Kai Greene – COMEBACK 2021? – Mr.Olympia Motivation

It must be a mistake what happened? You don’t get that far Don’t get to this object And he just stopped … He is the most popular and talented bodybuilder in the world the actor dancer make-up Millions of fans to wait him at the Olympia stage again Still Mr. Olympia more than anyone I “ve ever known” Fans “ve been waiting” the person Kay Green Fans to wait what you can bring it’s time 2009 Arnold Classic Champion! I spent a lot of time in my life and it didn’t work out And find out what it’s like I know what it is like to be broken I know what it’s like to me Precisely don’t have it Bodybuilding got any idea Progressive occurrence Capability of mold ability Your life Across Use your thinking Kai is a warrior and I think he can reach it He can beat anyone if he really wants to I want to work Because I want to be successful He will announce himself Best more powerful Kay Green! piranha …

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