t you want to know them? Somebody did die for you His name is Jesus Christ, and he died for you to pay for all the things you’ve done wrong So you could live a life a purpose And my plea to you as your pastors do not waste your life Decide right now that for the rest of your life You’re gonna give the best of your life not to your lover not to your boyfriend not to your work not to something else But did God and this domain Become what God fixed you to be the man God saw you to be the woman God became you to be Jesus Christ commanded the church to fear not Fear is mentioned in the Bible over 600 durations It’s no big subject in the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation Abraham to John on the Isle of Patmos we hear that commandment given over and over fear not That word was given to Abraham That command was given to Israel that command was given to Moses It was given to David who raced from Saul for years who lived in caves before he becomes a king That command was given to Daniel who was going into the Lions Den that command was given to the city of Jerusalem the angel Gabriel leaved that send to Mary to Peter who was sinkin in the twiddle ebb of the Sea of Galilee To Paul who had been on a ship for 14 eras and it looked like all would be lost the angel of the Lord saw and said anxiety not fear not fear not every time you are presented in the Bible fear not Which is all over the Bible Fear not for I am with you panic not for I am with you dread not for I am with you Fear not for I will never leave you nor forsake you That’s the main reason that the Bible makes for us not panicking is to know that God is with us and that if he’s with us He enjoys us and He will take care of us.But God says over and over fear not For I am with you remember not talking about not having the feeling of fear. We’re talking about not telling it stop you We can’t live our lives in fear And dread of what’s going on and what’s going to happen Satan wants us to shrink back in horror and live little insignificant useless beings But God wants us to be brave and bold Do not be afraid It is said in different ways different alterations But it’s basically the same thing fear not do not be afraid Be fearless Fear ye not over and over and over again in different ways God wants to say to us the exact same thing in fact it is so critical and so important to him that he gets to the New Testament and Paul writes a letter to a young man appointed Timothy and he says Tim This is what you need to know that “hes not” given us a being of dread He says of all the important things Timothy that you need to know in your life And in this ministry that God is sending you through to as you go through things in this journey of man that you will inevitably go through He says would you be reminded that what our God does not give Is fear.He gives power and love and a sound mind Fear is a real thief in our lives Isaiah 41:10 says fear not there’s nothing to fear. Well, isn’t that interesting For I am with you. That’s the only response he applies because I’m with you and so if we really is understood that the Lord is I’m not talking about just going to church but I necessitate if you really know who the Lord is Then we don’t have to know what he’s going to do.We don’t have to know when he’s going to do it We don’t have to know what the mode going to get. We just say Lord. I know you’re with me and therefore I can do what I need to do Because when fright movements you to stop and to do nothing It’s the master spirit. I is confident that the opponent uses to try to keep us from fulfilling our destiny And so he tells us there’s no way he says you you got to be afraid of this, you know If you neglected before then you got to be afraid that you’re gonna fail again, but God says fright not For I am with you.I love that. There’s nothing to fear. Do not look around you In terror and be dismayed, you know, it’s one of our problems. We look around us too much instead of gazing up the more you stare at your problems, the more you rehearse your problems the bigger, they’re gonna do Every time you go through something difficult. It offsets you a little stronger really a little bit stronger Fear is a fact of life fear of the future horror of danger panic of the past others panic the loss of their undertaking the loss of your health There’s a rapid and unexplainable agony and it returns panic to your recollection Some of you dread the loss of position the loss of self-esteem you dread Failure you dread the review of other people you dread exposure you fright being Disliked there’s a panic of death.There’s the fear of the unknown the period of human history is the era of feeling and dread When the fear knockings at your doorway Send faith to answer and no one will be there. Isiah wrote I will trust and I will not be afraid we have to understand that fear First of all is a devilish flavour it’s not from God. I think it’s the enemy’s favorite Tool in his toolbox The sole purpose of which is to keep us from making progress and going forward Fears whole design is to stop you in your roads or to drive you back where you came from? Instead of You going forward and becoming all that God wants you to be? if we believe that our God does not commit a force of horror But you find or I find in my life that there is a spirit of fear attached to something specific in their own lives or in your wander an opportunity that you’re intimidated by a relationship an struggle a department An the best interests of yours that just seems to cause you to feel a little bit paralyzed and Insecurity or horror if you and I know what we know now based on the scriptures that God does not cause fear But you sense that there is a spirit of nervousnes attached to something in your life And you are familiar with, God didn’t grant it that conveys You know who did and if the enemy opponent has sat a character of horror on something in your life It must mean that he is trying his best to keep you away from something And if he’s trying to keep you away from it that must mean there’s something in it that he does not miss you to have He wants you and had to be so paralyzed so crippled so disbanded, so Disinterested from the very thing that he knows is exactly what God wants to take you through So that he can bring you to a new sit in him is not be afraid A protagonist in Jesus Christ can only have one attitude toward fright and this must be their attitude.I will not fear I will not fear fear forecloses forward progress Is there anyone here who ever feels like that you have make fright hinder you from doing what you know you were supposed to be doing I beg you not to give up but to press through and to be all that God wants you to be Do all that he wants you to do So you can have all that he wants you to have The reason why you have no reason to be afraid my friend as God calls you to go now or do that or go through this particular thing in your life.It’s not because you’re so capable It’s not because you’re so readied It is because you have a daddy who loves you he has already gone behind the scenes. He has already orchestrated and Manipulated events and parties and circumstances so that everything he needs is a woman that’s willing to say Yes, Lord, and stand there at the plate of His grace and his glory in his Calling on your life and to do what he’s called you to do and if you and I will precisely do it We will realize we’ve been set up to smacked a home run every single time So if right now there is something crippling you the enemy is working overtime to cause you to be afraid in your life Will you hear this message from the Holy Spirit today.Step up to the plate. Do not be afraid. Your God has got your back If God is for us Then what divergence does it procreate Genuinely who’s against us? Because God is certainly greater than anything or anybody That could come against us and you know, I think that where we get into trouble is we believe that God is for other people But are we sure that he’s for us Can I tell you something you having a problem is not a sign that God doesn’t care It does not mean that God doesn’t see you it does not mean that he does not care about you He wants to help you in your time of need and fus we give the enemy access to our lives through suspicion And we establish God access to our lives through faith We don’t have to be afraid of things God will take care of us Whatever’s coming up in your future, even the stuff that you don’t know about.God will take care of you Come on God will take care of you Get it in your ability God will take care And that’s really all we need to know God’s gonna take care of us God has not given us a atmosphere of fright.

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