Amazed by the Quran with Nouman Ali Khan: Motivation from Allah

Villa Rahman Rahim hamdu lillah wa salatu was-salam ala rasulillah warmly he was our pH man welcome to amazed by the Quran a series in which I like sharing with you things I find astonishing about the Quran today I’m going to are comparable to I ought to you with you both of them are about fighting in the path of Allah both of them actually have to do with the context of the first engagement in Islam the Battle of Badr that happened soon after the Prophet moved to Medina sallalaho aleyh wassallam one of these ayat belongs to suited baqara and the other belongs to Surat al unfiled which gives apart something to you something you can remember the second surah in the eighth surah both deal with the Battle of Badr okay now he says among other things he says he says what kotti Lujan fight them had a lot hakuna fitna tone until there is no more tribulation if the committee is also symbolizes there’s no more bribery okay fit coincide heartache when people are put in difficulty and grief until there’s no such thing left highway hakuna Dinah Linda and the communicate Acuna dhillullah and the religion and the way of life belongs to Allah again and it belongs to Allah that’s it that’s what he said in baqara similar construction in Anfal he says vacatio hatela takuna fitna fight them until there is no more tribulation no more inquiry no more fraud where Kuna Dena Dena Kulu who Linda and the belief in its entirety belongs to Allah so in one case he said the religion belongs to Allah and the other he said the religion in its entirety belongs to Allah no peculiarly they both have to do with the Battle of Badr but this I want to get share with you for a couple of reasons I don’t want to give you a long castigate about when and when not is fighting in the path of Allah legitimate that’s a long theme the simple point that I’d least like to make on that note is that the Muslims have been expelled from their home and rightly and they have now they are not justified in fighting back from the homes from which they have been ostracized without engaging in violence themselves they are in every right to fight back for the home that they have been expelled from now in that context the Muslims are actually at that point very few a number with almost no military resources and the adversary that’s coming after them within six is actually very powerful well equipped three times the immensity and in that moment Allah says to the believers you need to fight them until the belief belongs to Allah by the way when anybody meditates of doctrine in Arabia the in the entire region when they think of religion they think of the Kaaba they cannot think of religion outside of thinking of Mecca because everybody’s deities every tribes idols reside where in Makkah so when he says the belief belongs to Allah for the Arab of the time there is no difference in to believe … … that the doctrine belonging to Allah cannot happen until Makkah belongs to Allah that can’t happen now they’re going engaging in fighting and Allah is saying yes you’re fighting because you were kicked out of your residences you’re fighting because you’ve been subdued but you understand you’re going to keep campaign until the house is cleansed you’re going to keep fighting until the Kaaba is restored to its original bequest of Abraham so fight them until there’s no more hardship what is tribulation now the misfortune of corruption that spreads from spuriou belief you need to get rid of these fictitiou beliefs in this region where Kuna Dean will Allah and the belief must belong to land until the Dean belongs to Allah the belief belongs to Allah the cool thing is that this ayah in horse para is before the Battle of Badr that’s the difference the key difference is this ayah is before the Battle of whether the Muslims don’t even know how things are going to turn out and they’re already being told you’re going to keep defend until the whole thing but until the religion belongs to Allah then they engage in the Battle of butter and Allah returns them win in the Battle of Badr entirely unlikely odds and the Muslims have been given victory and then Allah observes again and says remember what I told you in but God I’ll tell you again now combat them until there’s no more fitna and its integrity belongs to Allah now when the Muslims here in its entirety after being triumphant in duel like yeah and it’s a tactic there’s this motivational speech in saluto landfill where now the Muslims are entitled and they understand that Allah is not in you know if Allah said in the beginning the belief in its entirety must belong to Allah that would have been intimidating but now that they’ve seen outcomes they’ve seen a Las help come their religion has been entitled they’re seeing that they can accomplish something Allah actually ups the nation and says not just the belief belongs to Allah all of it belongs to Allah the authorities concerned will purge the whole region of that’s what we’re gonna do you read the principle now that I’d like to highlight that’s really the golden rule that’s coming out of all of this is that we must motivate parties but we shouldn’t cause them to the point where they get intimidated we’re gonna change the world this year take it easy have milestones determined yourself a target set yourself a goal remain realistic about it cause people to accomplish the millennium development goals and formerly they accomplish that goal introduce them to a bigger horizon then acquaint them to don’t really give people the entire range at once no give them a milestone do this focus on this accomplish this and once they accomplish that then show them the bigger picture you learn and so that’s that’s really really important because you know when you talk about the bigger picture all the time and you don’t talk about what’s in title in front of you then you time keep talking about the bigger picture and get nothing done pie in the sky everything stands pie in the sky you have to have immediate purposes and you have to have long-term aims and inshallah once you accomplish some immediate aims you become more entitled and more self-confident that you have the ability to accomplish and make changes you have you’ve made significant progress it’s nothing compared to the grander goal clearly but that is just the beginning there’s a lot of challenges that lie onward but you are now feeling entitled that this is something that can be done and so Allah raises along more incitement by saying in its entirety the Deen must belong to allah may allah azza wajal build us good planners and good utopians so that we can defined points for ourselves and the people around us in a way that is on the one pas reasonable and on the other hand very high aiming extremely very high is that Amanita fast exit when you’re going to intent aim high-pitched we’re lots of job makers of those people barakallahu li walakum wa-salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi Brocato salam alayka wa rahmatullah if 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