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How many of you decided to stop dosomething because it was hard? Raise your hands please. Like there was no excuse whatsoever for not getting at what it isthat you should be doing. We’re just so interestedin blaming everybody else and justifies because we don’t want totake on responsibility. So whenever something hurts you there are 2 options You is in a position to become wounded, or you can become wise. This is the choice As Einstein said, “Those that “ve never” miscarried have never tried” The reason most peopledon’t take action is simple it’s fear. Fear of los, suspicion of success.Perfection equals paralysis In my experience, things almost never travel perfectly even if you want them to stuff goes wrong, that’s just life. When everything seemsto be going against you remember that the airplanetakes off against the wind not with it. And formerly you learnby coming on your face, that’s how you learn. You learn by tryingto create a light bulb. Over … and over … and over again. If at first, you fail then try, try again When a child’s learning howto walk, it falls down 50 epoches it never stops and thinks to itself … “This isn’t for me” We all flunk. It’s okay. What is not okay is … that when you miscarry, you stay down. It only took 1 mistaketo turn your entirety man inside out. It only makes 1 good research to see what you were make wrong. Because failure is just testing. It’s gory hard to be a high performance person. Difficulties are always the performance indicators that you are making progress. So many of you in here are comfortable and you think just because you’recomfortable you’re being successful.I don’t ever definitely sounds like I losebecause I won’t give up. Even if I lose, I’ll do it again. The leveraging is in beingaccountable for everything. The leveraging is uncovering your weakness. We either triumph or we learn. You never look at thatas a default or a loss You look at it asan opportunity to learn. There’s nothing wrong with determining mistakes and so what can I learn lessons from this? Now, you’re leveragingthis question to grow. Don’t throw the towel in so fast. Many beings give up on the 1 garden line.Whether you’re, you are familiar with, 9, 12, 16, 21, 22, 24 if you disappoint, it doesn’t matter. Your failure is irrelevant. There’s not one of you that weren’tdestined to become successful “youve had” dreams and “youve had” points. And I promise you , nobody can stop you. I don’t think confidence is somethingthat you were born with it’s a skill set. And I had no confidence. So confidence is somethingI schooled myself over the years. I started becoming okay with who I am. I became the best version of me. And then, I kind of said, I’m okay.You know, I’m alright. Even if someone elsethinks this, I’m okay. And everyone can do that.People just don’t realize it. So, it obliged me understand that confidence rightfully is the keyto getting ahead in lifetime. If you believe in yourself, the world will believe in you. Because perception is reality. As soon as I started doingeverything that I adoration there was a surge of power, a spate of trust, I wasn’t insecure anymore. Because the emotion that had the most dominancein my thought process was actually being paid attention to. I … I’m really sick of being insecure. I trust I’m enoughand I believe that everything I have that I need for life to makeall my dreams is true I know it’s already inside of me. It’s who you areand being comfortable with who you are that influences other people to say, “Oh, Okay. Maybe I could do that.” You can’t wait for predestination. No one can do that, you can’t be like, “Oh! Destiny’s going toknock at my opening one day.” No, it won’t.You have to be able torecognize opportunities because there’ll be a lot ofthem that come into your life. And once you’ve recognized an opportunity, you have to seize the day and labor bloody hard-boiled because there’ll be 25 otherpeople who’ll want to do it. If failure was not on the table do you “ve realized that” 87% of beings give the fear of failure to outweigh their desire to succeed. Failure is required.Success is optional. Successful parties miscarry a lot. They disappoint a whole lot morethan they succeed. I ran all in. I impelled my move beforeI was ready, I made increased risk. It didn’t pay off the behavior I wishes also to but I learned. You don’t lose if you learn. Failure is destined to happen. At some extent, you will fail why? Because you’re not good at everything. You can learn as much, if not more … from your collapses, your non-starts, your pauses as you can from your success. You’ve got a lot going for you, a lot more than you think. If you’re framing their own lives as a disappointment and making their own lives as a disappointment you will continue to see only failure in your life. It’s up to you how you bounce back from those failures.I’ve seen a lot ofincredible people stopped … by an unwillingness to let go ofa past that doesn’t help them. No departure No forgo You know they say life is9 0% of what happens and the other 10% is how you respond to it. It’s possible. I can do this.I can make this happen. No material how bad it is or how bad it gets I’m going to make it. I say it’s time for youto turn your life around. I say it’s time for you to get backup because man simply knocked you down.I say it’s time for you to swimbecause you’re about to drown. Congratulations. You’ve subsisted 100% of the most serious minutes of your life. If in that moment, regardlessof your worldly success, you feel good about who you are. You feeling all right about what you’ve done and how you’ve touchedother people’s lives. You feel good about what you’restriving for and trying to accomplish. You feel good that inthe times when it get hard it didn’t matter to youyou propagandized through That matters.So, in other words your risk of being successful is determined by how well you canbounce back from those failures. He was homeless for 3 weeks. Living in a New Jersey Bus Station. He also was so broke at one point, that when he was writing the film “Rocky” his electricity was turned off and he was forced tosell his pup for 25 horses only to get the daybreaks turned away on. Then, later on he wasrejected by talent scouts over 1500 times.Probably, most famousfor his work in “Rocky”. Sylvester Stallone She was once told that she didn’thave the face for video. “Your merely shot to make itin this TV industry was to be behind the camera, not in front of it.” Forbes mentioned that in 2004, she afforded apart 276 vehicles to membership of her gathering. She eventually paved the road for many of ourother beloved talk-show legions. Now, she has her own structure. A honour that draws smilesto beings all regions of the world. He procreated theme park. With the stature of being”The Happiest Place on Earth”. His commons are created withcreativity and imagery from the very secondyou enter into their gates. Long before he became known asthe inventor of this supernatural region, he was fired from the newspaperthat he formerly laboured at. They shot him because his bosssaid, he shortcoming imagination.Walt Disney An American Film-maker. He regarded as one ofthe Founding Pioneers of the new Hollywood Era. And one of the most popularDirectors and Producers in Film history. He led “Jurassic Park”. It made almost 939 billion dollars. But what you might not know, is that he got rejectedfrom movie institution 3 times. The movie academy that accepted him later offered him an Honorary Degree and hired him to becomeTrustee of the School.Steven Spielberg He is an actor, a comedian, impressionist, Screenwriter, a musician, make, and even a painter. But growing up was a different story. He was unusually good, even at the age of 15, he worked as a porter to help his family pay the proposals. And to hear his first performanceat a humor squad, he was booed off theatre. Now you can’t go anywhere in the worldwithout person knowing precisely who Jim Carrey is. Disappointment is not a bad thing it is a stepping stone toyour next tier of greatness. Los promotes youropportunity for success. It is a pre-requisite for success How bad do you want to succeed? The better question is how much are you willing to fail? Never let yourself be the main victims. If I could go back in time, and have a conversationwith my 8 to 10 year aged ego, that would be the content I would give.Because when you thinkabout it, you’re a kid things don’t go your nature, what do you do? You cry, you cry, you throw a fit, you want your parentsto feel sorry for you, you feel sorry for yourself. It’s how, how you dealwith things at that senility. And then you grow up but you don’t definitely molted that garb, that attitude. And it becomes obvious, right? I represent, you can talkto someone for 30 seconds and you know right away if the government has that casualty mentality, the world falling down, they’re tired, they have so much to do, they’re so busy, X-Y-Z. Look, having that mindset, does 2 things for you. One, it compiles you comeacross helpless and weak. And no one wants to come across that channel. Two, it is not get youto where you’re going, it does not change the situation. Right? Now is the reality.There is alwaysa nature to get what you want. There is always a wayto position yourself, freed from what you don’t want. You can quite literally becomewhat you want to become but you cannot look at life like it’s this question, like it’s against you. The ball is in your court. You know, it wasn’t thatlong ago, 2 – three years ago, that I was not the happiestguy in the world.Right? Did not like what I was doing, did not like how I was investing my time, was not enlivened, was not passionate about very much. But the time camewhere I didn’t want to live like that. I had a conversation with myself, I stopped being the main victims, I stopped deploring, and I questioned myself, “dude, what do you want? What is your purpose? What is your goal? Who do you want to become? ” And I literally uttered the decisionand walked away a different person. And the things around mechanged, my life deepened because I made a decisionto never be the main victims again, to get what I want.I became the author of my own tale. And you realize just how simple it isto transform your situation. Not easy, right? And it takes time. But there’s always a wayto get from item A to spot B. And this separates the worldinto 2 kinds of people. Parties who look at how things are, who accept reality as truth, who complain. And people who look at what can be, who oblige the best possible use of any statu, look at life as if it’s clay to be molded, to be shaped. It seems funny to meknowing what I do now that I went through any of my lifelike a hamster on a pedal that I talked to parties everydaywho didn’t energize me that I didn’t want to be around, that I did thingsI wasn’t passionate about.That is lunacy. Because if you don’t like something, but you do nothing to change it, what’s left for you to do? Complain, bitch, stay in the car, that’s it. See, one of the reasonsI reference athletics so much is because they bringthis attitude on you. That when things become difficult, when things become challenging your work, your one jobis to find a way to figure it out. And I ever did, and I took that and I brought itto everything else I do. And now it is eye opening to see people achievingsuccess, fiscal exemption, these things everyone wants. And know that the differencebetween them and everyone else is that they felt like they “ve earned it”. A mint of the time theyweren’t smarter, stronger they weren’t more skilled to begin but they moved toward what the fuck is missed. They didn’t cry or groanabout the problems, they didn’t look for sympathy. Those at the top ofthe mountain are not martyrs. They will never tell themselves be victims.It’s about the other side, the opportunity. Getting from where you are to what you want. The- the first step is belief, right? People think that beliefcomes once you’ve done it. You won’t even make the first step if you don’t believeyou can fulfill it. So, we pass with belief as a genu. So, you have to finda way to believe in it to move so your momma is giving youan awesome challenge. Can you believe in the faceof her skepticism, right? And to me, when people doubt me, it’s a gift. I cherish thatbecause I believe in beauty and feeling and it is necessary to both. I need people to desire me, I need to want beautiful thingsfor myself and for others, I want to create something astonishing, I want to help a lot of people. I likewise want to prove a lot of beings wrong who don’t think that I can do this. I want to humiliate the adversaries that want to see me disappoint, that want to do anythingthey can to ensure that I fail.I spend 80% of my experience here, and 20% of my age here. And the absurdity is as Darth Vader will tell you there’s power on the dark side. And formerly you learn to symmetry those then you really get something interesting. And here’s another way to say it You have to know when to love yourself, and know when to detest yourself. I think it’s 80/20 again. You want to deplete 80% of the time loving youand being proud of who you are no matter where you are , no matter what part ofyour expedition you’re in. Really loving that you’reshowing up, that you’re playing, perhaps you’re not yet satisfiedwith the level you’re playing at. But no worries, like you’re there, you’re doing it, you’re evidence up. And then 20% of the time beingwildly disappointed by yourself, being sickened by the factthat you were so lazy and so afraid of being coldthat you wouldn’t get out of berthed. Like that’s terrifyingand that is not acceptable That’s not a person that you’reprepared to continue to be and that you just find thatso disgusting in yourself that you’re going to makean immediate change.And if you don’t do that, you’ll never flourish. You’ll waste all your timeover here, you’ll be quelled. Talk about being soothed by the dreammerely having the dream. I want to do good things for people – have you heard a lot of people say that? – yeah Yeah, people say that all day “I want to do great thingsI want to help the world.” In what space? Like they don’t get specific, so they mollified by the dream. So, you’ve got this person who isreally not living up to their potential being appeased by the vision of whatthey can do and who they could become but they never to your earlier degree, they never find the path to execution.So, I find, withoutkicking myself in the laughingstock without being deeplydissatisfied with myself 20% of the time because if it’s more than 20% ofthe time you begin to erode yourself and it gets very astringent. You’ll chip away at your ownself-esteem and that’s a total litter. But you do have to bewilling to kick your butt See, I accepted early on in life-time that life isn’t just about the decisions that we obligate. You know what I’m saying? If you don’t become whoyou’re supposed to become beings going to die. That’s deep.Now “ve been thinking about” it. If you don’t become whoyou’re supposed to become, like people going to hurt. Like if I don’t hitthe reset button in man, Who knows where Brianwould be right now? Who knows where the team would be? Like There’s something inside you.And so, for this reason do what we do. Because I don’t know if Like, all y’all are probablyfeeling the presentation but how many of you are reallygoing to apply what we gave you? It “couldve been” 10%, it could be 40%, I don’t know. But what took place todaycould shift your life forever because you’ve got a brain. So when you find yourself down and out, you go think about man, If Jill was in her auto, homelessand pregnant and she got through it That girl has sang in Africa and beento Ecuador and all over the globe.If she could do it, you know now you could do it. And some of you got somehomeboys you combined with but you know they aren’t really livinghow you are supposed to be living and they result you down the wrongway, you are familiar with from Brian’s story. Yo, if I remove myself from it, if I plug in with positive parties I can make it. Listen, I crave for youwhat we’re experiencing. One of my homeboys was like, “J, you gotta take it easy. You miss everybody toexperience a great life like you”. I’m like “bro, why not? I’m trying to earn. I require “youre going to” win.” I went through too much grief. When Tony was sharingwhat she was sharing Jill, both of them went dealt with people takingadvantage of them when they were little. Listen to me worker. I know you’re sustaining. I know you’re hurting onthe inside, you wonder why? Like why this got to happen to me? Why I gotta know this? Why this person had totake advantage of me? I promise you, you are turning into a warrior.Because the stuff thatyou’re going through, the stuff that you have to experience, What don’t killing yourself reaches you stronger. If you look at the catthat goes to the gym and he’s lifting weightsand he’s pumping iron. If you ask homeboy “Hey bro, howdid you get so big-hearted? ” They will tell you. “It made a whole lot of hour and I hadto go through a whole lot of pain.” And life is going to grow you.Listen to me right now, life is going to grow you. It is not going to be easy, it is going to be painful, it is going to be frustrating. You’re going to molted some sobbings, you’re probably going to spill some blood. It’s going to hurtbut you’ve gotta remain propagandizing. You know when there’snothing left to do but to fight with everything you’ve got to get back up there’s a word for it Resilience. And that statement comesdown to such a simple test. Not much involved. But in the moments that matter most it’s everything. You and a mirror looking into your own gazes and realizingthere’s nowhere else to go but up, and being ready for what that takes.It’s a single decision. The same decisionyou’ll need to build everyday Get up. It’s what gets someone to writeletter after letter after symbol. Looking for a profession because theyknow all they need is a start. It’s what causes someone tokeep moving straight forward even when the start of their journeyshould have thumped them off track. Resilience and grit these aren’t reasonably utterances. They mean something much moreto those who know them well. These texts have blemishes, they symbol the combat but they are also the gatewayto something so special. It’s what it means to lose 8 ballots, are still in bed for 6 monthsafter a nervous breakdown, then to get up and do what it takesto enter the books of autobiography. It is the power behindgetting rebuffed 12 seasons before destruction almost every recordand every ceiling imaginable. Resilience.That’s the word leftwhen the gusts keep working, when things depart from bad to worse, every reason to stop trying. The time we all gethumbled by at some detail, sometimes more than formerly. There was still terms for dreams and sometimes there is onlytime for current realities of now. Picking up one foot, then the other. Starting to move forward step by step. Tears and annoyance, another step. Hurt and sadness, a further step. Shaking off what was, you really keep going. It’s the light that eventually breaksafter the darkest of nights. In the moment that are important You .. and a mirror same decision daily. Knowing it’s going to be long, knowing there’s no other practice. That .. is .. resilience. The rigours of academic animation is likely to be brutal.Long daytimes of categories, long nights of studying, and low cash flow requires you to be frugal. Activity, lawsuit studies, pop quizzes and final exams will experiment your ethics and your scruples. But you deter propagandizing and propagandizing because you know one day all of that hard work and studying will pay off and be advantageous. You’ve seen many otherssuccumb to academic demise and wind up with the wrongletter on their transcript. The dreaded W which dreadfully stands for withdrawal. But that’s where you draw the line because you’ve made a vowto choose incline over deterioration, fast forward over rewind, redesign over recline and hard grind over pout and whine.You fixed the choice to dig penetrating within. And thus the only W you will ever get will be the W that stands for WIN. Because wins looks just like you pickthemselves up when they stumble and slip. Champions like you understandthat it is impossible to never junket. Champions like you arestrong enough to say no when their friendswant them to take a sip.Winners like you trust the process so steps they never ever try and skip. And that microchip on your shoulder it remains to remind you of allthe doubters, nay-sayers, and haters. They said you would never walkacross that place and receive that paper but more ga for your burn just sees success so much greater. Because you overcomingthe sour savor of now to get to the sweet taste of later. You adjust to allthe different temperaments of your both teachers and profs and enjoy those that are super cool but keep mentally preparedfor those that are stressors. Approvals seem to find you because the universe plots to make sure everything falls into place. Because you’ve got so muchheart, fury and longing. Your fire hinders burning but at times it starts to fizzle but you rememberyou owe it to your future self and that gas turnsthat fizzle into a sizzle.You want to leave a legacy and contribute to the greater good. So, for now is the uncomfortable discipline and sacrifice. Because the cash out in the future means today you got to pay the price. So that entails when yourfriends query “Can you go? ” Your heart wants to say yes but your firmnes says no. Because Mr. Jones’ Thermo-Chemistry 3202 ain’t no joke. And so, you gotta belocked in and keep woke because he’s all about business and doesn’t give any lasso. So, if you miss anyassignments or miscarry any measure you have very little hopeof surpassing his class. But you will pass his class and you will pass with flying colors. Because you, my friend, are an academic hustler. And thus you put in the time, their own efforts and ask all the right questions tomake sure all of your footings are covered. The vultures will hate. You tried to give them vision but they never put on the right enclose. And thus their batch was blurryand their point wondered it. And now they want to throw shade at you but your shield deflected it. You said about earning in progress over here so satisfy eliminate the negative vibe.It’s time to remove them from your curve and find yourself a positive tribe. Because misery adores firm but that misery cannot haveany of your friendship because everybodyon your team is working as a contingent to come back and acquire the championship. You owe it to your future self to make money movesin and out of the classroom. Because time waits for no one. And whether you supplanted or neglect, it will pass soon. So, respect your personal label and make sure your daily advertisementrepresents who you are interested in. Walk with courage and coherence so your reflection in the mirror is who you want to see. Your future selfis counting on your current self to set the hue and make sureyour future is not only bright but powerful and strong for mediocrity. Your future self is countingon your current self to never make shortcutsand never paucity integrity.Because the day will come for you to walk withcharacter and have clarity. Greatness is your destiny. But at times you mustreboot your mental computer Because every step you take today will instantly feign … future developments. Your future self is countingon your current self to give every ounce of your being, every ounce of your being to make sure you tap into your gift.This is a great period to WIN ..

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