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alright so let’s move into the group platinum blue plan the group platinum blue plan as you see in parentheses it says cost and your current plan has that same exact idiom following the plan name it is the exact same type of Medicare contract we contract with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid to be able to offer these health plans in the state of Minnesota this type of plan with Blue Cross and Blue Shield I can rest assured is an open access structure we have over ninety-five percentage of the Minnesota licensed doctors we work with the line of clinics we work with the ballpark nicollet we work with Fairview we work with north memorial clinic and northern clinic we work with the health structure we work with mayo so many of the doctors in the doctor structures that you’ve grown accustomed to you will be able to continue to receive your upkeep through those same immense doctors physician clinic plans we also render one hundred percent coverage on the hospital network except for veterans because the Veterans Hospital is a separate contract with the federal government so there should not and I say should not because you never know there could be the few exceptions but again I have worked in transitioning countless retirees to these plans and I had still not been run across the instances where somebody is upset because they are not able to continue care with their doctor and I genuinely want to share that with you because that is important if it was my mom or dad or my grandmother or my grandfather I would want to make sure that that transition was going to be easy for you as well as as it is what we’re hoping for the travel benefit we do offer you allows you to travel up to nine months per year this is going to be a nice thing for you you do not need to call so today every time you leave the state of Minnesota can’t speak for the current carrier but with Blue Cross and Blue Shield you don’t have to call when you leave the state of Minnesota you make sure you present your Medicare card and your blue-blooded cross and blue-blooded shield of minnesota medical placards so the platinum blue and your interests will be provided up to the benefit level that I’m going to describe here in a moment with any medicare contracted provider so as long as that provider is willing to serve as you as a Medicare beneficiary we will treat that claim as if you’re right here in the state of Minnesota receiving the health care we stipulate worldwide emergency coverage which symbolizes if you travel outside the United Commonwealth Medicare doesn’t pay on anything but Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota will and we will pay everything but a fifty-dollar co-payment for that disaster preventive care we talked about we also have some value-added services like a 24 -hour nurse advice line great service it’s available 365 daytimes a year and you can talk with a registered nurse about your concerns we also have a silver sneakers platform and and we we truly believe it is important and you we will continue to pay your health club membership if you’re not currently trying or consuming the silver sneakers planned I promote you to look at it and consider it and I’ll show you a few of the facilities nearby well you need to sign up with with your facility again yes you will you will need to present your platinum blue ID card so that that facility now accuses Blue Cross and we pay the facility for your part months membership that is a good question thank you we do work with the Health Marriage clinics yes yes and “were having” some resources in the latter part of this PowerPoint that I’ll show you that will give you some points of location to check things as well we offer you 125 dollars on your eyewear advantage non-medicare covered I wear each year and we too will render 450 dollars towards your hearing aid benefit each year now for the platinum blue strategy you must have met care Part A and Part B you must continue to pay your portion b payment and this is the most important one you must be a permanent resident of Minnesota and I contemplate all of you meet that criteria the next object if you have end-stage renal malady we will talk with those individuals one on one and make sure that you have coverage but for the Medicare cost contract if somebody is not currently one of the purposes of our health plan and they currently have this particular diagnosis we are not able to accept that enrollment nonetheless we will enroll that individual in the elderly amber strategy so everybody will be guaranteed issue regardless of your current health record the only thing we require is that you have Medicare Part A Part B and you’re a resident you have a quick question in the back ok so the comment being carnival notion is not connected with unity well what maple grove is in the network so the North Memorial Hospital system in maple grove often 94 is participating can you still go to unity the answer is yes and sometimes just to your point if your doctor is directing care at a particular hospital system and they deepen that hospital organisation that can happen and you would be covered at either hospital structure yep and that happens because we can’t espouse where our physicians wanted to surgery and that would be nice it might be more convenient to go to unity but that physician may have a different sort of contract with North Memorial so it would still be covered at either method alright so the group platinum blue plan B this next snapshot shows you the benefits we are providing to you and again with this plan it is a very rich coverage option there is no deductible deductible entails there’s nothing you have to pay upfront before your assistances kick but if you do go to the office January firstly or you be brought to an end in urgent care and if it is related to an illness or serious injuries or you’re treating a medical mode you will have a fifteen dollar co-payment this is positive news for you because today you’re give twenty redres so that co-payment will go down you’re clear will they ask for that fee when you go in they may ask for that fee when you go in yes typically with a co-payment type plan you offer your co-payment up front if it’s a coinsurance which represents a percent which for the sturdy medical paraphernalium up now you recognize there’s a coinsurance of ten percent they potentially would legislation you on the back end because you would be paying ten percent based on the Blue Cross contracted amount not on the build amount now a provider cannot reject you access or deny you receiving your services if you don’t remunerate your co-payment that is a Minnesota state law so precisely be familiar with the fact that if you for some intellect don’t have your checkbook you don’t have the cash on you you really need to see the doctor they cannot deny you the access to medical care preventive services are paid in full impatient paid in full emergency room co-payment will be fifty dollars if you’re admitted into the hospital that would be covered at one hundred percent and it “wouldve been” coded as an inpatient hospital stay and then durable medical equipment is ten percent now this is a snapshot for those of you that have the enrollment folders we do have quite a bit information on your program in the enrollment folder and that info will be on the left hand side of the folder behind the enrollment words is a fine little cover sheet that shows you the benefits in more detail and then we have a summary of benefits this summary of benefits speaks like the summary of benefits are applied to we all follow the same sort of format and it’s asked so it procreates it easier for you to understand what the transition beans so again this information is available i know a lot of you picked it up we didn’t kept all of the benefits up here but it’s still the same huge extensive coverage you’re used to you will see that there is an out-of-pocket maximum three thousand dollars now that is a change from where you’re at today and the county was pleasant with that convert I don’t think very many people reached the out-of-pocket maximum so you have a great plan it’s going to supplement many of those deductibles and coinsurance a–‘s that Medicare doesn’t pay for silver sneakers we talked about it a little already we’re pleased to say that we include that as part of our program and we will continue to pay your whole part months participation at the participate sororities you can attend the categories you can attend that you can use the swimming pool you can walk around the track and any of the other amenities in the equipment you have access at no payment but if there is a cost to a particular class you want to attend like a Zumba class perhap you want to learn the Zumba and if there’s a cost you will have to potentially offer that but your monthly participation you present your platinum blue ID card i’m going to show you what the platinum blue ID card looks a lot like in a moment but we will forward you or Healthways will forward you with silver-tongued sneakers ID card formerly you enroll in the program and it’s a great time to meet parties and do different activities I examine I hear nothing but great things this program started in Minnesota 1995 and it has been an increase strong and I know it is an important piece for our Medicare population silver stairs is available for those individuals who do not have access to silver sneakers so if you are living in a more rural part of Minnesota you can order up a silver-tongued steps egg and it will help you introduce some usage in their own homes now any time you start a fitness platform we do urge you to talk with your doctor to make sure that you’re in a condition that allows you to do a fitness program that’s really important you have a question so the question is if you were prescribed to reclamation at a hospital plan and you seek the rehab on an outpatient basis if the doctor fiats up the reclamation which does have to meet the Medicare criteria to be covered you would actually have the 15 -dollar office visit co-payment for each time you go for your outpatient physical regiman or lecture care or occupational therapy with any rehab platform there is criteria that has to be met and if you hit a station where the functionality of what the rehab is trying to accomplish in terms of the condition if you reach a plateau whatever it is you medical doctors not viewing any sort of improvement they may technically say you’ve hit your plateau you can continue the rehab but you can do that at a cost will silversneakers offer that expenditure or will Blue Cross and Blue Shield liquidate that expense no not at that point if you affect a site where you’re being told your rehab is no longer going to be covered you will want to try to perhaps look at choosing a fitness facility and silver sneakers is awesome because it’s a low-impact workout it’s a exercising that that actually has chairs it focuses on improving your strength improving your opennes they use those flex bands it works on your agility it works on equilibrium and so there are different parts of this program that truthfully I’ve heard some huge testimonials where individuals i can remember working with a city where firefighters had difficulty raising their forearms because of all the heavy paraphernalium they carried over the years and this program actually made a little healthy back into their life they could actually get to the point where they could reach up and grab something so that’s a exchange you want to have with your doctor for sure here’s a listing of some of the participating facilities I actually did the surrounding region here you can go on to SilverSneakers com if your internet savvy punch in your zip code and it will it’s right on the breast sheet there punch in your zip code and it will pull up all the participating equipment near you so anytime fitness nationwide studio k the ymca in andover Elk River YMCA and all the wormans arches and it’s a national program so if you go to Arizona or Texas or Florida punch in the zip code if you’re staying at a inn and you have access to a computer lead pull up SilverSneakers calm put in the zip code show your platinum off-color ID card and we’ll pay the entire month membership and you can be at more than one facility so if you like woman’s curves because it’s a great workout but you want to go to the YMCA and use the swimming pool you can do that Rapids is in there it probably didn’t draw out I don’t for some odd reason yes YMCA snap fitness we do work with many of the move fitness as well you know I don’t know how all of these up on the top of my psyche we do have blackberries or our little telephones we can punch in the program and we can check that after the session so if you have a particular facility let’s talk after the meeting yes sir yep when you enrolled in the scheme you’re actually going to receive this card that you meet on this knitting this slither and so when you first go into the facility after January you was an indication the platinum blue-blooded ID card and then shortly thereafter within two to three weeks you will receive a silver sneakers ID card formerly they have you set up in their organisation “youre supposed to” well I think you do we have to swipe at each time but because we do go by the number of visits but yeah you only present your platinum blue-blooded ID card and then we follow orders up with the silver-tongued sneakers ID card is there a necessary minimum number of visits no so no minimum you can go as little as you miss or as often as you demand so note or question can you go to more than one equipment the answer is yes you really demonstrate your platinum blue-blooded ID card to each of those facilities that you want to go to so real quick on the enrollment kind and this is required we have to make the brand-new enrollment kinds we can’t simply recruit you but at the particularly top in that gray box there’s a little spot that says group count that’s where you’re going to gave the group number zero why are 0330 PB your effective year are likely to be 11 2013 and then if you really want to help the county out time introduced anoka district on the top row be less work for the gallons here now there’s a lot of different information we are going to have enrollment models that will focus specifically on the lotions if you have particular questions you want to ask or you want to leave your species today let’s taken into consideration those after the congregate so I can be respectful of time because I do want to get into the prescription drug plan the one thing I do want to note is on number one platinum blue it says radical platinum blue and then that last page is where you sign and time okay make sure you signed your work year you know we can we can still process it without the appointment but make sure you sign it because if you don’t we’re going to have to send you a letter asking you for your signature so that’s platinum blue and again this information is all on the left-hand side of your enrollment babies the very last piece in that kit you’ll see there’s a flyer on silver-tongued sneakers so that if you want to call silver sneakers and ask questions you can do that they’re prepared to take those calls all right I’m going to keep things moving along and here are some resources for the platinum off-color for the medical design you can go on to Blue Cross MN com if you go to my Blue Cross MN com you are eligible to sign on as a member but you’re going to wait until you get your medical ID card but in the time being just take my off and do Blue Cross MN soothe and you will be able to see our provider index out there for platinum blue-blooded you also will see loadings of other types of information but the red-hot button for the provider index is in the lower left-hand corner it’s called know a doctor and then you just when you get to that next page you have chosen platinum off-color we do have a customer services I am going to ask that you hold on calling customer service until you get your ID card because if you call them before you actually are in the system they’re not going to know how to respond to your to your questions everything we do when it comes to health benefits we service over 2 million members and as a health plan we have to make sure we’re given out accurate information if your intelligence is not entered in the system there’s nothing for the service representative to corroborate and so they won’t respond to the question that’s why we’re here today that’s why we have all these gatherings coming up and you will get your ID card probably it’ll be the centre of December we’re working very closely with enrollments right now but we expect to start taking enrollment species December firstly for this plan so it’ll take a couple of weeks for that ID card to get out to you and you will receive a letter from us that say to you we have your form it’s being processed all right I’m not going to spend any time on group major gold today this is information that I’ll let you read through at your own on your own it is the plan for people who are permanent residents outside Minnesota rest assured if you move you have a plan you have a medical proposal that will go with you it will provide ended coverage nationwide it’s a fitness deduction of 20 dollars and with the major golden strategy mostly these people which is very few retirees they’re going to pay a hundred and forty seven dollars and then one hundred percent coverage but we needed to have a plan to accommodate people who live outside the state of Minnesota

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