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What are you staring at a space screen again when you know you’ve got exams coming You’ve got an assigning that is dueand it might not be tomorrow It are likely to be next week, but you know, you need to get it done what is it that is stopping you? And then you be brought to an end watchinganother YouTube video, you end up watching another TV show, you be brought to an end postponing again. Dates, weeks go by and you wonder when is thiscycle ever going to end? And how do you break out of it? And not just once , not just for tomorrow for good.In today’s video, we’re going to have an intervention by the end of this video you are going to commit to changing things for good. I’m going to share with you the five best ways to study when you have zero motivation to, when you don’t feel like it. And the first thing you need to do is go inside not outside. For that reason, for that drive, that energy that is necessary and it starts with somethingyou’ve heard numerous people say before remind yourself of Why? Why are you taking that direction? Why are you going to school? I know you have to but what is this for? Are you struggling because of school or are you struggling for something? One of these is a victim mindset and one of these is a champion mindset. Feelings are an essential partof executing any scheme knowing something isn’t enough you need to become yourself feel inspired.And that’s not going to comefrom somebody outside, It’s not going to come from me. One of the most surprisingthings about motivating, a common misconception that we have is that it often comes afterstarting a behavior not before. So this is the problem you’re waiting for motivation to study when you need to study to get motivated. You need to go inside your own mind and find the active inspirationto move you forward. Your mind is is governed by two different methods the rational imagination and the psychological mind. And both of them compete for control. Your rational recollection; it wants to change something, it wants to study, it wants you to achieveyour possible in life.The emotional brain; it adoration the solace, it affection the security, it adores doing the merriment things, the procrastinating things. Every behavior hasa positive intent behind it. So stop waiting for motivation and ask yourself why does this matter? And it doesn’t have to besomething royal or good. It could just be; I need to get a goodgrade so I can get into this university, so I can get this job, So I can draw some money.But what is it that’s going tocompel you to perform some moves? The second thing you need to remember; start looking for the best environment. I promise you it’s going to be method easier and way more effective. Environment is the invisible pas that mold your demeanor. You might think thatyour attires are a product merely of your incitement, your ability, your firmnes, your effort But your personal characteristics your purposes sometimes get trumpedby the environment around you. And this is nothing new it’s been known for 80 times. In 1936, psychologist Kurt Lewin he wrote a simple equation thatEffectively summarized human behavior and it travels like this; B= f( P, E) this equations basically saying, behavior is the result ofthat person in an environment so think about it, when you’re sat in an exam You’re at the frontof the passageway or the classroom and the teacher is standing over you and 30 other studentsare sitting in silence writing away Do you worry about motivation? No Are you motivated? Yes Do whatever you need toto design for your laziness, go to productive environments, organization the physicaland virtual opening around you so that you make good hand-pickeds by default.It’s not about how motivated you are. It’s about being in the right placeand designing for that laziness. The motivating, it’ll find you later. The next gratuity is’ State Change’ When you have no motivation What is it like? Just pay attention to your body How is it moving? What are your eyes focusing on? How countless invoices do “youve had” open right now? How many other things are you trying to do? What you need to dois change your emotional state.Your mind and your bodythey’re interconnected. When your body gets tired aftera long day, your thinker does tired When you haven’t eaten; your mas is craving more calories your subconsciou knows it hard to focus. And an easy way to changethe way that you feel in an instant so that you get motivated again to alter your physical nation exactly notice what your breathingis like when you’re caused, when you’re in flowing, versus when you’re confused. There’s several ways you can do this. The first one is go for a 9 time amble. Spend time with your loved ones.Talk about your motivationlevels with person. Do some Wim Hof breathing. Play an instrument. Take a long, heated soak or shower. Because this goes youinto a unwound state of mind Which is important to get you inthe liberty state of mind, the privilege focus and it’s only when your subconsciou is at ease that those alpha wavesstart ruffling through your brain and you’re more likely to lookinwards to introspect and think, “This is why I it is necessary get this done.” “This is why I need to focus.” imagine what that will be like.And you already knowthis is intuitively true. Why else do you havemost of your best thoughts while you’re on the bus, on the teach, when you’re in the shower. You have no distractions around you, there’s nothing you’retrying to solve or fix or do it’s just one focus relaxing serenity establishes and necessity destroys Tip number four Think Negatively There’s always parties cautioning you to follow the law of attractionto think positively and fantasize your success but there’s pros and cons to everything.So it’s important to think, what could go wrong? If you sit here doing good-for-nothing while you’re listening to methe clock is clicking. You have less go now than you did before Do you feel motivated now? Instead of a vision board, create a worst case scenario, absolute default card going to see your kitchen, throw allthe junk food out the window burn it and disappear do a three hour workout because sometimes you need a jump-start, sometimes you need to take big action to get you moving. And this is an idea I get from one of the world’s best attentions, a person called Chris Hadfield who was an astronaut for 21 times and this is the only way invested six months in space.So what was he doing the rest of the time? He was thinking negatively. Every single thing that could go wrong. He was scheduling, he was preparing, he was remembering What accurately he needed to dofor every scenario. You can call it negative thinking but it’s beneficial and it labours. Once you’ve understoodall of those risks and you’ve prepared against them There is no more fear Just motivation And the final tip-off; Set up a Non-Negotiable Agreement. Call your friend and said about if I don’t do my assignment by next week I’ll give you a hundred pounds. This is known as a commitment maneuver because if you commit to nothing you are going to bedistracted by everything. It’s called Hyperbolic Discounting it’s a conception action of saying “We overvalue the short-runrelative to the long-run.” So if I give you two same rewards you will show a preferencefor the one that you can have now rather than subsequently. Let me give you some practical illustrations It’s obvious. Do you sit and watch Tv? or do you go out for a run in the cold? Do you grab the fruit salad? Or the cheesecakelike everyone else for dessert.All of you know what’s good right nowisn’t inevitably good in the long run. And commitment manoeuvres likethe Non-negotiable Agreement they change this up. So that choice whatfeels good in the short run not doing the taskyou need to , not studying it gets more costly. And in addition you haveto set a concrete point instead of saying, “I’m going to lose some weight this year, I’m going to dosome more studying this year” You have to say something like I will invest two hours every dayafter school in the library concentrates on my maths modulethat I’m weak on You get what you focus on in living and if you don’t knowwhat you need to focus on if you don’t commit to something you are doomed to fail and be distracted.Take it serious. Remind yourself, why are you doing this? Why does this even matter? Put yourself in environmentsthat factor in your outage where you knowyou’re not going to feel like it but you’re at the library regardles, you’re at your study session anyway. Change your regime, go for a amble go for a warm shower or bathroom, do whatever you need to. Think negatively aboutthe consequences of your behaviour. And the final thing is set upa Non-Negotiable Agreement. Now for those of youwho want to make things further if you want to find outwhat your purpose is in life How to stop fallingvictim to procrastination And how to consistently stay calmand constituted in any place I have a course announced Discoverywhich expenses merely seven pounds and you can check it outin the specific characteristics below and learn the methods and techniques to assist you createyour most meaningful life-time. Peace ..

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