If You Need Motivation, WATCH THIS! (very motivational)

Self-justifications resound best to the person that’s realizing them up Because you grew up in a household with dysfunction, drama, mental spiritual physical and emotional abuse Doesn’t mean that that’s the outcome of what your life your profession is destined to be What are you gonna do? I don’t want you to get all feelings from this send that I’m leaving. “Yeah Yeah, that’s that real s ** t right there” Ten minutes later. Ten days later you go back to doing the same s ** t It’s go season. If you ever find me in a Rolls Royce a private airplane a six or seven hotshot hotel living my life to the fullest Don’t hate on me. Don’t get envious of me because I wield my a ** off to get it everything about “peoples lives” a busines I’ve earned it, ain’t nobody “ve been given” s ** t Nobody entrust me nothing.If you demand it exit get onto. Stop feeling sorry for yourself Get off the tendernes toilet, aftermath your a ** up awaken the barbarian inside Get in shape get off the misfortune potty Stop. Stop looking for the new misfortune committees running around Telling everybody you’re sad and sob legends trying to get beings to show up to your tendernes states parties and your tendernes ceremonies It’s time to take s ** t to another level It’s game on, it’s focus. It’s go season. You is there a problem with your life You got a problem with your environment do something about it apologizes resonate best To the person that’s realise them up.Man, stop bullshi **** g Stop bullshi **** g with me! Alright? Stop talking, stop bullshi **** g if you really got a problem with your life, you’ll change it. You’re not so sick of being shatter You’re not tired of being stuck. You’re not tired of all the gun violence and theatre and dysfunction around you You’re not tired of being in an abusive liaison You’re not tired because if you were tired, you would actually do some s ** t about it. Can’t tell me you ain’t tried Anybody who is determined to do something who wants something to be different, it will eventually be different I’m tired of all y’all sitting around “It’s the community.It’s the environment” I’m tired of the officers ** t, guy! I’m tired of the apologizes. I require you to be successful I miss you to stop coming up with intellects and apologies as to why you’re doing the same s ** t over and over and over and over Anybody that’s twenty years old and up and if you’re real mature Then you’re ready to start some real grown-up decisions from persons under the age of 17 There is a such thing as converting everything as soon as you deepen your imagination You’re offering. You’re talented. God has much bigger plans for you and your life Everything around you is gonna change as soon as you vary the things around you.

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