Embrology – Day 0 7 Fertilization, Zygote, Blastocyst

Armando hasudnungan biology and prescription videos this video is the first part in a series of videos that will look at fertilization now we have the reproductive girl organ, the uterus and the ovaries Ovaries are female gonads, and ovaries are what will produce the female egg lady “re going through” a hertz each month called the menstrual cycle where they ovulate and handout an egg this process is called ovulation, now have the secondary oocyte which is surrounded by a thick-skulled protective membrane called the zona pellucida or ZP; its filled with sperm recognition proteins called the ZP3. Surrounding the ZP is a layer of cadres called the corona radiata. if this egg isn’t manured by sperm within 24 hours, a “period occurs”, or denatured endometrium slop which looks a lot like blood depletions through the uterus into the vagina If a sperm undergoes capacitation in the vagina, and with its prepped( capacitated) acrosome( ont the gratuity of its thought) establishes the acrosome action after docking with the ZP3 proteins then it will fertilize the egg the secondary oocyte will immediately experience Mei2 form a polar form and an Ovum, which will be comprised of the sperm genes, structuring a zygote on era 1 of improvement Remember that the ZP( zona pellucida) remains protecting the Morula and removes later From periods 2-3, Cleavage follows. Cleavage starts with the splitting of the zygote single cell into two cells, two cells to four, four to eight, etc. The sum of cytoplasm in the split cell mass remains the same as the cytoplasm in the single celled zygote throughout cleavage.On epoch 4, the product of cleavage is a ball of 16 cells the”Morula” On day 5 the 16 cadre Morula has cleaved again into a 32 cadre Blastocyst. The ZP remains encircling the blastocyst On day 7, the Zona Pellucida is shed from the 32 cell blastocyst. this happens immediately prior to implantation If you were to look at a cross section of the blastocyst simply prior to implantation you would find that it is a hollow cell mass sphere with a oaf of cadres on the side which covers to the lining of the uterus( endometrium ).

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