A Holistic Health Specialist’s Tips on Giving a Newborn Massage

do not massage your newborn if she has a fever above a hundred positions wait until the fever goes down do not massage your babe during a feeding it is best to massage your newborn before the feeding if she is not very fussy or wait 30 minutes after a feeding babe massage is good for newborns that are born at 32 weeks gestation or more and that method more than three pounds babies born before 32 weeks or weigh less than three pounds or are very sick like a conglomerate still touch without moving your hands do not massage instantly over a meander or incision but massaging around the area that hurts might be helpful for healing sometimes newborn who have certain kinds of blood situations or cancers should not be massaged ask your doctor or harbour about rubbing your child before you begin this video was the purpose along with the instruction from the hospital’s holistic health specialist he or she goes to show you how much adversity to use when stroking your baby have your nurse contact the integrative charge district “when youre ready” before you begin you want to gather a few renders you want to have a blanket to help keep her heated you can use baby lotion cold pressed vegetable oil such as almond or grapeseed to help your hands glide easily on her skin do not use Sennett lotion until the child is at least 3 months of age so now that you have your affords ready wash your hands before you start find a warm and quiet expanse and pass up the sunrises you might want to play some soft music take a few slow late breaths to help yourself tighten for the sake of filming this video I prefer an older baby but you can start massaging your newborn as a newborn so this is Ellison and Ellison is here to get a massage today so the programme that we’re going to be doing is baby’s first massage and it was developed by Teresa core Patrick Ramsey all the strokes “thats been” consuming on Ellison today are movements that you can use for a lifetime they’re all strokes that’s going to help her nervous system loosen and help with calming and assist with better absorption for your nutrient yeah so begins with the rub you can do it as short as like five minutes a day you can do it longer if you need to do it longer you can do it after the shower age it’s always delightful after the soak is necessary to do a little massage time you can even make love with their drapes on too you don’t have to take her clothes off either you’re going to listen to their clues they’re kind of good they’re gonna talk to us a little bit and cause us know if they’re ready for the massage or not hey it’s nice really to kind of get your hands nice and warm let’s mother lotion a little bit Hey this could be massage time for you touches the first part of communication and you’re gonna communicate with us in a duo different ways yeah you might have a lot to say with me while I do this with you today and as long as you just keep talking we’ll save rubbing but if you decide that you are gonna cry perhaps you need a little break we’re just gonna give you a break in the action kept my hands underneath your posterior and my hands are right on your hip stare and I’m just gonna roll it like the oceans and seas and each movement you are eligible to time do got a couple of hours so you hold onto their foot you make a C like with your hand and you start at the top of the leg and you really do a little rocking motion and returning it on down to the foot and again each movement you can do three or four times massaging your baby is a very special way to let your baby know that she is loved and cared for massaging will fulfill your baby’s need for touch and will also help you bond with your child massage era is a special time together your care signature is the most important thing not that you do the strokings perfectly massage term can be very relaxing for you alright next we’re gonna go to your Bali alright I’d just like to settled my hand on their belly first to let them know that’s the next distinguish that I’m gonna go now for children sometimes they have a lot of problems with gas they have a lot of problems with constipation sometimes they get kind of cranky from colic so these strokes are really good for the paunches okay this is a um it’s called abdominal reflex stroking and you don’t need any lotion to do this it’s kind of like a tickle style so you exactly start around the belly button and you’re gonna procreate clockwise haloes and it’s a motion that you go kind of fast with yeah kind of tickle he’s like okay you want to help you want to help and then with your rub you always want to have one hand on him all the time just so that it helps them feel secure and you’re doing clockwise cliques starting at the bellybutton and moving your way out now some children are a little sensitive to that light touch and there’s another stroke that you can do you can do this all over the belly it’s specially good to stay above the belly button and what I’m doing is I’m just moving my digits like a spider will stroll in all the regions of the belly reach the spider move yeah you’re gonna talk to me oh my goodness okay one more this is always fun for mummies to do this is called the I love you stroke so what we’re going to do is you start off freedom below the rib field and this is a little bit of a firmer signature you go down about a half inch and so what we’re going to do is extend i that’s the capital letter i making it on down to the hip this is an upside-down L so all the way across and on down now like sitting and upside down you high C “theres going” I love you and that’s great for when they are having a little problem going to the bathroom I love you again you can do that several times okay there’s one more throat one more stroke we can do in the belly one more and this is called rocking najara okay so you start with your your palm on one side you’re going to kind of keep your hand in place and merely cup your thumbs over the top and you’re gonna rock back and forth do you think about that one what do you think about that the base of the neck and you raising it all the way down that was nice and then when you give your baby massage you want to make sure that both of “youre ever” pleasant so you might want to sit on the storey with “re doing it” or you might want to have it on the changing table after tub time but you want to make sure that you’re in a cozy position too so that you enjoy it as much as the babe does and then if that was a little too sensitive form you can exactly always make your hand and really region it neat and glowing over their dresser okay precisely regard the side and play start up at the shoulder make a C kind of use your way down you’re so soft yeah you’re so soft now now we go look at her feet in your hand yeah give you a little massage under now that’s right what are you thinking now you can have some music on in the background that’s always nice sometimes will vary depending on your babe if you feel like it’s over stimulant for your baby then you don’t have to have any music at all I’m gonna go ahead and do the brain next time and you just do nice little round cliques up on the top good you’re scooting look at that oh you’re so strong then just take your hand and go all the way down the back then your other paw stays in contact with them oh my gosh that is adorable are you loving that huh you just roaring you know and then it’s a mommy you just know that no matter how you do these strokings it’s just perfect no matter what you do a mom’s impress the best you know your little newborn another blow on the back is you can just take your two fingers and represent little circles the whole way down yeah good I think she’s liking that one hold on to the foot yeah are you gonna talk a little oh my god yeah and again I time stroke the foot on the way down and start at the top of the leg do that rocking motion on down you what do you think I’m just going to get your back up a little bit more in there you like yeah I’m not gonna made any more lotion on my hands to do your face you simply start at the forehead and come the whole way down to the kuki-chin I like to think of it like making a heart so you’re making half a mettle over here yeah should we get these things out of the acces there I precisely move in you can start at the nose go right underneath I be brought to an end over its first year now that hold on to this hand now I’ll get you right here oh that’s right this is nice time to talk together it’s just a delightful time to talk together isn’t it hmm then you can end it by making your paw and going around the mouth you merely kind of say that for the last piece because frequently formerly you start doing that or they think you’re going to start feeding them yeah and then if she was sucking on her pacifier that would have been good enough because she gets that foreplay from second on her pacifier they’re so big that was your rub that was your massage and then the whole during the toll time you want to keep them warm which I didn’t do because you’re so busy moving is you’re so hectic moving oh yeah I’m gonna wrapper you up there we go is your mom that’s your rub what’d “youre thinking about” that ask your nurse to make a referral to contact since Annette Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s integrative help agency the holistic health expert will inspect as an inpatient there is no charge for this service you

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